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 Mac OS X.X
 You were confident enough in your understanding that you used it in your posts with hill60 and SolipsismX. Of course that's a small list given Samsung produces an enormous amount of low end devices where there is no expectation or need to incorporate gorilla glass to sell the device. I would venture to guess that what *is* listed for all other manufacturers (*excluding Apple) is that the number of devices are greater than what Apple produces. I already noted that corning...
You were already completely incorrect about Samsung's usage of the material.   That list covers pretty much every mid to high end device from major manufacturers (there are others who choose not to have their usage listed, such as Apple). Gorilla glass has become somewhat de facto standard for what a decent device should include. Individually the listed devices may not sell in iPhone numbers, but in aggregate, it looks like Corning will not be crying poverty anytime...
http://www.corninggorillaglass.com/products-with-gorilla/full-products-list Corning's site seems to be at odds with what you're claiming.
 Suddenly Newton was being sarcastic (note the /s in his post).
 Judging by how quickly the gold ones sold out, their appeal is probably not restricted to one contrived stereotype (even though we don't know how many were available relative to the silver and grey models).
 I wouldn't be surprised if Fairfax Financial looks into "monetizing" Blackberry's IP portfolio.
So did you try my suggestion to help alleviate the problem and did it fail to help? If so then a restore might be in order, then set it up as a new ipad without reloading a backup.
Try going to Settings>General>Reset All Settings.   When I initially updated my iPad 3 it was slow (keyboard response in particular) but doing that fixed it completely. 
 He's a huge fan of thread necrophilia?
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