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Except everything I said was true. Last year... let me make sure you got that... LAST YEAR it was a marketing gimmick.Of course it was. There were no apps taking advantage of it in 2013!I still have yet to find a game or any app that is in any manner noticeably different side-by-side on my 5S as my old 5. Show me one. It wasn't about 2013.The genius idea is of course that they can sell devices with A7s for years to come, as they always have in the past with their other...
The best use of the A7 last year was marketing. There were no apps that used it, and I don't know if anyone's using it now (newer 3D games?). It was for backwards compatibility in a couple of years, or future-proofing, whichever.I doubt any popular (ie. sales) Android phones/tabs will support it for a good few years.Apple has the trickle down effect they started before anyone else. First year every new thing had the same processor.
You mean the top right - eject!?He's talking about the home button in the top left corner of this keyboard. Clearly.There is not one in the mainly-mac apple wireless keyboard, correct.Although the parallels-windows-VPN-ssh-unix blah guy could probably do with an esc.The original iPad keyboard dock (the only one released with an iPad-specific keyset) had a home button instead of esc also.
I would love to see listed companies searched for and listed in the phone app. eg. Type phone number into keypad and have it search and return company name and details as it currently does for contacts. Maybe all they need is a CardDAV directory which is searchable but not listable. Regular search is obviously better via Spotlight or Siri, but this reverse search and using data detectors, area codes etc. all points to decreasing my trips to Google, and that's got to be...
Hope that's a typo...
On Airbnb, someone posted this on another site. Even ignoring this, the logo seems a little generic IMO. And has clearly nothing to do with B&Bs. Seems like they overpaid for a salmon colour, this nondescript logo and some stock photos. And it took a year. I'm frankly bored of current copycat apple-esque design without any of apple's depth or clarity of vision. Vacuous bull.
There doesn't, it's natural behaviour. But what you're talking about is different. It's a gang. This is people that don't know each other standing together in protest against the discrimination of people for something that they did not choose. It's different.They incorrectly assume it's a Christian tradition.It's about using the deaths of innocents in a dubiously self-serving manner....ahem.Everyone wants special treatment for their kids. Some kids cannot get into good...
Lurking for years doesn't necessarily imply conspiracy, you know.He's clearly very uncomfortable with Apple corporately sponsoring, as he sees it, a particular political viewpoint. Being biased.If he thought it was a celebration of freedom and liberty, he probably wouldn't have commented at all.I think Apple probably take the latter view.
The camera/speaker/sensor/mic layout in the top bezel of the mockups are really ugly. The distances between components also looks different between the two mockups.
Good job genericising there. Play Store?
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