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There doesn't, it's natural behaviour. But what you're talking about is different. It's a gang. This is people that don't know each other standing together in protest against the discrimination of people for something that they did not choose. It's different.They incorrectly assume it's a Christian tradition.It's about using the deaths of innocents in a dubiously self-serving manner....ahem.Everyone wants special treatment for their kids. Some kids cannot get into good...
Lurking for years doesn't necessarily imply conspiracy, you know.He's clearly very uncomfortable with Apple corporately sponsoring, as he sees it, a particular political viewpoint. Being biased.If he thought it was a celebration of freedom and liberty, he probably wouldn't have commented at all.I think Apple probably take the latter view.
The camera/speaker/sensor/mic layout in the top bezel of the mockups are really ugly. The distances between components also looks different between the two mockups.
Good job genericising there. Play Store?
This implies comiXology was making good money. Apple should be looking at why, if iBooks also offers a similar selection, at sometimes cheaper prices. If anyone else has used either of these apps for the same content, they'll know immediately know why too. Looks like no-one at Apple has bothered. Will in-app purchases continue? Contentious.
I would love to see a new iPod line inspired by the 5C with data, perhaps voice? Someone said the other day that there's the possibility of LTE-only android phones this year to decrease licensing, improve prospects for Verizon etc. over their limited CDMA networks. This could work. A differentiated "iPhod" or "iPhablet" could definitely fill a demo on affordability (as opposed to an iPhone/iPad combo) and provide a longer leg for the iPod side of Apple's metaphorical...
It would seem obvious, especially given their ethos and early adoption of iPod integration.That integration is/was amazingly poor in implementation, though. A stupid little cradle that is too narrow for anything other than a classic, horribly finicky for the asymmetric 30-pin of the nano and obviously incompatible with even the old iPhones. Why so pedantic about it, VW/AG?I find it hilarious how bad the software is on these in-car "infotainment" systems. Surely it's easier...
Also had problems - have been reprogramming my right thumb (the one I use most often) but not had to do this for my other fingers.However, I have come to the conclusion that it's probably user error - ie. me.Thumbs - especially man-thumbs - are much larger than the sensor area and I forget which part I've registered exactly.IMO slightly more training in the setup process would alleviate some of this frustration for bigger prints, I therefore submit this as the likely patch.
Seconded.A messaging platform's success is clearly measured in users as well as features, iMessage/FaceTime and Facebook clearly win the former through simplicity or ubiquity, whilst novel features in other Apps (Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc.) create (if somewhat temporarily) large-enough install bases for specific use cases.Google continues, despite Android and Chrome, to fail on both accounts."Who cares?" indeed.
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