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[After the slaughter of Google TV, a new competitor emerges: his deformed thing-in-a-person-skin half-brother cHrOmeCaaast] [Droid 1] Eugh... *gulp*... Oh... All that's holy, what IS that thing... [Droid 2] Why it's our new, mighty leader of course, three cheers! Hoorah! [Droid 1] Ohhh... errr... three... what now... oh, I guess it has three... what ARE they!? [Droid 2] Hip-hip! [Droid 1] Haaaa... *vomit* Ho... ...yeughh... *shudder* [Droid 2] Hip-hip! [Droid 1] Hoo......
If Android is the stolen Java layer, what is Bionic (the stolen C layer) and below?The article says it's similar to Google TV, rather than "Android" FYI. Which it undesputably is.Undoubtably, the Google TV project, as a part of the Android platform, has been taken over and lobotomised by the Chrome guys and released as this single-use me-too product.Maybe if you refuse to accept this is a sub-standard Google TV, it doesn't seem so much like a disappointingly lazy death...
Um... No.This article is in response to the articles posted by supposedly-reputable news sources that have (often mis-)quoted a crap analysis made on horrible data.Please kindly similarly analyse the data from the article you mention, or GTFO.
I have two questions re: Liquid Metal: 1) Will it have stupid chip able edges like the ipad mini and iPhone 5 - serious aesthetic flaws compared to previous 2) Can it be recycled? This currently benefits production of aluminium cases. Comparative cost?
Design-wise, how does apple go? They could have an integrated, strap/band as seen above, or do a more traditional face, opening up to strap and/or bezel designs from third parties. Both designs have their merits, but imo the former would be much harder to engineer.
There is only one place for Apple's "iPhone" to succeed, and that is as a luxury product. Smartphones are fashion. Period. No one needs one. People have to WANT one. Desire and LUST after one. If you do not have that kind of passion for such a thing, then there is always some cheap Chinese, no margin thing you can put in the pocket of your knock-off Members Only jacket you still have.
Duh! It's "Art"!More redundantly, it's Apple!Crazies & Haters will be.
Isn't it ironic how, despite the lauding of HTML etc. based apps on crapforms ("crap"'s similar enough to "plat" - WebOS, Windows whatever, Blackberry, Firefox: basically platforms with no developers), Apple not only spear-headed web apps but have given them great support in iOS and OS X. Ha.
That won't happen any time soon.So the killer app for Apple TV is eliminating the airplay lag. Interesting.
Read dreyfus2's post. Telefonica's O2 is a European telecom company. Spain is irrelevant.I'm switching from O2 with the new iPhone. Their cynical (but arguably, spot on) tariffs where you now get pretty-much flat rate minutes and texts with differing levels of egregious data fees are ridiculous.They're kinda on-the-ball in many respects, and they're after what they think will benefit them the most. It just isn't what would benefit me as a consumer. It doesn't benefit me to...
New Posts  All Forums: