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It's got to be a burden for Pebbles to know the 800lb. gorilla that is Apple may very well evaporate any possibility of them making a decent business with their wearables.  Kudos goes to them for trying.  I think in the back of their minds they're waiting for the right time to cash out, get bought out, or whatever and then take the money and run for the hills.  They are not looking at long-term survival. And then there's the Android watch... a piece of garbage that I will...
Really?  Right off the top of your head then... when is Einstein's Birthday??Einstein made way more of an impact than Steve Jobs.  Einstein's theories brought all kinds of technology into this world that without, would not have made computers - and the iPhone - possible.I just picked him for an example only.  There are others of course.  My point being is that as much as I hugely admired Steve Job's contributions to the modern world - and they are huge - I (and countless...
I'm loving my iP6+ as well... that being said, big improvement for me would be battery technology.  If anyone is giving the battery-field a boost, its the R&D that Apple is putting into it.  I want to believe that in the near future, battery technology is going to have a game-changing leap and Apple is going to lead the way... with Samsung right there to copy it.
Working out the bugs was the GoogleWallet fiasco.  That's what Apple used as what NOT to do.  As you said, Google has had four years to get its sh!t together, and nothing.  Do you even hear about Google trying to fix up GoogleWallet? No.  I'm sure they don't like where it's going using ApplePay's token method that keeps all information private.To my knowledge, there has been no ApplePay fiasco, hack, or break-in... yet.  There are already millions of ApplePay transactions...
I had all my iTunes activity (purchases, movies, etc..) tied to my MobileMe account.  I could not transfer those purchases to the new, mandatory AppleID account I had to get.  I do recall an online-chat with Apple about this problem when the MobileMe shutdown was about to occur, and their answer was "Sorry, you can't transfer your purchases."
That's still one pet peeve I have with Apple.  I hate having two AppleID addresses when they didn't carry across my MobileMe account. :/
Quite a bit of discussion about lead solder.  Was there proof that lead-free solder was the root cause of these failures?  I thought it had to do with something about the GPU overheating or something similar. Was the problem ever publicly disclosed?
Apple was clearly in the wrong since the beginning.  This entire fiasco was a blemish to what would have been a perfect record.  I suspect they just wanted to put an end to the endless headaches, lawsuits, and criticisms of the way the handled it. They could go a step further (if they aren't already going to) and refund any money that users paid either to Apple or to a 3rd-party to repair the affected MacBooks.  Apple knowingly continued to sell a defective product, and...
True... Like me and many others, we buy a retail version of Windows (i.e. "untainted") and install it as a virtual machine on their Macs.  So if you MUST run windows, at least it is as vanilla as it's going to get.
If Apple were caught doing this, it would be sued into oblivion. And the rhetoric coming out from the Chinese government about US tech spying on them? Well, I guess it's okay for China to do it. Hypocrisy. There should be a class-action lawsuit against Lenovo NOW!
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