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President Camacho would beg to differ...
What IP do you assume they have? The only thing for certain is they possess a ton of debt.
That doesn't mean he's not qualified for image macro duty.
You're missing that we've already migrated *from* those as they were clumsy and slow ways to interact touchscreen devices. It's ok though because you could always fall back to the "choice" argument.
Maybe Samsung's hedging on all those customers feeling disenfranchised by the demise of the Treo?
A drive-by detail free diatribe in my Appleinsider? It's more likely than you think! \
That's fine. As with the software MS makes available for the Mac, you're not being forced to use it.
Amateur hour is now truly over.
You didn't answer the bit about the superhero costumes...
Barry Plotter here I come! I'll make MEEEEEEEEELLIONS!
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