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Yes... and Sog35 never recovered from it... :) /s
It's nice that Apple doesn't need to be in bed with Google.  Apple calls the shots, not Google.  I'm looking forward to seeing Google's ad business imploding when Apple takes its business away. Without Google's ad revenues, all the other gazillion beta-only projects will pretty much vaporize too. Hmm... nice time to short GOOG?
I know these are aluminum alloys, but considering the price of copper nowadays, does anyone know if that metal is in fact being mixed-in with the aluminum to produce the rose-gold model?  Just curious.  To me, it is a very nice color... I would consider it when it's time to upgrade my iP6+ in another year. Until then, bring on the new iMacs... in maybe a rose-gold option?  :)
Great that Apple patented it. That way, Samsung will still have to spend money on lawyers when they inevitable copy it and name in something original like "Samsung Retina Flash". The battery issue is a non-issue. Those that take the dozens of selfies each day to run the battery dry deserve to be forever attached to a charger. I don't take selfies, and I'm an incredibly handsome guy too! /s
I almost bought a Wacom tablet a couple weeks ago for my photoshop stuff. I hesitated and decided to wait to see what Apple does.If that iPad Pro can function like one, I'm in.That AppleTV is next. Been waiting to upgrade my 2nd-gen unit for ages. Glad I waited!Bring on the new iMac!
Hurry up Apple!! The Samsungs of the world are waiting to make their next iClone!
So then how would a completely fictional light sword that most likely would never exist in our reality as is depicted in the movies make sense then?As a child, I would never have questioned it.  I would have just sat in the theater with eyes bug-eyed-open in amazement and awe.  As an adult, my child-like curiosity and innocence may have dissipated a bit, but I still keep the part of not wondering how it makes sense and just enjoy the fantasy of it.  Who cares really?  It...
Dorm rooms don't count.
I've went through three mophie cases in one year. Under warranty, but still. Complete garbage. The micro-USB connector is do flimsy it kept breaking after a few months. Unless they change it to the much more durable Lighning port, I'm done with them.
I'm just salivating at the 8-core CPU.  I hope Apple put's that as a high-end option for the iMac.  I'd put them all to good use!  Hopefully this means I finally get to retire my 2009 iMac!
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