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Mr. Kardashian should stick to what he does best.... uhm... anyone know what that might be??
Funny article DED.  NYT is becoming the next Gizmodo of being banned.
Apple will inform me my blood pressure is too high. Google will inform me my blood pressure is too high, then proceed to recommend various elixirs and cure-alls by the recommended ad-sponsors, and every website I visit will have strategically inserted ads about said blood pressure. This will be yet another quickie project for Google that will forever remain in beta. Just wait and see. No thanks.
Ah... better.  I'm totally up on using a Mac Pro as a renderer/compiler, but more as an individual workstation, or maybe on the bigger side of say a science center where they link up a bunch of Mac Pros to do some serious modeling.I think it would make a great VM server, running a bunch of Windows Server Instances, or whatever else.  Sure, one can build a linux box, or whatever else, but one cannot beat Apple's hardware quality and support.For general OSX server needs...
I'm curious Solips.  What type of network services are you requiring in order to use such a high-horspower box for a 10-person shop?  Are you running several virtual machines on it?  If it's basic network services, I would think even a BTO mac mini (or two) would suffice.
Eh??  I hope it comes with a disinfectant wipe.... Spellcheck AI??? 
Your cluelessness means I will stop at this point in wasting any effort to reply your post.  Get schooled.
Steve would have approved of this design.  However, being the kind of person that he is, he would immediately tell whatever structural/materials engineer to figure out how to remove those ribs.I still think fondly about how he removed the glass panels in the New York store to replace them with fewer, longer panels.  Even paid for it with his own money.  :)  Only Steve would be that OCD about it, and get away with it.That being said... ribs or not... the Japan store...
You know Constable, there was a time way, way, WAY long ago where you used to speak coherently, post actual debate & join in honest discussions of various opinions.Now, you really fell off the wagon and just make post-after-post of nonstop nonsense, trolling, and just sheer drivel.  Did you get burned in the market, make a bad call or something for you to take a position of nonstop doom-and-gloom?? Doesn't it get tiring for you to support such ridiculous products (Amazon...
It's not a "public" gym per se, and it definitely is much more expensive to be a member there than "24 Hour Fitness".  The membership dues alone is enough to keep the regular public out of there.  I don't see him there too often, maybe once a month but I think it's more to do with our erratic work hours than anything else.No, it's not the Equinox.  Unless he makes it public, Out of respect for the guy, I'll keep the name and location private. :)
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