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I loved the ipod mini. It smashed the competition, and that clickwheel was so good! Couldn't have got an ipod 3G. Clickwheel ftw! iPad doesn't even capitalise ipod any more, so sad :-(
Correlation is highly plausible. Increased stress during the management transition is plausible. Remember, this is Apple, not some Google or Xerox PARC where they get to sit around on beanbags all day. Apple employees work really hard, and it shows. It doesn't seem too far-fetched.iOS 7 is a masterpiece, and he should be proud of his efforts, even if it's all he had left to give.
So it's just coincidence that right after the release date it's announced?Maybe he liked Scott Forstall. iOS 7 is more than an update, it was a shake up of the entire department over the past year. It is a reimagining of what a mobile OS should strive towards. People always retire at this sort of time, and it's fine. Pretending it's a coincidence doesn't make him or Apple look better.
One has to wonder if he left *over* iOS 7
Agreed. But I'd go further: touch ID isn't planned for iPads at all. If people think it's there for quickly logging in, they're idiots.There's a reason they keep calling the 5S "forward-thinking" and IMO it's touch ID. And Passbook. And Bluetooth beacons.Now they just have to work out how to stop people laundering money buying iTunes gift cards.People won't be toting around iPads to pay for stuff, will they? Although, judging by the number of people taking photos...So...
I'd say this was more telling of the real situation:Seems like Apple's underperforming in beating Apple in sales... the mix makes little to no difference!In fact, they seem to have doubled their number of "flagships" by making 2 phones this year instead of 1. Incredible.There are some huge companies weeping over the 5C. Apple isn't one of them.
Not at all undignified, comparatively. Unless we hold AI to a higher standard than most print media? The absolute bollocks they print about Apple is ridiculous; this is mainly true, at least.Updates to apps for full screen aka iPhone 5+ use are still lackluster, not sure we're going to be seeing a plethora of screen sizes any time soon. The games especially that have just put colorful frames instead of black borders are just awful. At least on android they have to support...
Their price goes down significantly if it is network-locked, something others don't penalise for. For eg. iPhone 4 32GB from £105 to £35 (O2 Recycle will give you £110). Bizarre.
The power OSX adds to hardware in comparison to windows is awesome; however I fail to understand your use-case for this long-fabled xMac.Running software? I presume not games then, as most PC games run as well, if not better on windows due to Microsoft's monopoly position with Direct X. If it's computationally intensive enough to warrant dedicated graphics and isn't gaming, you really need a Pro. Get a MacBook, plug it in. Or wait for their new desktop and sell it in a...
Firstly, did you steal OSX?Secondly, buy a Mac mini. It has thunderbolt, hdmi etc. and move into this century honestly.
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