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I'd want this app integrated with game center so high scores on identifying/reporting these guys can be compared.
Why mention that in an event all about iOS and new phones?
Stop listening to whatever source gave you this information. It's profoundly incorrect.
$299 seems a little steep for a cellphone accessory.
AT&T should unlock the phone if you ask once it's out of contract, but as with any customer service experience, it may or may not be a simple task.   I've never heard of anyone getting linux working on an iPhone, but if you're into challenges that may be an interesting one.  
The 11" Macbook Air doesn't.
  Are you suggesting that marriages of convenience are a phenomenon unique to same-sex couples?
After seeing the new machines firsthand, the additional mic seems to be the only discernible external change.   If you're concerned about the additional mic being covered, it might be a good idea to contact a the manufacturers of the cases you're interested and getting info from them on whether they'll be releasing revised cases. They may be planning revisions so that all their forthcoming cases will have cutouts for the second mic (then again maybe not).   On the...
To those suggesting adding a passcode to turn off the device (since multiquote doesn't seem to work):   This could be difficult to implement in a way that didn't diminish the user experience. The buttons used to accomplish this are hardware buttons that function whether the device has become unresponsive, or not. Many times, the only reason someone may wish to shut the phone down is because it's become unresponsive (rare, but it happens). Requiring a passcode to...
New Posts  All Forums: