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We will have the last laugh as Apple insulates us from Google's Iron Fisting, whilst droids just feed the giant lying maw that is "open" and "free". Idealists believing blindly in a company with no ethics. Laughable. Google apologists are so strange. If you've invested time and money into a company's tangible product, fair enough, I get it. We all do. But why do people love Google so irrationally? Are they just cheap sheep? They mean less than nothing to Google, they...
Both good on-topic replies, thanks. So if the Galaxy Necus goes back on sale, can Apple claim more damages from the increased profit generated once we get to trial?...Liver? WTF.
Thanks. So we wait and see.It seems to me like a ban on future (or current) sales would be less unpredictable and potentially damaging to Samsung than a cut of all preceding profits, though.
So the injunction was granted because a) the product was found to infringe, and b) the infringing product may have decreased Apple's sales The verdict was overturned because the infringement itself (a) did not necessarily produce a product that was more likely to decrease Apple's sales than a similar non-infringing product (b). So what alternative measures are being taken due to the infringement instead? There must surely still be repercussions for Samsung. Has it been...
  It is likely we won't see an embodiment of this for some time
Great link. Shows 72% on Gingerbread or older, compare that to the approx. iOS 5 and newer of 85%, 50% on iOS 6 already. Amazing difference. Android 4.x has come a long way this year, though.
I think replacing "Edison" with say, another name we all know, would make you an EdisonInsider troll!
Wow, that's ridiculously presumptuous of you.The pair that Apple sell separately may have been cost-prohibitive to include with the nano or touch. It may also be that they found only a handful of people used the feature. It does, however, seem slightly incongruous with their past marketing and dedication to alternative methods of interaction with their devices. It also provides an opportunity for upsell to many millions of new users come the new year. Perhaps I am being...
It seems like doing both would be classified as a win, then?From the amount Apple touted yester-year's iPod VoiceOver feature and Siri, one would think they would continue in that vein. It's not inconveivable that some would be disappointed in this apparent departure from those ideas.However, there's no reason Apple should do anything of the sort. They have historically pared down the accessories as much as possible. I wonder how much Apple will save from not including...
America aside, it is up to the discretion and wisdom of the judge as to whether he/she believes ongoing or foreign cases have any bearing. Despite our "established court system" in the UK, previous case rulings establish that particular judge as rather odd. Never mind the easily-appealed ruling. IMO it would be wise to look at precedents from all over the world when it comes to rather rare cases like these.Oh shit. Thread over!
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