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The apps I was thinking of run on the computer. You'd have to connect the iPad to the computer, but you wouldn't need to sync it. The one I use is called PhoneView (I got it as part of a bundle of apps). Senuti is another possibility. There may be others, but those are the ones I'm most familiar with. None of the ones I'm aware of require jailbreaking so that shouldn't be an obstacle to you either. You know, the app Air Sharing *might* be able to do what you want without...
There are apps that will allow you to do this but you'd need to use a Mac/PC to do it (and since I only have a Mac, I can only really comment on that part). Do you have a computer to use for this task, and if so, what platform is it?
This is interesting news, but I wouldn't expect this to halt those comparisons. Marketshare for the Mac is (and always has been) compared to everything under the sun running Windows which is basically the same scenario.
Not to split hairs, but the iPod wasn't available in the 20th century.
It's not cheap, but Omnigraffle is one of my favorite applications. It complements Office well since there is no version of Visio for the Mac.
If it were my choice, the iPad would be viable if you complemented it with a basic phone and a voice-only cell plan.
Who was buying the games for the iPod classic anyhow? They seemed to be novelties more than anything. On a side note, I've got a 160GB classic purchased when they were first made available and it lives in my car hooked up to the audio system. For anything outside that I have either my computer, or my iPhone.
Tallest, could you do us a favor and summarize all the articles here in that manner? It'd be like a snarky "Cliffs Notes" version we could skim when we don't have time to digest the whole article.
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