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I think the pressure is on her to not be another Browett.  It would also not fare well for Tim Cook's hiring abilities if she turns out to be another dud.   I honestly think she's going to be a great addition.  She has the chops, the style, and the connection with what's cool.  I think this is one area for Apple where having a woman in that position will really make a difference.  Keeping my fingers crossed. It will be interesting how her first few months go.  
How can analysts even be allowed to publish completely fabricated numbers like that without being called to it?  Not only does Samsung not publish numbers, but on those rare occasions when it did, they were caught flat-out lying, all thanks to unsealed documents from the Apple/Samsung lawsuit(s).Honestly, these analysts should be fined, or penalized in some sort of way for their crackpot analysis.  It's a shame, and sham!
Oh just stop it with your worst-case scenario antics.  Just stop.You are the one stuck in the past.  Let it go.Optical drives are - for the most part - obsolete.  Why include something that rarely gets use?  It's one extra mechanical thing that can go wrong.  You need it, go buy an external one for the 2 - 3 times you'll use it, then have it gather dust in some desk drawer.For laptops, a dedicated ethernet port is obsolete as well.  I don't know a single person with all...
 Of course not... There was talk about the MBA's getting an "update" within a week.  One never knows really what Apple was up to... One could hope... :) I considered it.... I take my MBA everywhere I go when going to/from client sites.  I also drive a motorcycle every day.  I used a Macbook Pro for about a week (configuring it for a friend) and as as much as I liked it, the weight difference was substantial enough that I could really feel the weight of it on my motorbike...
Obviously, if Apple stopped innovating and raising the bar, your statement could be accurate.  Apple doesn't stop at all.  What they will be in a year may very well be in a much better position than they are in now.  Sure, Android is getting better, but the majority of Android devices are still running an old OS on junk hardware.  Over time, they will be replaced with newer hardware, but I still think Android's achilles heel will be the fragmentation and big gaps in OS...
I'm a little underwhelmed by it.  I was hoping for a BTO option of 16GB Ram, Thunderbolt2, and a retina display.  Hmmm..... I will most likely pick something up by after summer... hopefully, there will be more to the rumor of a retina MBA in a few more months.  Until then, my 2011 MBA is still chugging away.
So as usual, Samsung (and its lawyers) get caught lying, cheating, bending the truth, etc... and they know the worst they will get is a slap on the wrist. They play the system to their advantage knowing the judge(s) don't have the chops to make an example.
Trolls like him say nonsense like that just to get a reaction.  Apparently, he has no ability to use a service called "Google" to answer his question.
Surprise for you means seeing what's beyond the confines of your parent's basement.  Buzz off troll.
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