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You didn't answer the bit about the superhero costumes...
Barry Plotter here I come! I'll make MEEEEEEEEELLIONS!
A lot of people in North Carolina question the benefit of turning right as well.
That's golden.
I laughed just based on the thread title. While it's unlikely (I hope), it would have been hilarious to hear Samsung's lawyer actually refer to the Galaxy Tab as an "iPad-like tablet".
I think it was just a bit of snark aimed at their pointing out that 32 is 2 * 16.
On a slight tangent, are they sticking "Geek Squad" stickers on all the boxes to let you know they'll help you install apps on iOS devices for you (for a nominal fee of course)? It killed me when I saw the stickers on console games for home installation at my local Best Buy.
You are killing the hard work I put into my ignore list by quoting him so much
For what it's worth, why did you jailbreak them both at the same time rather than trying one and seeing how things went?
That goes for trademarks, not patents.
New Posts  All Forums: