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I've received two spam iMessage texts ever. One was just like the one in the article photo. I really hope Apple is being proactive in making sure this remains a very minor annoyance. I can easily see Spammers trying to do everything they can to break into iMessage more.
Yeah, and maybe they will start removing hexane from soy products!!http://www.naturalnews.com/026303_hexane_soy_food.html
Not true.  Only dust specifically from Apple products.Don't believe me?  Just ask the Fandroids.  ;)
Clever design.  It didn't dawn on them about integrating a pop-out (swivel) male lightning port connector?  I don't want to have to bring my cable. So close, yet so far.
Not what you said Solips.  I was mainly referring to Sog35's crap.  He's not even worth the effort of an explanation anymore.  He pretends to know what minorities go through, when he is about as ignorant as they come.
Bullshit...  (no disrespect towards you Solips.) :)My point was that I could have easily fallen into that same social inequity.  I had all the indicators of being one too.  Instead of being lucky if I land a job as a day laborer or working in a Tacqueria for the rest of my life, my parents - poor as they were - laid the law of the land, made sure I kept in line growing up and focus on what was important.  That parenting concept is hugely lacking in today's society,...
Oh man... you're making assumptions with zero facts to back it up.  We were not a middle-class family growing up and racism was in my/our face every day.  We all contributed to the family home.  It was only recently that we were able to pay it off so my mom didn't have to worry about losing it.  Damn... your ignorance defies explanation.  You make excuses for people.  I am so done with you.  You want to pretend to know what the minority segment has to go through but you...
I'm Jesse Jackson's worst nightmare.  A conservative minority Mexican that sees him for the bullshit he really is.
"Diversity needs to be improved".  That's code-speak for "Quota" for the attention-whores like Jesse Jackson.  Tim Cook did not say it, but the politicos raising a stink about it surely want something like that.My experience as a Mexican-American in this area that is surrounded my white guys is completely relevant to the topic.  Our family grew up poor, and struggled.  We never asked for a handout and played the cards we were given.  For me, I refused to let any perceived...
I'll be more than happy to start it... Media-whore Jesse Jackson can kiss my Mexican-American (i.e. "Minority") ass.  That guy is the poster-child for hypocrisy and double-standards.  If Martin Luther King were alive today, he'd be shaking his head in disappointment at how Jesse desecrated the memory and work of MLK.I firmly believe a lot of the problems we have with racism today can be directly pinpointed to the constant hate-mongering that Jesse instills in the...
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