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Maybe they are building something horrifying o_0 Like pharmaceutical companies buying toes to make some giant toe monster :-O Seriously though, wtf are they planning to do with these iPads, that's so fricking weird.
It's an iPhone 5. In colours. Why would this be any different than selling the 4S last month? If it had 4 or 4S components, it would be cheaper.It now targets both the iPod touch audience and the same demographic that have been buying last year's iPhone for years. This is not hard to understand.I don't know what you mean by your last sentence, but next year the 5C will still be around as an even more affordable model. In two year's time it could still be selling in...
What are you talking about?For some people, price has always been more important. They bought crap Android phones last time. Nokias before that. They buy crap Chinese phones. They will continue to do so, irrespective of who writes the software on their phone.Alternatively, they might upgrade to a "premium build" phone. The likelihood someone will downgrade is very small, at most they may put off an upgrade.iOS (and "premium build" Android phones) have crap market share in...
Analysts' analysis is speculative conjectureSurveys are historical fact, but the sample population determines the legitimacy of the findingsI don't think anyone here is comparing this analysis with that survey and finding them equally probable. Calling the survey "analytics" does not reinforce your point, it makes you look foolish.
Which is more likely: A) The iPhone "5C" will sell less than the new iPhone for above vague reasoning B) The iPhone "5C" will sell more than the new iPhone for the exact same reason iPad mini, iPod mini, nano etc. did
[After the slaughter of Google TV, a new competitor emerges: his deformed thing-in-a-person-skin half-brother cHrOmeCaaast] [Droid 1] Eugh... *gulp*... Oh... All that's holy, what IS that thing... [Droid 2] Why it's our new, mighty leader of course, three cheers! Hoorah! [Droid 1] Ohhh... errr... three... what now... oh, I guess it has three... what ARE they!? [Droid 2] Hip-hip! [Droid 1] Haaaa... *vomit* Ho... ...yeughh... *shudder* [Droid 2] Hip-hip! [Droid 1] Hoo......
If Android is the stolen Java layer, what is Bionic (the stolen C layer) and below?The article says it's similar to Google TV, rather than "Android" FYI. Which it undesputably is.Undoubtably, the Google TV project, as a part of the Android platform, has been taken over and lobotomised by the Chrome guys and released as this single-use me-too product.Maybe if you refuse to accept this is a sub-standard Google TV, it doesn't seem so much like a disappointingly lazy death...
Um... No.This article is in response to the articles posted by supposedly-reputable news sources that have (often mis-)quoted a crap analysis made on horrible data.Please kindly similarly analyse the data from the article you mention, or GTFO.
I have two questions re: Liquid Metal: 1) Will it have stupid chip able edges like the ipad mini and iPhone 5 - serious aesthetic flaws compared to previous 2) Can it be recycled? This currently benefits production of aluminium cases. Comparative cost?
Design-wise, how does apple go? They could have an integrated, strap/band as seen above, or do a more traditional face, opening up to strap and/or bezel designs from third parties. Both designs have their merits, but imo the former would be much harder to engineer.
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