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Statistics are a funny thing but everyone seems to love those pretty little graphs and percent signs so they just keep on coming. 
  I used to think these forums were great but have recently been proven entirely wrong.  Maybe they were at one point but there seems to be zero tolerance for anything that does not promote Apple and virtually no impartial discussion (and yeah, perhaps that's an exaggeration).  I understand the domain is "apple"insider... I own plenty of Apple products... and I understand fanboys will be plentiful but the level of immaturity and irrational thinking is simply astonishing!...
  So you know exactly what my screen name stands for and represents do you?  Just because it isn't a "race" by definition doesn't make it acceptable, why are you justifying it?
  WOW!  So "trolling" (as loosely as that term is thrown around) is fought tooth and nail and the term "fanboy" is threatened with banning.... yet racism is fine and dandy!  F* YOU bdkennedy!   That's not even remotely funny.       I fail to understand the "blatant copy" in this particular instance.  It's a rubber band effect... same as always... there's really no 2 ways around it.  So who copied who again?  So just because Apple copied it first means Samsung or any other...
  Such as rubber banding?  LOL!  Hopefully at least some of you realize this has been around long before iOS... Linux Beryl and previous varients (even on Windows UI enhancers).
  Yeah, didn't see that one
http://goo.gl/WJEBO   Go on, let's hear it... all a fabrication right? :)  I think people seem to forget that the analogy of putting 2 scientists in separate closets and having them come up with the simplest solution to a single problem fits quite well (and often) in the world of technology.  
  I don't think anyone is saying Apple is this horrible company that everyone should stay away from or that they are "not" being innovative.  However, Apple themselves have claimed on multiple occasions that they do not necessarily invent but rather improve upon technology that already exists which in itself is a very thin line to travel in regards to patents.  They buy up the smaller companies for technology they haven't created themselves.  The patent laws need changed...
I'm simply not going to take on "your" responsibilities as a consumer.  But if ignoring the facts because someone doesn't post "proof" in a biased forum makes you feel better then so be it.
They are not there to be used as tools for marketing gain or leverage and that is exactly what is happening on both sides.   I'm not going to get into an online argument over something as petty as this and I don't need to prove anything.  The information is out there for all to see, do your own research (and preferably on sites that are truly impartial).  I'm not going to defend either side because they're both at fault but if you think that one side developed a...
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