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What does he have to be "embarrased and ashamed" about?
It's not. That's his thumbprint
That's right, and after the hydrogen's all gone the sun will start eating all the helium. Once that's gone it'll be coming for us! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...
I had to go back and the current iCloud page does mention that the files can stream though the specifics on that are vague right now. The original (WWDC) info on iCloud didn't seem to mention that (perhaps Spotify's intro had an affect on that). The iCloud page is very specific that the actual 256kbps AAC files can be downloaded or stream (not sure if this just means you can play it while it downloads or stream without persistently storing if you so choose) to any of your...
That's the whole point of match. It's *not* a streaming service.
This article pegs Apple's R&D closer to $1.8 billion. It's lower than Samsung's, but they're focusing on a narrower range of products and technologies.http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/apples...-revenue/60872
It's a riff on the way former President Bush used to take liberties with vocabulary.
The car audio aftermarket isn't that big (in relative terms) so it's probably not even on Apple's radar. Add to that the fact that no matter how wonderful the aftermarket unit is, it looks out of place in whatever vehicle it's installed in and doesn't fully integrate with the rest of the vehicle's features. The real coup would be for a manufacturer to woo Apple into participating in development of an OEM platform for vehicles (sort of along the lines of Microsoft Sync)....
Not in the tablet arena.
I like this approach a lot more than the crapshoot of going to the stores and hoping they've got one in the size/color/network I want. I'm sure it relieves some of the stress and confusion the store employees faced as well.
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