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Quantum entanglement is the wave of the future... right around the corner... :)Samsung is already working on it's own version... Quantum's AllTangledMess.
 I don't quite agree with you on the R/C part.  R/C planes require essential 100% full attention just to keep the thing from slamming into the ground and potentially hurting someone.  It takes serious skill, patience, and responsibility to fly an RC airplane.  You're not going to see (most of the time) some knucklehead flying an R/C airplane in the middle of an urban environment.Drones are an entirely different beast.  They are made to hover, stay put and allow the "pilot"...
Good lawd... 
Exactly.  If Apple did this, it would be on every media site and the lawyers would be lining up for class-action lawsuits in the hundreds of millions of dollars.Nope... not Samsung.  People already know (and expect) that they make junk, so barely a fart in the wind from the media.  Fandroids of course are being conveniently quiet, hoping know one will insert (pun intended) the obligatory "Penghazi", "Pengate", and the classic "You're inserting it wrong" phrases.
Nonsense.  In 5 seconds I googled "chancellor george osborne pics" and got countless pics of him in a more professional setting.
Why are unflattering photographs used? I don't get it. AI uses a photograph of the chancellor that makes him look like he belongs in Special-Ed. It's like that with most news outlets. AI is certainly (and typical) but I'm curious as to the reasoning behind it.
This is great. I use PayPal and Venmo, but I was never comfortable about giving a 3rd-party access to my financial institution. This would certainly do away with that need. Deal with Apple and the banks directly. I'm all on-board for this!
I grew up in that mouse/Microsoft world.  Heck, my first "computer" was an Atari 1200XL (awesome PC btw)...I'm ashamed when I read some reviewer harping that they want to use a mouse on an iPad, or that the keyboard is limited for full PC-like work.  They have issues.  If you want a PC, get a PC.  Maybe buy that crappy Surface-Pro that no one is buying.  Heck, do the best compromise and buy a Macbook, but the iPad is a tablet.  Done.A agree... younger folks that grew up...
In addition to pulling the app, I hope Apple suspended the developer's account/privileges. 
Nope... they have nothing on Termites!http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/could-termites-be-the-worlds-terminators-a-humble-forest-insect-may-be-emitting-dangerous-amounts-of-1394135.html
New Posts  All Forums: