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Perhaps, but it does keep people buying Apple products.
Where would Samsung be without its Cupertino R&D Facility? Shameful.
I'd pay not only for an ad-free AI site, but also for the mods to rid the troll infestation that's been plaguing the forums and letting them run amok.
The advertising industry are solely to blame for this.  Web pages have become a cesspool of advertising garbage and (for me) was ruining the experience.   I understand sites like AI depend on that revenue.  However, when the other 95% of sites just shove that crap in one's face holding us hostage, then all bets are off.  I hope this stings them right where it hurts to send a message that the user community has had it with the way they are polluting the Internet.
      Typical... drive-by posters make spew their crap, with zero detail to back it up and as usual... disappear. Upgraded all my iDevices to iOS9.  Zero issues.  Seems to be more the rule, than the exception.
Classic sign that the original poster has way too much time on his hands, or maybe has ADHD.  Either way, the next thing this guy would immediately complain about is why the battery is draining so fast, or why his iPad is so slow.There's always that one person...
I'm still fortunate to have the unlimited grandfathered plan.  Even with that, I still use WiFi as much as possible and my recent monthly usage was in the 300MB range.   Using 22GB in one month (to me) on a phone is insane.  What exactly do these people do on their devices to go through that much data in one month?  It's non-stop Netflix Videos, youtube, probably even using it as their primary internet hotspot and connecting everything through it?  What gives?
I can see that dislike button get abused big time...  It'll be a troll's nirvana to have that ability.
Cue the obligatory Heavy-Gate!!
I love the camera in my iP6+.  Still, when it comes to serious photos and quality, it's still no match for my Canon 5DM3.  Yes, the size difference is substantial, but when I see the final results... I'm happy to lug my dSLR around. :)That being said, the best camera is the one I have on me, so my iP6+ is a nice and convenient second choice. :)
New Posts  All Forums: