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"Virtual riot"?? Really?  Please AI, enlighten us why this even remotely qualifies as news because a bunch of whiny folks have problems with some rich guy strapping his pricey bling on a dog?  He didn't "buy" those watches for his dog, but simply put them on it for a humor.  It's obviously his watch and someone else's.Jeez... we know there are starving kids in China, slave labor in Apple sweatshops but in the end it's his money to spend it as he see's fit.  
More breaking news....  rain is wet.  Details at 11. Where can I get on board to get paid lots of money for mentioned bonehead-stuff like what Ming-Chi does?
Simple.  Put the word "Apple" into anything, extract an implied intent and you got yourself a headline, even thought its not really anything more than a fart in the wind.Not sure how many lawyers Apple employs, but it's gotta be a massive workforce.  A friend of mine is an attorney for Apple and listening to some (public) stories from their perspective makes me think they have an army of them.  Losing one person isn't even a blip on their staff count.However, use the word...
Because whining like a bratty child is easier than hitting the "cancel" button. Those customers can cancel their orders.  What WILL happen is those customers that ordered that non-retina iMac will then complain that they COULD have gotten the retina iMac instead!  It's a no-win scenario where you're concerned.
 Give me a break Amigo...  I'm hispanic, both my parents are from Mexico.  It's a figure of speech.  Heck, even I say it.  It's not racist, a slur, or anything else that can have a negative connotation attached to it.  If it's a "derogatory expression", that that's the first time I ever heard of it.  He needs to have a cup of tea and chill out. 
No surprise whatsoever.  Thankfully though, Fandroids say the AppleWatch is gonna be a huge failure once the initial hype wears off.  So don't worry 3rd-rate competitors.  After all the fitness, medical, and media ecosystems that are building-up around the AppleWatch take a dump in another 10 years, you'll get your shot. /s
15 millions watches is more than all the Android crap-watches has ever sold since the beginning of time, and Apple did it in a few months. If that's a failure for a smart watch then please, show me RIGHT NOW what a "successful" smartwatch is?  
In today's day-and-age, keeping all your data on your host machine is just asking for trouble.  It doesn't matter if you're "pro" or not.Pro's and folks that really depend on their machines/data will keep data off their machines, or synced.  I keep all my documents on Dropbox, and major files are backed-up on time-machine, and also stored on a NAS server.  Done.A couple months ago, my 2009 iMac mysteriously crashed.  I honestly thought it finally took the dump.  I depend...
I'm curious as to which model you ordered.  Was it the black SS model?  I hear those are the ones really taking a while.
Yeah right.  "Real" creative professionals would be using a Mac Pro.  Now wait... you say your "Mac Mini" has more power for your use?  Please enlighten me what kind of "pro" work you do?  Mac-minis are fine for general consumers and hobbyists, but for serious work that requires an iMac and up in-my-opinion.iMacs are dependable machines.  Mine certainly has been.  I've opened it up twice to upgrade the hard drive, optioning for a 1TB SSD in the end, and replaced the RAM...
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