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oooooooh pretty blue status bar...   wait... where'd my coloured icons go? Boooooo!   Oh yeah and the Youtube thing is shit.   Apple made Youtube less crap for a bit though! Except the not being able to change video quality thing. Retina sucks for that. Takes ages on a moderately crap connection. Well, even longer than usual.   But yeah, Google suck, and now I'll have to download their stupid app. Dammit.
They should. Even the huge borderless pretty ones have absolutely atrocious software. With annoying animated icons and crap smart bullshit and apps worse than android.It literally makes me want to smash it into tiny pieces, acostomed to Apple as I am.Don't even get me started on pairing the surround sound speakers.Nobody ever mentions this little hell. And they go oh maybe I'm the stupid one. No. That's what the Mac taught us. Hardware's a machine. Software needs to be human.
  Looks great. But can we sort out being able to... use Apple devices (!?!) like... maybe iPhones without ...crying... first?   Maybe just make it 703px all the way down? I mean an iPhone-specific theme would be great (maybe just put the name above the comment!?!)   Frankly, imo there's a lot more to worry about.   Quote looks good though dude.
They wrote code to get around it, clearly. We can only guess at motive.Woops . Agreed!Ah... we were so naive back in the day. Switching from msn seemed like a good idea at the time. I sign out so they don't track me personally. That's all.
Giving them the benefit of the doubt isn't saying much. They seem to claim circumventing the security setting was for Google+ and Account holders (who have little to no privacy rights) but... um... the monkeys escaped and... someone slipped on the f everyone button?Even if what they preach is somewhat partially kinda true ...ish......and that's a big if, admittedly......they clearly have no sense whatsoever that what they do might be a teensy bit dubious, and the bigger...
In all fairness, this could have been a case of carelessness or negligence on Google's part, rather than cynical malicious profiteering intent. Given that though, doesn't that say something about their views on spying on people? We've never heard anything like that before... Eric S's and other Google bigwig's opinions on the matter are known. I sign out of GMail as soon as I'm done using it. Facebook too. Am I paranoid?
  Microsoft mention this in their paper. They cite this paper [PDF]  saying that users find it distracting. Seems like MS have the best method?   Or at least have put a lot of thought into it. They still make tasteless products :-D
  Apple have their own speech-recognition technology. It is not used by Siri.   Voice Control, OTOH....   Are these guys just dense?
  Yes. if you read it, you would see that they credit Apple too:     Microsoft have criticised this approach as being counter-intuitive for users (who might, or example want to type habiy, not habit and are unable to do so). They go on to explain their system where the key's target areas are somewhat maintained whilst being dynamically resized, thereby allowing the user to always be able to type any letter by tapping the centre of the key.   The full paper is here, and is...
You're right. It's odd. But maybe it reflects the different intents of the teams. If we look at iOS for reference, Settings has become deeper and more complex, adding more application-centric stuff in there (apps at the bottom, though usually about/info now, notifications, location, storage, docs/data, backed-up data). Whilst the file system is... Well non-existent apart from the weird "Open with..." which seems to duplicate files between apps (makes no sense to us mac...
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