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The Air doesn't come with DVD restore media as it doesn't have an optical drive. The restore media comes on a USB stick.
Refurbs are a great way to go. I've bought several machines that way and they all performed flawlessly. While they may not come in the original packaging, they are always (in my experience) cosmetically unblemished and look brand new.
With the exception of the white Macbook, all of Apple's laptop line are matte with glossy screens (unless you spring for the matte/antiglare screen option where it's offered...).
It's supposed to be $24.99 per year, not per month.
It's not a separate app. It's built directly into the messaging app.http://www.apple.com/ios/ios5/features.html#imessage
Get a copy of Parallels and run SL in that.
http://guides.macrumors.com/Taking_S...ts_in_Mac_OS_X Use what the OS offers for free.
I'm in with no problems. I'd heard there was an issue with podcasts but I don't generally use them so I can't confirm it.
Apple is not a foolish company. They are well versed in legal matters and will deal with this in their own way. Until they've taken the time to sort it out, any statements just bring *more* attention to Lodsys and lend the issue more credence than it currently merits. Apple is not in the business of providing free advertising for patent trolls.
Considering developers get authoritative information about Apple, and issues that impact them as developers, directly through the Apple Developer Program, this is not something that should be addressed publicly.
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