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Also had problems - have been reprogramming my right thumb (the one I use most often) but not had to do this for my other fingers.However, I have come to the conclusion that it's probably user error - ie. me.Thumbs - especially man-thumbs - are much larger than the sensor area and I forget which part I've registered exactly.IMO slightly more training in the setup process would alleviate some of this frustration for bigger prints, I therefore submit this as the likely patch.
Seconded.A messaging platform's success is clearly measured in users as well as features, iMessage/FaceTime and Facebook clearly win the former through simplicity or ubiquity, whilst novel features in other Apps (Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc.) create (if somewhat temporarily) large-enough install bases for specific use cases.Google continues, despite Android and Chrome, to fail on both accounts."Who cares?" indeed.
Good tactically.Not long before we get a payments system?!I for one would love to get rid of the debit card crutch iTunes will require for a mobile payments system, and many people are dissatisfied with banks and card company fees, but I can't see this happening unfortunately.
This definitely seems more likely than 4.7" then.I can't stop thinking this "phablet" (5.x") size will be for a cellular-connected iPod touch, more akin to the cellular iPad. With FaceTime audio and iMessage, never mind all other messaging and calling apps, it could be time for such a device. Differentiating the iPod into a "new" product category for Apple, whether or not it's called the "iPod", could be very lucrative for Apple. It could also fit the key demo that have...
On the first two points: absolutely correct.On the last? The music industry was pushed by rampant illegal downloads that destroyed CD sales, and with no online alternative, needed iTMS desperately to rescue them from file sharing (eg. Napster).TV shows have gone in a similar direction, with quality programming torrented and streamed increasingly, but the cable companies money, advertising and better general knowledge of the internet have slowed progress in this area.So far...
I don't know what tradition you speak of, but iPhones, for example, are much more complex to assemble than apparently you presume. Many workers in Chinese factories are Engineering graduates. The west literally does not have enough engineers to fulfill that demand.Even if we did, would they work for that little money? Doubtful. So you are correct, and so is Mr Cook.
Explanation?Perhaps I should have explained my point further. It's not that Americans can't make TVs (obviously), or that they just don't. They won't. Why? It's economically unviable in that market. TVs are too cheap to be able to pay the workers a fair "western" living wage to assemble them. Americans won't accept that. People in developing countries have to; they have little choice.
Hooray for Xenophobia and Racism! Good job Apple :-/ Manufacturing went away from "the west" because people don't want to work in factories! In other countries the people have little choice. The west increases that pressure all the time. It's certainly a sad state of affairs, but not for Americans. TVs are no longer made in America? That's the whole point! Americans don't want to make TVs!
So the speculation over possible iWatch features has reached fever pitch. Hopefully, with convincing-sounding arguments for improbable uses of technology that almost exists at a level to be successful in the marketplace, "analysts" may be able to make a profit off the inevitable stock tank when the final product "under-delivers". It happened with the iPhone (what, no hardware keyboard!?!) and the iPad (what, just a big iPod touch!?!) and the Apple TV (what, no hardware...
Touch ID Possibilities from Authentec spec: • Better loupe control or character positioning, swipe left/right to move cursor one character at a time, double swipe to move word (alt+-> for eg.) • Same as four finger gesture on iPad or Mac ie. change app/space in multitasking for a swipe gesture, up for multitasking? Might get confusing with control centre, but I still double tap home for media controls so... do that? • Joystick in games could be good • In-app purchases...
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