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That's great news. One Windows version for all devices. It's about time. So will it be the Windows 10 Starter Edition, Home Basic Edition, Home Premium Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, or maybe even the Windows 10 Ultimate Edition to compete with OS X uhm... "only" Edition?
Well, 64 bits is a lot of bits to deal with.  Maybe they should try 63 bits, or possibly even 62 bits.  Regardless, everyone knows 64 bits is just a gimmick anyways. Go get em Samsung!! /s
As long as one has the bigger stick, I guess it doesn't matter. :)
But...but... he's a friend, that knows a friend, that met some guy, who overheard a conversation about a dude, that had an "in' with Ive.Really, it's practically like having Ive on staff!!! /sSamsung is getting desperate now.I've met Ive a few times on occasion at the gym we both work-out at.  Maybe I should wait by the phone in case Samsung decides to call me!!
I'm fine with it.  I'm a big iBooks fan.  Sure, Amazon usually has the same book at a lower price but I've had such terrible luck using their iOS Kindle reader app a while back, and I hate their bully-tactics to authors and publishers, I decided to give my business to Apple.  My books synch much nicer in iOS/OSX too.  I wasted way too many hours way back with a bad app-update that Amazon did.  Unless I have to buy a physical book, all my eBooks are Amazon-free now.  
I've been saying this since day one.  Handset makers have ZERO incentive to pour money and resources into porting the newest Android release on a 6-month+ old phone.  Zero.  They make money selling phones on razor-thin margins.  They have no Apple-like ecosystem to keep their customers spending money.  To spend money that might keep a user using an old handset longer makes zero financial sense to them.But no... Idiotic Fandroids refused to believe that.  "Hey.. just wipe...
Nah... just like WebOS was (or could have been), Samsung will buy Blackberry, and that OS will essentially be hung out to dry, or stagnate.  The engineers that had anything to do with that OS will jump ship.  Blackberry the OS will then cease to exist because Samsung - as we all seen them do in years past - couldn't code their way out of a "Hello World!" program if their lives depended on it.Only thing of value (for now) is their IP and patents.  That's it, and even that...
I have zero clue how all the x86 politics work, but couldn't Apple somehow license the x86 architecture (like it did with ARM) and essentially build its own x86-compatible chip solely for its own machines and run with it? That way, Apple could contract with its own, very capable chip suppliers and all Intel has to do is just sit-back, and count the royalty money coming in for doing nothing. I think it's inevitable that Apple will jettison Intel. Part of me wants that to...
If company A buys Erricson tech for their product and pays the royalty for that chip, and company B buys the same tech for their pricey product and Erricson wants royalty based on price of pricey product, how is that fair?Face it... your argument is shaky to say the least.   
Comparing iOS8 to that botched Android project is a joke to say the least.At least I can trust Apple to continue to support my x-year-old iPhone and fix software issues in a ways Google could only wish for.  Apple is not perfect, but at least it's better than the competition.Google can't even get their current OS out in the hands of real people.  That's sad.  Even worse, NEW phones have an old OS and may most likely not be able to get the new OS if/when it comes out....
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