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It was certainly a surprise and given you've had it for a week at most you may be able to upgrade. Let us know how it goes.
I certainly hope so. It seems the only area where wide aspect screens excel at all is with video playback. That's great if all you're going to do is use the iPad for watching video, but everything else suffers.
I'm skeptical that they'd release any new products with a capacity as low as 8GB at this point. There are no existing 8GB iPads. There are no iPod Touch models available with 8GB anymore, and the only iPhone with a capacity that low is the iPhone 4, which is likely on its last legs. Even the iPod Nano is now available with 16GB as its only capacity. That considered, 16GB seems the minimum bar to entry for this new smaller iPad.   As far as pricing goes, I'd expect...
So you can do facetime on an iPod, and an iPad, but not on an iPad Mini (or whatever it's to be called)?
The current iPad is unlikely (unlikely is the most optimistic word I'm inclined to use here) to see any changes until well after the holidays during its annual update cycle. The next iPad version will incorporate the lightning connector and any other changes they have slated for it (A6x?, some form factor change following the design direction of the iPod Touch maybe?). Given the direction they went with the iPod Touch vs. the iPhone 5, I would expect the purported iPad...
Be sure to post your experience. I'm thinking they may give you the "Well that was unlimited 3g and the new iPad requires a 4g plan to work" line in order to nuke your grandfathered unlimited plan. Then again they may treat it like they're dealing with the iPhone unlimited plans and just give you full speed up to a certain cap then throttle you for the remainder of the billing period. Regardless, good luck.
I almost choked on my coffee reading that.
In related news, Samsung has claimed a patent on Korean speaking lawyers and plans to sue Apple unless they agree to a license.
I like the idea of universal apps. It would be nice, however, if when installing to the device that only the artwork/images appropriate to the device would be included. Then perhaps the only place you'd wind up having the full package stored might be iTunes.
New Posts  All Forums: