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Well, your trolling comments certainly qualify as top of the pus-list.
but...but...but... whiny Fandroids kept saying plastic is better so it won't scratch, crack, slip (when watching pr0n), etc...!!Say it aint so!!Samsung is going to fail so bad on this.  Not only is it lipstick on a pig, but now they are pumping even MORE money into a sh!tty product thinking that's what will bring it back on-par with Apple.  Of course, Samsung will do the usual routine of claiming of "shipping" millions of S6's, then eventually by some court document, or...
I would consider it a "failure" if people actually used it, and gave up on it...What would it be called if people don't even bother using it?  A dud?
Waiting for a picture of someone modeling an Android watch.  $5 it'll most likely be a picture of a homeless person that pulled one out of the trash bin.
Fcuk-em.  It's stories like yours that puts me in my anti-union mode.  Unions had a purpose back in time when they were needed, but they are obsolete today.  They are all about milking everybody else for their own greed.  Period.I have an extended family member that works for BART here in the bay area.  When they go on strike because BART wants to raise their health plans up $5/mo, and they only pay $50/month for their insurance, I get right in his face.  Surprisingly, he...
Wow... there's a lot of ignorance and hate on this subject.  I don't think for one moment that bus drivers are "stupid".  I work all the time with folks in low-skilled work, and most are very smart, and very capable people.   Folks here stereotyping them as "stupid" are the stupid ones.  In my experience, most (but not all) folks here in the bay area doing those kind of jobs arguably do not fit the mold as one where college is the right path for them. College is not a...
I agree.  I guess the employee would rather force an employer to pay them a higher wage than to actually take the initiative and better themselves to get a better job right?  That would make too much sense.They know that if they quit, there will be a dozen people right behind them ready to take that job.  So instead, lets form a union to force employers to pay more than what the going rate is.
Getting a college degree doesn't mean one "deserves" high-paying jobs.  That degree means certain doors "may" open to them, but in the end it comes down to the individual person that applies for that job.There are quite a few brilliant software engineers that make serious money with no college degree.  I know quite a few college-educated engineers that are dumber than dirt and couldn't code their way out of a "Hello World" program.  Most I know just happened to have mommy...
He already one-upped Apple ages ago... :)http://www.dailytech.com/Googles+Eric+Schmidt+Says+Android+is+More+Secure+Than+iPhone/article33515.htm
"A total of 158 bus drivers working for Compass Transportation..." Fix your headline. This has NOTHING to do with Apple, Google, etc., and everything to do with Compass Transportation. What next AI? Gonna post news when workers at a company that supplies toilet paper to Apple's bathrooms are gonna unionize too? Jeez... click bait.
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