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I almost spit my sandwich out when I saw the headline... holy sh!t!!   Drop that mic Tim!!  Drop it like a boss!
Screw that Solips... I'm doing a clean-install of OSX... why go to such extremes??? :)
Somewhere in the annals of the Chinese government, they are scheming any and every way they can to screw Apple and steal their IP so they can essentially boot them out of China.  They do that with pretty much everyone else. Thankfully, the closest they can get is Xiaomi, but I think even the Chinese people can spot cheap knockoffs and blatant ripoff of the real thing.  Unless the Chinese Government can literally install their own bootlegged iOS on crap phones, Apple may...
Reality:  Buy all of Samsung's chip fab facilities.Fantasy: Buy all of Samsung, shut it down and give the money back to shareholders.  :)
Please clarify why you believe USB 3.0 is garbage?  It has its place besides Thunderbolt.  USB is CPU intensive whereas Thunderbolt is not.  USB is great for those little peripherals, Thunderbolt is great for pure, raw speed.So what gives?
The years that Google had trying to promote NFC and GoogleWallet, the Fandroids harping how great it was (not), and criticizing Apple's implementation, and better-yet, lying as to how it was as secure, or more-secure that Apple-Pay and TouchID.  Once again, they should be counting their blessings that Apple did it right, so the crap that is GoogleWallet and others can once-again piggy-back on Apple's success and make NFC mainstream, doing something that Google could never...
Samsung only came out with a fingerprint sensor at the time it did solely to keep up with Apple.  Taking the time (like TouchID) to get it right requires actual software skill which Samsung lacks.  So they did what they always do... slap on some horrible, unreliable tech, put it out to market and claim (i.e. "Lie") that they are innovators and not copyists.Samsung's implementation of it is so bad, is shameful.  I have to wonder if the Samsung execs ever actually sat down...
This is the guy you're looking for.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Wilson_(financier)
Here's why AAPL is going to tank immediately afterwards... one of two possibilities: The meet or exceed crazy-high numbers, analysts cite iPhone market has saturated.  AAPL tanks. Apple barely, or just slightly misses analysts crazy-high predictions.  No one wants iPhones anymore.  AAPL tanks.
That can be fixed quite easily by bringing up the GT Sapphire debacle.  It was quite fun watching sog35 whining like a greased pig. :)
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