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While it would be nice to see WebOS get a chance to mature, I don't think any company could make it work. Sure, it's a nice OS but it really needs a stable ecosystem to accompany it and provide developers encouragement to develop for it. No simple acquisition of the OS will guarantee that so buying it is a big risk (ask HP). In fact, the speed with which HP just threw up their hands and gave up could be considered a devastating blow to developer confidence in the platform....
That's like saying that you'd rather have your balls pounded flat with a wooden circus mallet than dragged across a cheese grater.
I've replied to several topics asking this same question and and my answer's always the same. Refurbs sold by Apple are pretty much always a good deal and a safe bet. You get the same warranty you'd get if buying new (1 year) and can also buy applecare for them if that's something you're inclined to do. I've bought several this way and they've always been cosmetically indistinguishable from new *and* performed excellent for the time I owned them (several years in some cases).
If you live in a place where iPads are not yet available then ebay *might* be a reasonable alternative. Otherwise not so much (pretty much the same as anything else on ebay nowadays).
How does this explain the collection of old software he wants to run?
Not unless you pay the $99 and become a developer.
The Air doesn't come with DVD restore media as it doesn't have an optical drive. The restore media comes on a USB stick.
Refurbs are a great way to go. I've bought several machines that way and they all performed flawlessly. While they may not come in the original packaging, they are always (in my experience) cosmetically unblemished and look brand new.
With the exception of the white Macbook, all of Apple's laptop line are matte with glossy screens (unless you spring for the matte/antiglare screen option where it's offered...).
It's supposed to be $24.99 per year, not per month.
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