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  How about keeping 4:3 because it's better for *everything* except watching video?
  Only if you assume that English is everyone's first language.
  I found their new spokesman...  
You didn't win anything. It's spam/phishing. Delete the message and carry on.
  Pooping.   Clearly I need more fiber. :|
  Are daily activations into the billions yet? /s
There's plenty of threads here covering the refurb question.   The short answer is (for me at least), yes, they're worth it.   I've bought several over the years and they have been both cosmetically and functionally indistinguishable from new. In one instance, the machine (a black Macbook) came in a brown box rather than the normal one a new machine would have shipped in, but the machine and accompanying components were otherwise packed as if they were brand new....
I have this app for both iPhone and iPad. It produces some really brilliant results very easily. My kids use it in conjunction with their Lego bricks/figures to create all kinds of neat videos. Keeping the camera steady is important so my sons rigged a Lego stand that holds the iPhone steady while also allowing it to slide around the floor/table smoothly. When they use the iPad, they just utilize the case (one from switcheasy that allows the ipad to sit propped up...
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