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It's a lot cheaper than the $110/mo I pay right now for Comcast HD and I barely watch it except for a few local programs.  Give me decent local network programming on ATV, for $30-$40 (hopefully less) and I'll cut that cable for good.  I'm tired of paying what I am, and not being given the option of more modern options. While you're at it Apple, get out that new ATV box will ya?  Sheesh!
It will give a whole new meaning to "Steaming pile of sh!t"...  The carbon in an Android phone is worth more than the phone/OS itself.  If I were Apple, I'd see if I can fry 'em to hell and back and see if even a glint of a sapphire can be created from such worthless waste of resources.
Never used Gazelle.  I've used Craigslist to sell my prior MacBooks.  I don't use Ebay due to bad experiences in the past.  Again, sites like Gazelle offer a service that is popular with many people.  Obviously, it's not popular with you, but you seem to believe what is not good for you surely must apply to everyone else.I value my time immensly.  A lot of people think the exact same way.  I would rather get a "fair" amount for my used-macbook and save the time and hassle...
I saw this model everywhere when I lived in Germany in the early 2000's.  Even back then I thought to myself that it was one FUGLY car.  Nonetheless, I was surprised how many of them I saw on the road back then.  Style and tastes are certainly different in other parts of the world.Still an ugly car.
That's just your opinion.  Nothing more.Services like these are great for those that don't want to deal with the hassles and security of driving around to meet some stranger, dealing with carrying cash, and worrying about being mugged or your laptop stolen.  In addition, people value their time and prefer not to waste it with posting the ad, dealing with response, flakes, cheapskates, etc.So your remark stating Gazelle buying your Macbook at a "huge loss", and "You...
That's 500,000 higher-paying technology jobs.  It's different than $1/day Chinese farmers.  So yeah, it is a big deal.I would think that if China really wanted to play hardball like that, I would think it has been brought front-and-center to the point where Tim Cook may perhaps want to keep a keen eye on plan B locations outside of China.In the end, I think China should get booted out of the WTO.  It's obvious they believe they are beyond approach from the rules that...
I wonder if Apple's impact in the Chinese economy had any bearing on the talks.  Through Foxconn and who knows how many other 3rd-party affiliation, employs a lot of Chinese workers. China: "We demand your source code, and back doors into all your products". Tim: "Uh huh..." China: "Uh..huh what?" Tim: "Hold on buddy... have to make a phone call..." China: "Wait.. what's that sound?" Tim: "That's the sound of walking feet from now-unemployed Chinese tech workers being...
Fcuk Cramer.  I remember how he would trash AAPL, knowing full well he was putting out false information to profit from it.  He's a piece of sh!t and Tim Cook sank down a notch in my book for even acknowledging this hack. At the minimum, he should have been fined.  Of course, the SEC has zero balls to do anything about it.
He did, but the damage was already done.  The cancer had spread to his liver from elsewhere.  He knew he was on borrowed time.  Such a shame that he didn't address the initial diagnosis quickly when it could have been stopped.
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