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His anticompetitive rant belies his and Schmidt's true beliefs: open up your privacy and be content with the resulting crap; after all, it's free! Their YouTube app is horrible and the non-standard player is a step backwards from Apple's 2007 app. Their Google labs projects and even gmail have humiliatingly bad interfaces, and the projects they push are all second-rate except Search. Even then, it's only the results that are impressive, their actual web pages are dog-slow...
This is true of so many products it's amazing the other guys are still in business. Even if Apple can make a markup that is seen by some as unreasonable, there is still no competition. It's truly mind boggling sometimes.
Multiple references to Paul because he doesn't look like Paul: conspiracy theorists go!
That's incredibly short-sighted for a connector that's supposed to last ten years.Not even USB3? Syncing takes so long it's just sad. As an aside, backing up all apps and iBooks takes a great deal of space on the mac with little benefit. Photos, music; fine. Something has to change here.
This thread is weirding me out.I don't understand those who say "yes someone may prefer it but it'll never replace the full-size iPad".For them, of course it may. For everyone on the planet? Probably not, good point guys. But then only half of customers didn't have a tablet? What percentage of those were iPads? Switchers? Useless data.So... looks like black is The Sex this time around. Anyone compared to the iPod touch's back, is it the same finish? Everyone keeps...
We will have the last laugh as Apple insulates us from Google's Iron Fisting, whilst droids just feed the giant lying maw that is "open" and "free". Idealists believing blindly in a company with no ethics. Laughable. Google apologists are so strange. If you've invested time and money into a company's tangible product, fair enough, I get it. We all do. But why do people love Google so irrationally? Are they just cheap sheep? They mean less than nothing to Google, they...
Both good on-topic replies, thanks. So if the Galaxy Necus goes back on sale, can Apple claim more damages from the increased profit generated once we get to trial?...Liver? WTF.
Thanks. So we wait and see.It seems to me like a ban on future (or current) sales would be less unpredictable and potentially damaging to Samsung than a cut of all preceding profits, though.
So the injunction was granted because a) the product was found to infringe, and b) the infringing product may have decreased Apple's sales The verdict was overturned because the infringement itself (a) did not necessarily produce a product that was more likely to decrease Apple's sales than a similar non-infringing product (b). So what alternative measures are being taken due to the infringement instead? There must surely still be repercussions for Samsung. Has it been...
  It is likely we won't see an embodiment of this for some time
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