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The headline should read "Hundreds of Argentinian officers get new iPhones". I'll bet many of those officers decided to keep some of that stash to themselves. As long as countries and their lopsided protectionism tax laws stay in place, there will always be enterprising smugglers doing whatever it takes to get products into the hands of enthusiastic buyers. The demand is there Argentina. Maybe this is the canary in the tunnel?
What's is going to happen are idiots (they call themselves "testers") that will casually walk into an Apple store, pretend to be ignorant about everything, play stupid and just say "uhm... duh... it just stopped working.  Not cool.  It doesn't pick up my voice... no speaker..."The first question an Apple-rep will ask is "Has it been submerged in water?" which of course they will LIE and say "uh... no way man".Seals will have some kind of residue.  Salt water will...
Even dedicated diving components like dive computers and dive watches have to be serviced every couple years, and warranties will not be valid if it is not brought during its recommended schedules.  That service not only includes the changing of the battery, but also any and all seals/o-rings that have any contact with water. Apple warns not putting it in water.  I can understand that.  It's completely obvious that there are people out there just itching to find a way to...
Yep... all the Internet Armchair Aquatic experts are out in full-force here.  People complain that the Apple watch isn't rated for anything more than a splash in the water. Now wait!!  Now, those whiners are complaining that 1200 meters of swimming, platform jumps and 40-meter pressure ratings is "no big deal". Trolls are out, and as usual... the mods aren't.  
but...but... Fandroids said... Never mind...
 The Australian government passes tax laws that companies have to abide by.  So how is it even remotely legal on any-level that a government can now come back and fine a company for using tax laws / loopholes?  They did nothing wrong?Ah right... election year must be coming.  Politicians have to fluff their feathers.
Then you'll be waiting until the cows come home.  Apple doesn't look back, and I'm glad they don't.  You're much on rant, little on substance.  The OS upgrades are fine, a huge, major majority of consumers have zero problem with it.  So maybe you should go back to washing your Gran Torino and complaining about people stepping on your lawn.
Scummy little scalpers bragging about taking.  Legal or not, says a lot about their character.  "Douchebags" is front-and-center for these kids. Even with that, the demand is pretty amazing considering the doomsday scenarios spewed by a couple sad now-banned trolls.... which still come and read the news that prove just how ignorant and clueless they really are.
I doubt it.  Consider those tons of Chinese knockoff iPhone/iPad chargers and cables.  They look like the real thing, yet have been proven time-and-time again to be an electrical hazard, blow iPhone batteries, set fire to cables, etc...  Apple even offered to replace those knockoff chargers with Apple-certified ones to end the bad press back then... name another company that would do that?And then there will be those people that will complain - as they always do about...
It hasn't stopped the flood of cheap Chinese junk before.  Will a consumer buying a $2 knockoff wristband result in their watch catching fire and burning their wrist off?
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