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Oh... You're gonna get some guy living in momma's basement that will tell you they can build one using cheap PC parts that will run rings around the Mac Pro for $699. As soon as that guy is finished callousing his right hand, he'll tell us his "secret".
I just became aware of this.  We all spend so much time within our own circle, we occasionally fail to see what is going on around us. Jragosta always added a lively debate.  I too noticed his absence, but I figured he was taken some time off from AI drama. I'll miss his opinions.  They always gave me a chuckle.  He was a good, passionate soul.
Heh... I constantly have to remind people to stop doing that as well.  At times, I just give up and watch them do it and see how they react.  They try again, and again until they get frustrated to the point they almost give up, then I just point and say "Why don't you try typing it in the right box?".People are just clueless to the Nth degree.  I wonder if that was the reason why all the browsers now let you input both search and URL's in the same box now.  They probably...
I guess Zuckerberg wasn't invited, but Zynga was?  Weird.
It'll be an iPad AND a Mac christmas.... Am still continuing to wait for the "but..but...macs are overpriced!!!" remark.
Cue the "Apple should tell China to go f*** themselves." whiners. Apple (like all the other companies) has to abide by the rules of the particular country where their products are sold. Fix the government. This is not Apple's problem.
Bahahahahaha!!! Samsung is slowly getting its air supply turned off.  Looking forward it them keeling over and dropping. 
He already is successful.  What's with the chip on your shoulder?  He could not do anything but live on a beach and that would be okay by me.  He doesn't need Apple anymore.
Oh please.  Give me a break.  That man has more money than you will ever have in a hundred lifetimes.  He's not the kind of kind of guy that needs to find a "job".  He'll do his own thing, start a company, invest in companies, and the like.  He's not going to work for somebody.  He'll work WITH somebody perhaps, but he's in a position to write his own ticket. 
I had something similar on an old Sony laptop screen, and I certainly remember how it happened.I was cleaning the keyboard with one of those compressed-air cans with the red-straw to get into the crevices.  For whatever reason, I tipped the can in such a way so that some of the propellant - which is like 100-degrees below zero - sprayed on the screen.  It caused a very similar streak as what is on your monitor.  It did damage the LCD panel, but the colors still displayed,...
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