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  This sounds a lot more like Logitech did a poor job in desigining their keyboard/cradle.
  Genius. That would eliminate the need for the kickstand as well.
No, so if this is something you're interested in, make sure 2GB would be adequate. I'd personally prefer more, but in a basic machine for browsing, basic office tasks, email, etc... it may be fine.
  While you're correct, I believe that WardC was just getting a dig at the site for using 1.6MHz rather than 1.6GHz in the article text.
The mini has a significantly better camera than the iPad 2 (may or may not make a difference depending on how your daughter will use it).
Was this supposed to end up in the current thread?   Update: Edited out for GG
      I can see how much space photos are taking up by going to Settings > General > Usage > Photos & Camera. Is this what you're looking for?
In the Music app do the following: 1. Select Playlists. 2. In the upper right corner click the "New" button. 3. Provide a name for the new playlist. 4. Add songs by clicking their respective  "+" button to the right of their title. This bit can be daunting if you have a large library as the only navigation aid seems to be the alphabet on the right edge of the screen. 5. Click "Done".   Hope this helps.
This is simply not true. Itunes Match will store any music you have in your library (up to the limit of 25000 songs).
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