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As a designer, this is a load of crap. Sure, I'm going to pony up for home use, as is work (eventually), but any legitimate user of their software can have complaints, they've paid as much as the rest of us. No reason to be elitist about it.
Perhaps I was ambiguous, sorry if so. Calling it a "flat" design is completely wrong, it has many levels and is a delight to behold. As a designer, I nearly wet myself with joy at the keynote, it's gorgeous. All this hate has been stirred up by "journalists" like those on The Verge to make headlines or with conflicts of interest, especially those affiliated with Google. And it's obviously a load of BS.
Please cite an occasion when this semantic difference has affected users in any material fashion.This just smacks of Adobe's power-hungry greed. If people pirate your software to a substantial degree, chances are it is seen as indispensable. Worth is measured in more than user satisfaction and features. Closed, proprietary, undocumented file formats for example.
"Selling so well, we're giving them away" The same can be said of those crippled "chromebooks". Of course, this shouldn't be misconstrued as bribery. That would be wrong.
CC stinks of anti-competitive and monopolistic behaviour. Sure, it could be cheaper, but they have given us no reason to believe they won't use these changes to shaft us eventually. Don't trust them at all. It seems all efforts are towards marketing now, not developing a good suite of software.
Lost me too. Love the power of PS, AI, and DW is fine as alt for Coda on Win, but I will never buy (rent!) another version personally. I just know this will be a shoe-in at work and many companies will just pony up the money to these sharks.Don't know about top-class tho tbh. There have been horrible feature omissions and additions for Years, they have held originally good software hostage, developed the apps in the worst way possible (out-sourced redundant coding &...
This is wrong on so many levels.O/T: iOS7 is such a fantastic springboard to an exceedingly bright future. It's like the Aqua OSX 10.0 compared to drab NextStep. Can't wait for the engineers to do a couple of feature releases and some under-the-hood Snow/Mountain rewrites!
I thought it was only a monopoly if abuse could be proven. Having the largest market share is not, in itself, anything but good business. Using that market share to create a barrier of entry for competition, as it was proven Microsoft did with Windows, that's a monopoly. Being popular was never, and should never be, a crime.
So wait, this DOJ exists to ensure competition in the marketplace? Doesn't this case hinge on an idea that in fact levelled the playing field and broke Amazon's monopoly on books? WTF. When does it become apparent that labels, studios and networks are simply loan-shark middle men of an overly-authoritarian nature that limit competition and collaboration in content through a skewed and out-dated measure of popularity with utterly opaque funding streams? NB: May be...
Pandora is screwed. The added value of having one-click (maybe a couple) purchases for streamed radio will be proven to be a dream come true for the labels. Hopefully sales figures will push the networks and studios in Apple's direction. Apple can line up on-demand no-stupid-Hulu-or-whatever-t-f app shows for iOS (existing hardware) before a full-fledged TV hardware product. The little Apple TV box makes a great reverse media-hub whereby distributed content can be viewed...
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