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Netflix doesn't carry all the current stuff.  iTunes does.  I use both constantly and its a balance.  Can't get it all under one provider.  Would be nice.Bring on the new AppleTV with local programming.  At $40/mo, it would still be only 1/3 of what I'm paying right now on my HD cable that I would just LOVE to cut permanently.
When I lived in Germany, I'd travel to Italy often on the weekends.  Love the culture, and its people.  That being said, that country is one of the most corrupt EU countries, right next to Greece.  Just like Greece, they just try to ride on the backs of other countries (like Germany) that actually have a stable economy.  The Italians and Greeks would rather just sip coffee all day and let the government take care of them.  Not stereotyping... I've seen this first hand all...
Come on people.  Isn't it obvious by now?  It's a Samsung Van.
I think it's a product of today's hyper-connected world where people can't keep their attention-span going longer than a couple minutes.  Companies and governments bank on that ignorance now.  Just wait.. in the next couple weeks. people will forget about it and go back to caring about what the Kardashians are doing.
That area is one giant asphalt jungle.  Good for Apple to bring back a bit of what used to be there.  As a kid growing up in the 70's, I remember a lot of those orchards and open space.  I wish more companies put more thought into it.You're in the minority.
Have you considered VMware Fusion?  They are the big-iron when it comes to Virtual Machines.  I use various VPN's in my Windows vm's and never had any problems.
I kind of understand.  For Apple to waste its time and resources creating Windows drivers for a "competing" OS on new hardware, it could make better use of its time elsewhere. I use VMware for my multiple Windows OS'es.  It's a perfect setup for me and drivers provided by VMware have been flawless to say the least.  Bootcamp makes little sense to me.  Virtual machines are the way to go.
Chrome is often packaged (i.e. "Shoved down one's throat") when downloading stuff.  I doubt many folks knowingly downloaded chrome.  It installed, probably overrode they default browser and people just don't know better, with Google banking on that.That being said, Chrome (for now) also scores the highest on HTML5 compatibility.  I wish Apple would put that same effort into Safari.  I avoid installing anything that comes from Google.
Must you quote the entire article?
Quarter-mill for two days?  I'm thinking of going from software development to security-exploits.  There's certainly more money in this.  That being said, it's money well spent if it means it squashes more security bugs.
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