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Tallest makes a compelling argument though. Why on earth would the *6th* iteration of the iPhone be called the iPhone 5?
How do you figure? The article says in the first line that it's built into the processor. It's all contained in the same "chip" though there are multiple dies within that package. It's a semantic issue at best.
The RAM is contained inside the A5 package.
The fact that people are already receiving their new iPhones refutes your rationalization.
Who said Apple can do no wrong here? I'm looking for the line in your tracking detail that says "Hold by order of Apple". I've ordered more than a few items that have been held up in Louisville for more than 24 hours for various reasons.
Why did you decide to create a whole thread about how hurt your feelings are?
I believe he was humorously referring to this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinity I'm not a fan of that though, so I feel that RIM could use 5 CEOs. That way when they run into issues like this they can form BBVoltron to deal with the fallout.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voltron...ar_Universe.29
For crying out loud, Apple didn't announce the availability of this service yet. It's clear that it's still only for developers at this point (or slowly being made available to others in preparation for release). AI goofed. It's a rumor site. It happens. Once *Apple* announces it's ready to go then criticisms of the service may have merit.
I see now. I, at first, thought you were just referring to being able to dial a phone number from an appointment (which the iOS handles fine for the most part). The app you mentioned looks like it's really tailored to handling more than just the phone numbers. In my experience this app would help with conference call numbers a bit, but not much. My clients do not all set their telecoms up the same way so there are usually additional prompts for name (or not) and some...
I'm not sure what to tell you. I've tried it multiple times with the phone numbers formatted in different ways and I can't get it to *not* work.
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