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So true. As far as I've got:iPod N : £129 (16GB) $149iPod 4 : £169 (16GB) $199iPod 4 : £199 (32GB) $249iPod 5 : £249 (32GB) $299iPod 5 : £329 (64GB) $399iPad M : £299 (16GB) $349iPad M : £379 (32GB) $449iPad M : £459 (64GB) $549iPad 2 : £329 (16GB) $399iPad 3 : £399 (16GB) $499iPad 3 : £479 (32GB) $599iPad 3 : £559 (64GB) $699I can't believe this isn't the most sensible, appley pricing structure.We can see the it coming in below the iPad 2, whether they keep it or not, and...
With the just-introduced iPod touch going for $299@32GB, the only way we're getting a $299 iPad "mini" is at 8GB. And that seems like a huge compromise considering it (i) cuts into the iPod touch pricing bracket and (ii) is still $100 more than non-profit 8GB models from Amazon, Google etc. More likely is a 16GB $349 model, which is equivalent to most 16GB models out there atm. The link below is quite a good reference for the current 7-inch-ish (android)...
Oh, like the iPad-exclusive "iOS" 3.2's Dock and Homescreen wallpaper?Metal Dock FTW! I'm just shocked that the Mac is out-pacing iOS devices in software & UI design.We need more of the original thought that gave us Dashboard, Mission Control, Spotlight etc. but on iOS. This update has been rather sad in terms of Safari-no-omnibar blah blah blah
  Rumour was the invitations would go out this wednesday, for an event 7 days later: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/153040/   Random want: a new Dock to go with the new iPad, more Mountain-Liony :-) Before you call me crazy, remember iPad (1)?
tldrBut can you use left and right mouse buttons independently? No; they make real bad gaming mice. Maybe it is my refusal to use non-apple mice that is at fault here. But maybe it is over-simplistic.
So, just to be clear, can we outline what AppleCare offers that the EU standard warranty does not (apart from phone support)?
Isn't it funny that this might include Chomp? If the App Store & iTunes Store weren't just frames for buggy HTML, this would be fine. Most, if not all, of the new refinements exhibit flawed scrolling behaviour, for example. Why do Apple not update their built-in apps via the App Store (including the App Store itself?) as in OS X ML? Despite the apparent improvements, there are still some very strange practices on the iOS App Store that need sorting out before they shut...
Cheers for clearing this up. So it is normally provided by the retailer/carrier.I think I may be confused though. How can a device suffer a hardware failure if it wasn't either (a) present at time of purchase or (b) damage (not covered by either)? How can a customer prove this if there was no sign of failure before the hardware... well, failed?Thanks for your input.
Except if people don't ask for it, they will be charged for the repairs. Apple are charging for AppleCare which advertises that it offers more than call-centre support, which it does not.It is Apple's responsibility to ensure they are following the laws of the countries they sell in, and do not misrepresent a customer's rights. That doesn't necessarily mean they have to inform the customer of their rights, but just that they do not deliberately and with foresight mislead...
Could never get iPod socks to work properly. Besides, iPhone gloves were always more practical; no taking shoes off in public etc.
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