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Who was buying the games for the iPod classic anyhow? They seemed to be novelties more than anything. On a side note, I've got a 160GB classic purchased when they were first made available and it lives in my car hooked up to the audio system. For anything outside that I have either my computer, or my iPhone.
Tallest, could you do us a favor and summarize all the articles here in that manner? It'd be like a snarky "Cliffs Notes" version we could skim when we don't have time to digest the whole article.
Battery life is a reasonable argument for the e-ink Kindle, but most likely *not* for the Kindle tablet as described here. The Playbook couldn't match the iPad's battery life and unless they've done more than simply use a slower processor there's no reason to believe Amazon's new tablet will challenge the iPad in that regard either. That said, I think the device may have some appeal to people who like their Kindle but wish it would do a bit more. If the price is right it...
For the iPhone 4 you were able to preorder and specify a particular store you would like to pick it up at. On release day there were 2 lines at the store; one for those who preordered and one for those who did not.
Pneumatic! http://www.docstoc.com/docs/51554075...Patent-6474912
Soylent Green is people! Dil is a man. Snape kills Dumbledore. 299 die. I like where this is headed
The iPad easily exceeds the Nook Color on the battery life front. Only the E-Ink readers trump the iPad in that regard.
You may have missed the sarcasm in his post, hence the "(not)" at the end.
Besides their messaging and email, what features do they bring to the table that could be considered "a lot"? The fact that they bring little else is part of the reason they're getting hammered. It's much easier for competitors to implement these features on their own than it is for RIM to up their game to the level of the competition.
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