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Judge Lucy Koh might as well be the resident Apple judge. Her name seems to be appearing more and more in every case!
  I'm telling ya... First BofA, then a "Payment network"... even though it had nothing to do with Apple... I'm preparing for the worst when I use ApplePay...  You just never know... :) 
I think it has to do more with battery life than trying to get you to buy an accompanying iPhone.  Fitbit can probably get away with it because of their minimalist and more energy-efficient display.  Put a GPS on the Apple Watch, and coupled with that display it will suck the battery dry in a few hours.I think the reality is that most people will always carry their phone no matter what anyways.  So it's kind of a moot point really.
I go to the gym 4 - 5 times a week and frankly, it's downright embarrassing to see how many folks at the gym are literally connected to the hip with their phones or with full-blown iPads.  They will do one set of weights, take a 20-minute "break" without ever leaving their workout bench, do another set in 30 seconds, rinse and repeat.  It's like they don't even take a moment to think that other people might be waiting to use that same equipment.I don't bring any gadget...
The iPad (as with all their iOS devices) has shows that specs are for the most part irrelevant to the regular-Joe-user.  What is important is the experience.I'm sure some Samcrap tablet will come out shortly, with "technically" better specs, maybe even a 12-core 128-bit ARM chip and 3TB  of RAM in it, and it will still perform worse than a iPad1.  It's great that Apple continues to push the envelope with hardware, as well they should.  However, lets not kid ourselves here....
802.11n is rated around 700mb/s.  Is your Internet access in the gigabit speed range?  I don't see how getting an 802.11ac router will improve your speed if the pipe coming in can't feed that appetite.I agree on the user experience. Something so simple is completely lost with the Android crowd, or perhaps they just settle for less.
But...but...but... all the Fandroids, iHaters, and all-around whiners are gonna say that the iPad Air 2 is actually the FIRST-generation of the 2nd generation iPad Air 2!!  We need to wait for the iPad 3 so it is the 2nd-generation of the the iPad Air 2... but then that would make it the first generation of the iPad Air 3 no??Ugh...  Those Fandroids are so smart!  /s
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *deep inhale* BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm not sure what's funnier.. Having another "Crapple" iPad mop the floor AGAIN with the Android trash, or the bed-wetting Fandroids that will come out from their mommy's basements and whine about how these numbers MUST be wrong...
I agree... with the case being sealed (for now), we may never really know what went on.  I thought that Apple essentially owned the furnaces and just "contracted" GT to run them.GT is really coming across as the Solyndra of the industry.
Yeah... Google was YEARS before ApplePay!!  Apple doesn't innovate!!!** look other way and pretend that no one used it because Google's method was complete garbage...
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