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A part of me completely agrees with you.  All else not changing, Apple should shut it down, and boot Bromwich out the door before the ink is dry.The other part thinks Apple should pursue every avenue to removing Bromwich, and "somehow" sanctioning the judge that (imho) obviously had a back-end deal with Bromwich.  This whole episode just stinks of abuse.
This is just another example of school management putting the blame on someone else to cover up their own incompetency.  Of course, it's NEVER their fault, so surely, lets point the finger at someone else so we don't look stupid. I hope Apple doesn't give in.  If anyone needs to be fired, it's those clowns that made the deal in the first place.  How many stories have there been about iPads being given to teachers, without them, or sysAdmins having a clue how to...
Not to stereotype, but one look at him would make most grounded-folks wonder what side of the fence he's on...  So I don't think he really represents what "Men" fashion should be.  Obviously, he seems to make a pretty good living doing what he does though.  
Cue Brlawyer having an amazing insight into why AppleWatch is a dismal failure.  He knows everything.  He's a legend in his own mind.
Don't get me wrong... My 2009 iMac with that quad i7 and SSD still has way more horsepower than most regular users will ever need.  I'm not a "regular" user anymore like I was when I bought that machine.  Just a few weeks ago in preparation for upgrading a client-site, I was running two VM's of Windows Server 2012, one for Windows 10, and another for Windows 8 all at the same time and I was amazed that my iMac didn't miss a beat.  Broadway just wasn't that much of a jump...
I also have the late 2009 27" iMac as well - Quad i7.  It's been my trusty workhorse all these years.  I too am running Yosemite on it as well, but I've had zero problems with it.  What configuration is yours?Only issue is one of the fans makes a very subtle ticking-noise that I got used to.  I installed a 1TB SSD drive about a 18 months ago which breathed new life to it.  Even with that, it's showing its age... I do some serious work on it, at times running several...
I hope this is better constructed than Mophie's battery pack/iPhone cases.  Those were complete garbage, each one failing within 3-4 months.   Mophie is not on my to-buy list anymore.
I agree.  I'm waiting for a Skylake iMac.  The 5K iMac almost got me, but couldn't press the "buy" button because of that.  I think Apple is going to go through another serious product lineup by end of this year, or 1Q next year.
Having driven both Lamborghinis and Mini-Coopers, I can say they both drive harshly, but the MiniCooper has a bitch!n A/C system. :)I love both cameras.  I just have issues with the sensaltionalist headlines from folks that purposely do that to make their web-click quota and justify their job titles, which means they succeeded.
You mean the GM EV1 beating out a Porsche 911 back in the 90's?  Not nonsense at all.  Again, that's a similar comparison.Why is this such a difficult concept to grasp?  I'm talking about physical size limitations here.  An equal size Tesla outrunning an equal size Lamborghini is fair game.A tiny sensor beating out a sensor 100 times its size is not the same thing.  No matter what one does, that tiny sensor can only collect so much light, versus that larger sensor able to...
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