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I'm confused... yeah, I don't know know.  "Could be spread by email" sounds a little vague to me for some reason.  It either can, or cannot be.  I think the article could be better written.  There's some specifics missing.
If it's just like the original Thunderstrike, it requires physical access to the computer as it uses a flaw in the Thunderbolt implementation.  So for just about everyone concerned, it's a non-issue. It's great that Apple is taking care of the flaws.  It'll be patched before anything can happen.  Poor PC folks though.  Good luck getting any support for their system.
It sounds like you're wanting the iMac to be treated as a professional-level machine, when in reality it is not, and never has been.  Your issues with it are exactly what the Mac Pro is meant to address.Most iMac users will never crank-up their machines to fan-blasting levels consistently.  Sure, there may be the occasional one, but should Apple engineer the systems to address the 1-2% of those times?  I don't think so.I occasionally get the fans going on my 2009 iMac when...
5K (or 8K) Skylake iMac with TB3 and USBc and I'll walk into the store today!
You obviously have a chip on your shoulder with this subject. I said going to "college" is an option. Hoes about higher learning? Trade school? Heck, if I'm a bus driver, I'll consider night-school and learn to be an electrician and run my own shop. Heck, there are options.My point is that I would do something else instead of complaining about the status quo.Please return to your "but...but...but..." because everyone is special and all deserve first-place medals.I...
A livable wage in the San Francisco bay area is always a contentious subject.  I'm split in the middle on this.  Sure, a bus driver that shuttles the best minds in the software world is an important responsibility.  I sure would not want to be driving those gargantuan buses on San Francisco streets and traffic.  That's a high-stress position for sure! At the same time, everything has to be balanced too.  Where is the line drawn?  As an adult, if my job does not pay a...
Just like iPads, next in line will be youtube vides of pimple-faced BestBuy employees smashing Apple Watches in the parking lot.  Wait for it...
Sadly... this is true.  You are spot-on Solips.  Apple would be screwed if they did, screwed if they didn't.
That's a lot of money to spend for a product the trolls, iHaters, and dumba$$ analysts claim is a "failed" and "tepid" product. Where are those "experts" to explain this?
I agree with you.  I think the lack of any serious security solutions meant that they could skimp on the hardware side as well.  Now, the industry will have to take hardware-level encryption performance seriously for their HomeKit products.  This can only benefit the industry as a whole.  It just took Apple to tell everyone to get its act together.
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