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 I wouldn't be surprised if Fairfax Financial looks into "monetizing" Blackberry's IP portfolio.
So did you try my suggestion to help alleviate the problem and did it fail to help? If so then a restore might be in order, then set it up as a new ipad without reloading a backup.
Try going to Settings>General>Reset All Settings.   When I initially updated my iPad 3 it was slow (keyboard response in particular) but doing that fixed it completely. 
 He's a huge fan of thread necrophilia?
If you want free machines, why restrict yourself to Macs? I'm sure getting free PCs would be trivial.
Sweet! They can save money on cases by wrapping them in their Terrible Towels.
Or, if the user is really just a mangled, burned, horrific mess, they could just elect not to use the Touch ID feature. This seems to be a great feature for those able to use it. It's probably not yet perfect, but eminently usable and will likely get better over time (including APIs for 3rd parties to leverage eventually).
I'd want this app integrated with game center so high scores on identifying/reporting these guys can be compared.
Why mention that in an event all about iOS and new phones?
Stop listening to whatever source gave you this information. It's profoundly incorrect.
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