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So here we go again... Patents are the strongest weapon Apple has in defending its IP. The huge increase in touch-screen phones and Goog's redirection of Android are symptoms of the original iPhone launch. Subsequent updates have been to level the feature-set playing field on both sides. However, Apple took the PDA form-factor and ran with it, innovating again and again on the way these superficially-similar functions work and present themselves. This is what they are...
Ingredients1 2/3 cup blackberries1/4 cup maple syrup1 tsp flour1 Tbsp waterGently break up the Blackberries with a wire masher, leaving them chunky so that there is a mix of whole berries, partly broken berries and crushed berries.Dissolve the flour in the water in a small saucepan.  Stir in the maple syrup.  Then add the crushed Blackberries.  Bring the mixture to a gentle bubbling simmer and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes, being careful not to let it boil vigorously.Serve...
  But what about Street View, pushed as a major feature in 3.0?     Arguably implemented better than any Google interface for the same data.   Nice knowing you stalker-vision, destination-preview, out-of-date-pictures-of-my-house machine. I know I will never use a Google version :-(
  Is he joking? I mean, wtflmfaonfwih!
The Only Way is Essex, Coronation Street & Emmerdale dominate.   This is why Apple should buy ITV and give the money back to the shareholders.
  Unfortunately, it seems that iTunes is The Way. What it actually needs, given that, is the media monkeys to pull their heads out of their collective asses and start selling TV Shows for what, 10c / ep (20p to me) or some other measure so that one is discouraged to "pirate" them.   The whole "pirating" thing being a whole other issue all together (especially if your cable subscription includes them).   The media companies have to do a music industry and face the fucking...
So were the COCOCEOs keeping the company afloat, or have we not given them enough time?   If RIM pulls a rabbit, I will eat my hat.   I have a jelly hat. Just in case.
< /i >
No update available for our UK IPhone 4s (plural) OTA here either. Edit: iPhone capitalised "iPhone", what?
So true!  Bought or Stolen!   I don't get it though. They're all in the second list. I s'pose Motorola => Google.   They must be making some licensing fees off of Maps, YouTube apps though, right? Yahoo similarly doesn't get a mention for Stocks or Weather.   Many hardware contributors do though.
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