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All these years Google had to get its GoogleWallet going, and the Fandroids with their "Gazillion activations per day" nonsense, and they have zero to show for it. That is pathetic to say the least. Says a lot about Google and the user-base.
I truly do believe it, and if you comprehended my original post, I was not referring to the hardware.  Fandroids / iHaters are the worst of the worse when it comes to spouting off at the mouth, trolling endlessly on numerous forums and polluting what should have been a healthy dialogue.  They literally lie to make their point, or are so much in denial on just how bad the Android model is that they will just continue the status-quo, look the other way, and pretend that all...
That there's the problem.. only the Android "nerds", bedwetters, and basement-dwellers are the only ones that own the Note 4.  They think what's good for them surely has to be good for everyone else therefore they live in their little make-believe bubble and pretend everyone owns one.
When they are not being sued by Bosch, Dyson, Whirlpool for stealing their IP / Designs too...
I think consumers are realizing that no matter what the Samsungs of the world say about their phones being "premium", it's still lipstick on a pig. Schadenfreude at its best.  I really want to read a future news article about Samsung having to shut down operations, or introduce some kind of drastic "cost cutting measures" in order to "remain competitive". Karma's a b!tch Samsung.  You deserve everything coming your way.
It's really a no-brainer.  One cannot go wrong with giving an Apple product, let alone an iPhone as a gift.  It's well-crafted, high quality, and made to give years of service. I can imagine someone giving an Android phone as a gift.  The recipient would say "What is this sh!t?"
Foxconn makes Samsung's phones too Einstein.  So what's your point?
Isn't karma a bitch Samsung?? They can't really copy Apple anymore since they know they are under a microscope. That means they have to prove to everyone that the can actually innovate. All they've shown is that they are a roomful of monkeys with zero ability to make anything on their own without their R&D department at 1 Infinity Loop. Looking forward to reading Samsung having to do cost-cutting measures. A$$w!pes.
F#ck!ng Chinese government.  The first thing they would do is take that source code and start pumping out Chinese knockoffs. I find it hypocritical that China accuses us of building backdoors into our products to spy on Chinese citizens, yet is not demanding those same backdoors for them to use.   This is a moment where the WTO needs to step up and tell China to either get its act together or get out.  Unbelievable how the WTO looks the other way, all the while grabbing...
I still have a fresh memory from a few years ago of a heated conversation I had with ExtremeSkater.  I called-him out on his prediction that AAPL will NEVER hit $170/share which quickly went to $200, then skirted at the $700 not much later.  Mysteriously, he kind of went dark after all this.  He was very anti-AAPL.
New Posts  All Forums: