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As a very happy, and heavy-user of a dSLR camera (Canon 5DM3), Apple will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands before I ever give it up.  The only way an iPhone camera will rival full-frame dSLR cameras is if the camera makers stop all advancements from this point forward. That being said, anything that improves the quality of iPhone cameras, I'm all for it.  It's just too convenient. People saying that phone cameras will rival full-frame SLR photos is just smoking...
And why not?  It's nice to see someone of his caliber out there when push comes to shove.  I thought it was a great segment.
This was a Digitimes article no? 
I understand your point of view.  I'm one of those semi-heavy Windows users and running it on my Mac(s) is a must-have as I flat-out refuse to use any other non-Apple platform.  The reality is (for now) the mainstream enterprise market is primarily Windows.  That's the ugly truth.  Keeping the Macs x86-compatibility give me (us) the best of both worlds.  To this day, I still surprise people when they realize my Mac runs windows.  They never knew, and frankly, Apple (or...
Nah... only the bed-wetting Fandroids do.
The huge flaw in this is that Samsung seems to believe that they are on-par with Apple's ecosystem compatibility. Samsung can't even get their own devices to work together seamlessly.  At the very least, it's laughable that Samsung believes they have a consumer-culture that worships any sort of all-Samsung environment. Samsung sells garbage.  Their software sucks.  Their quality is horrible.  They don't support any devices once they are sold. Is Samsung really that dense?
The makers of CurrentC have zero business doing this.  Keeping up with the never-ending fraud and attacks requires a skill set that those people simple do not have.  Sure, they will put out the typical boilerplate nonsense in their attempt to brainwash people as to why CurrentC is safe and secure, which we know it will not be.  It's their desperate attempt to keep control of customer data. Later on, there will be a breach and they will resolve it by putting out the...
Locking-in to a specific carrier (if all the frequencies are the same) is a dying model.  Those iPads will work on another carrier if you just swap the sim out anyways right?  If that's the case, the only reason I can think of from the carrier's point of view is that they are banking that the user will be too lazy to go and seek another sim card from another network.  It's the only thing I can really think of. Any other thoughts (conspiracies)??
Is this another opportunity for the obligatory "But...but...but... Android" remark?   I just ordered my silver iPhone 6+.  Heading out on a two week vacation in a couple days, and after the 2-3 week leadtime, I'll have a nice present for myself waiting when I get back! Even the Koreans consider Samsung a bottom-of-barrel shop.  There's no surprise here, including whatever commercials Samsung will spew out to make themselves appear better than they really are.
It's only a matter of time before CVS or RiteAid's system gets hacked and forces them to issue an "apology".  Retailers have shown time and time again that they cannot be trusted with the consumer's data. These retailers will no longer have my business.  
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