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You're posting all nonsense and lies, and try masquerading it as "arguments"?  Now that's funny.  Come up with an actual, bonafide argument and we'll discuss.  Based on all your prior posts, I won't hold my breath.  You're not worth the effort.  I'm sure you're used to people telling you that. That troll perfectly fit my prior post of reason "A".  Honestly, the quality of trolls nowadays has really gone downhill.
Honestly, is there a "Troll Waiting Area" that has jerks like you coming out of an assembly area?  Apple will publish their quarterly reports, once again throw pie in your face and of those of your ilk, and then you'll simply either:a) Spin the story (i.e. "lie") to make it sound like remotely had a (false) clue you knew what you were talking aboutb) Scurry to the back of the room and pretend to look interested in a potted plant so no one calls you on your rubbishc) b And...
 Someone forget to change your diapers?
Sound advice.  Now, that being said... let them buy what they want with their money... even if they can barely afford it. :/
The iP4 design is still my favorite. Give me the iP5s internals in an iP4 gorilla glass externals and I'd be a happy camper. The aluminum is nice, but like Steve Jobs said about the iP4, it feels like a Leica.
You apparently have zero clue what using non-cash forms does in terms of efficiency, both for customer and vendor.  Yes, there are security risks and all, but if someone doesn't rob from you online, then someone could still mug you for your cash when you leave an establishment.Those "suckers" as you call them are not as fault.  It is the store and the POS supplier's fault for being shoddy with their systems.  So your blanket statement that users are "suckers" just because...
Well... I was looking into buying some of Nest's products. There goes that idea. Last thing I need is Google to try to inject ads into the Thermostat or Smoke Detector. :/
Keep tightening that noose around Google's neck!!  They certainly deserve everything that happens to them.
I go to Costco every couple weeks in two different locations.The Samsung tablet area is also prominently displayed and is always a ghost town. A wretched patch of unused traffic area. They can't be selling well at those two stores.
Oh... You're gonna get some guy living in momma's basement that will tell you they can build one using cheap PC parts that will run rings around the Mac Pro for $699. As soon as that guy is finished callousing his right hand, he'll tell us his "secret".
New Posts  All Forums: