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Since this is just measuring web usage, from a ux standpoint, it seems more than half of people are more comfortable using the same orientation they'd use on a traditional PC display.Whether this says most about the users, the iPad itself, or the websites they're using is conjecture and guess-work.It would be much more interesting if we could see some correlation with demographic data to present some hypotheses.
As well as the reasons Flaneur mentioned above, there's another design aspect: cellular radios.It is truly a feat of engineering that the radio-transparent glass/ceramic panels on the iPhone 5 are as small as they are. Cellular radios use a ton of energy and are very fickle when it comes to reception. Remember the first iPhone? iPod touch has a wifi and Bluetooth radio only. Their transmission distances are lower etc. If Apple could do a great curved back metal iphone to...
It's interesting to see what's different in Apple's app. The obvious ones are the positioning of the temperature and the inclusion of the status bar. The former is a matter of taste, and the latter is in the HIG. They've replaced the "Forcast" text with the much better [day] Today, and included the highs and lows of the day there, rather than crowd the main (currentish) temperature. Mostly to do with clarity, one presumes. Also of interest to me are Apple's use of an "i"...
Fingerprint auth. allows Apple to have true Triple Factor Auhentication: 1) Something you know: Passcode or Apple ID Password 2) Something you have: iPhone... 3) Something you are: Thumbprint scan This combination would be a very strong combo with the banks, Paypal, Visa/MC etc. Get these fus on board, and you've got yourself a payment platform. Getting EPOS systems compliant, now that's a giant hurdle. If the above guys are suitably impressed, they can really help...
@Alexmit: IMO, this is indefensible and greedy. The new Xbox One is in a similar vein, and will clearly turn people off also. EULAs have always been a little weird to me. @mstone: Fair, but people aren't complaining about the results of using PS, for example, just the new form of draconian distribution. Personally, I think good design means accessibility in part, everyone starts somewhere. Adobe apps are notoriously badly designed, just as Apple's are notoriously well...
As a designer, this is a load of crap. Sure, I'm going to pony up for home use, as is work (eventually), but any legitimate user of their software can have complaints, they've paid as much as the rest of us. No reason to be elitist about it.
Perhaps I was ambiguous, sorry if so. Calling it a "flat" design is completely wrong, it has many levels and is a delight to behold. As a designer, I nearly wet myself with joy at the keynote, it's gorgeous. All this hate has been stirred up by "journalists" like those on The Verge to make headlines or with conflicts of interest, especially those affiliated with Google. And it's obviously a load of BS.
Please cite an occasion when this semantic difference has affected users in any material fashion.This just smacks of Adobe's power-hungry greed. If people pirate your software to a substantial degree, chances are it is seen as indispensable. Worth is measured in more than user satisfaction and features. Closed, proprietary, undocumented file formats for example.
"Selling so well, we're giving them away" The same can be said of those crippled "chromebooks". Of course, this shouldn't be misconstrued as bribery. That would be wrong.
CC stinks of anti-competitive and monopolistic behaviour. Sure, it could be cheaper, but they have given us no reason to believe they won't use these changes to shaft us eventually. Don't trust them at all. It seems all efforts are towards marketing now, not developing a good suite of software.
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