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Being a sport-motorbike rider for 30 years, my doing something that irks the hell out of you is music to my ears.  If you would be so kind as to give me your address, I'll make certain to do plenty of burnouts when I'm in the area.Troll...
What are you talking about?  Contractors are actually more preferred than employees when it comes to "firing" them.  Firing an employee involves way more red tape.
I don't know what's more pathetic.  Google coming out with crappy solutions (like software Encryption) or the borderline-clinical Fandroid users praising everything Google, even when they are being played by Google.
But...but.. Fandroids say 64-bit is useless if you don't have at least 4GB RAM!!!!  
 I added four cards (from two banks) and they both required I respond to a text message with a code.  If my bank simply let me set up a card without verifying anything outside of details that can be easily swiped by someone nefarious, that would raise a red-flag with me.  I didn't realize banks would be so lazy as to allow that to even happen in the first place.  The bed-wetting trolls are really coming out.  Samsung has already been busted for paying folks to troll forum...
Everyone else is crap and stupid.  It's how it ALWAYS is with these rabid copiers.  Apple comes out with a polished, secure, easy solutions and these shameful degenerates "suddenly" have better solutions that haven't even been tested, or have been (CurrentC) and have shown to have major security flaws. "SamsungPay" magnetic strip nonsense is a brute-force hack.  It's a bandaid to a bad technology and they have the nerve to repackage it as some kind of "feature" and pass...
He's "Sorta Mstone"... :)
What about "OpenPay"?!!  Open not just to consumers, but the hacker community!! :)
Some 3rd-party a$$hats decide to take the easy route, but hey... let's blame Apple.Apple was smart to make sure the banks take responsibility for their ineptness.  One thing for certain, if banks can't get their security act together with Apple, they are going to implode when they have to figure stuff out with CurrentC and other half-a$$ed mobile payment "solutions".Apple just keeps showing everyone how stupid the other players are.  
Well, your trolling comments certainly qualify as top of the pus-list.
New Posts  All Forums: