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I would argue that it's Apple that chooses their screen sizes based on their OS, manufacturers who load on Android don't give a f what getting the cheapest display they can does to the software. Agreed, Apple won't use these odd sizes.I don't think that's necessary. At the current resolution and ratio, a 720 screen would come in at about 4.5", a great size. Not sure how that would be dealt with, being 4.5 icons wide on the Homescreen (160px per icon), and it might even...
Let me see if I can break it down...It's not news that people don't like GlassThere's no evidence to suggest popularity will increase over time; some things just dieAt least they're trying, I guessPrivacy won't be the main limiting factor to adoption of GlassBest to ignore this outburst
It is quite like it, though, be honest.So you're saying everyone should try Glass or they can have no opinion on it? Seems fair enough, but people rarely extend that courtesy to the Apple products they pan.Especially when they haven't been confirmed to even exist.It happens all the time.Personally, this seems as gimmicky and useless as Samsung's new watch. Wearables clearly have a long way to go before they solve any existing problems better than alternatives. It's more...
Um, no.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/159442/apple-worked-on-google-glass-like-device-decided-it-wasnt-worth-itWhy would anyone be afraid? Seems like an odd thing to say. It doesn't compete with anything from Apple in any way. People think these things are weird and have no current practical application for them. How is that hard to comprehend?
Remember how people said that about the original iphone? Apple made the phone smaller when they made the screen bigger for a reason. What do you think that could be?Apple did manage to make the best 4" screen phone out there, judging by demand. If some people want to guess apple will not release a phone with a comparable form factor to current 5"/6" phones, they might be right. You seem to saying they definitely will, which seems equally naive.Are those actual quotes!?! I...
Apart from the timing in Samsung's ad being completely off comparatively, the ad also differe in one substantial way: whilst the iPhone ad showed something fresh and new and better in many ways than the old thing everyone has used before, the Samsung ad shows something that is an old idea, executed less well (than it is depicted fictionally) that noone has ever used before. Without any evidence that anyone will ever want to talk to their wrist other than to give the...
Huh? That first statement is just appallingly written.
As far as I can tell, the Nicknames come up in apps like Messages, but not in Contacts/Phone rendering this feature useless!?!Otherwise would be awesome as could put A, A's Dad, Bank Manager, etc.
THE FOLLOWING IS A JOKEFFS.I note they now have both a Mobile and Carrier section in Settings, and with the lack of carrier customisation and built-in FaceTime calling, this says to me Dumb Pipes
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