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But..but..but.. Android is open!!!  Fandroids should gather and protest!  Since they are too chicken-sh!t to talk to a hot flight-attendant, they figure it's better to just hack their Android phone and anonymously send the device a message.  Can't do that with an iPhone!  Oh... all those fantasy-relationships that will be ruined!!  The horror!
The iP6 will more more of an "iPad Mini Killer" than anything. I'm loving my iP6+ and I use my iPad even less since I got it. Only time I use it now is as an eBook reader - which it is perfect for, but too big for anything else. Great move United Airlines!!
Martin Luther King would be shaking his head in disappointment in seeing how Jackson (and Sharpton) have completely strayed off the path and become nothing more than 15-minute fame media whores.  Those two guys together did more damage to equality than anyone else could. Tim Cook is not helping the situation by catering to this jacka$$.  Jackson and his lapdog Sharpton are more racists than established racists folks. Ask Jackson what his stance on Gil...
The flaw in this logic is your assumption that Fandroids are brave enough to venture out from the safety and comfort of their parent's basements and think their keyboard chest-thumping actually will protect them in the real world.
Well, have to give credit where credit is due.  He knows he's going to get flamed for it, but the truth hurts.  Fandroids have been in serious denial for ages, and watching them defending what really is garbage is just sad.   The iPad is the gold standard.  Apple doesn't need Android to compete.  It competes against itself.  Apple would rather let its own iPad product take away sales from say a Macbook, than have that money go out the door to a competitor.  So why not...
You're blaming the government?People got toxic home mortgages for several reasons.  Pick one:1) They were too stupid to know better.2) They were "conned" by a bank lender in believing they could afford more house than they really can.  Hence, refer to reason #1.3) They knew they couldn't afford it, so they did it anyway, assumed that house values would go up, if it did they would take equity out, believe good times would always be there, rinse, repeat.  Again, refer to...
It's obvious from your post-history that you are either infatuated with DED, but in the closet about it, or he dumped you and you're still spurned about it.Either way, you lost all credibility.  If anyone should go away, it should be you.  Honestly, move on.
Stop being so full of yourself.  DED's article is about IDC's inability to report FACTS and publicly disclosed information.  Has nothing to do with you're perceived belief that he's bashing the competitors.IDC is either flat-out inept and clueless on how to do their job - to the dismay of its clients, or IDC is actually lying to its clients - again to the dismay of its clients.  How hard is that for you to understand?IDC needs to get called-out on this, and preferably the...
Yeah!!  We don't need that!!I'd rather just spill hot coffee from the upper floor right on top of them... that'll get them up, and will be fun to watch.
Exactly... or... uhm... this??  http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2014/12/washington_times_contrasts_med.htmlApple's business shouldn't be too badly hurt.  I'll bet a good amount of those jerks lying on the floor are iPhone owners. :/
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