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I don't know what tradition you speak of, but iPhones, for example, are much more complex to assemble than apparently you presume. Many workers in Chinese factories are Engineering graduates. The west literally does not have enough engineers to fulfill that demand.Even if we did, would they work for that little money? Doubtful. So you are correct, and so is Mr Cook.
Explanation?Perhaps I should have explained my point further. It's not that Americans can't make TVs (obviously), or that they just don't. They won't. Why? It's economically unviable in that market. TVs are too cheap to be able to pay the workers a fair "western" living wage to assemble them. Americans won't accept that. People in developing countries have to; they have little choice.
Hooray for Xenophobia and Racism! Good job Apple :-/ Manufacturing went away from "the west" because people don't want to work in factories! In other countries the people have little choice. The west increases that pressure all the time. It's certainly a sad state of affairs, but not for Americans. TVs are no longer made in America? That's the whole point! Americans don't want to make TVs!
So the speculation over possible iWatch features has reached fever pitch. Hopefully, with convincing-sounding arguments for improbable uses of technology that almost exists at a level to be successful in the marketplace, "analysts" may be able to make a profit off the inevitable stock tank when the final product "under-delivers". It happened with the iPhone (what, no hardware keyboard!?!) and the iPad (what, just a big iPod touch!?!) and the Apple TV (what, no hardware...
Touch ID Possibilities from Authentec spec: • Better loupe control or character positioning, swipe left/right to move cursor one character at a time, double swipe to move word (alt+-> for eg.) • Same as four finger gesture on iPad or Mac ie. change app/space in multitasking for a swipe gesture, up for multitasking? Might get confusing with control centre, but I still double tap home for media controls so... do that? • Joystick in games could be good • In-app purchases...
Actually, they're in the draw as well. The home screen has shortcuts to the apps. As far as the apple paradigm is concerned, the apps on the homescreen are the apps, so there will never be a shortcut system to replace it. Imagine if /Applications was full of Aliases to apps and the actual apps were all hidden in /Library/Application Support or whatever. Apple aimed to destroy that windows-esque notion. Android only goes halfway.I've played with Samsungs, HTCs and their...
Clearly they do need multiple iTunes accounts. Or a family account. Parent buys digital gift cards for child accounts, can share all purchases with children and visa versa. Maybe children have no credit card ability but can redeem gift cards eg. What to do when they graduate to their own? There need to be fair rules regarding that transfer, obviously. Build it into Parental Controls for goodness sake. Me and my fiancée share my account for our music, primarily, but also...
I loved the ipod mini. It smashed the competition, and that clickwheel was so good! Couldn't have got an ipod 3G. Clickwheel ftw! iPad doesn't even capitalise ipod any more, so sad :-(
Correlation is highly plausible. Increased stress during the management transition is plausible. Remember, this is Apple, not some Google or Xerox PARC where they get to sit around on beanbags all day. Apple employees work really hard, and it shows. It doesn't seem too far-fetched.iOS 7 is a masterpiece, and he should be proud of his efforts, even if it's all he had left to give.
So it's just coincidence that right after the release date it's announced?Maybe he liked Scott Forstall. iOS 7 is more than an update, it was a shake up of the entire department over the past year. It is a reimagining of what a mobile OS should strive towards. People always retire at this sort of time, and it's fine. Pretending it's a coincidence doesn't make him or Apple look better.
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