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This article pegs Apple's R&D closer to $1.8 billion. It's lower than Samsung's, but they're focusing on a narrower range of products and technologies.http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/apples...-revenue/60872
It's a riff on the way former President Bush used to take liberties with vocabulary.
The car audio aftermarket isn't that big (in relative terms) so it's probably not even on Apple's radar. Add to that the fact that no matter how wonderful the aftermarket unit is, it looks out of place in whatever vehicle it's installed in and doesn't fully integrate with the rest of the vehicle's features. The real coup would be for a manufacturer to woo Apple into participating in development of an OEM platform for vehicles (sort of along the lines of Microsoft Sync)....
Not in the tablet arena.
I like this approach a lot more than the crapshoot of going to the stores and hoping they've got one in the size/color/network I want. I'm sure it relieves some of the stress and confusion the store employees faced as well.
Tallest makes a compelling argument though. Why on earth would the *6th* iteration of the iPhone be called the iPhone 5?
How do you figure? The article says in the first line that it's built into the processor. It's all contained in the same "chip" though there are multiple dies within that package. It's a semantic issue at best.
The RAM is contained inside the A5 package.
The fact that people are already receiving their new iPhones refutes your rationalization.
Who said Apple can do no wrong here? I'm looking for the line in your tracking detail that says "Hold by order of Apple". I've ordered more than a few items that have been held up in Louisville for more than 24 hours for various reasons.
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