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Hmmm.... the article mentions nothing that it took place in a basement bedroom.  Are you certain it's BF??  :)
Good for Scott.  He has enough money to do pretty much anything he wants for the rest of his life.  Good for him that he's doing other things  outside of his perceived comfort-zone. I too think that he could have contributed more at Apple, but he's not getting any younger too so he should do other things.  Who know, maybe it'll be a Steve Jobs moment where he will one day come back to Apple.
Last thing Apple needs to do is explode their product-line as you suggest.  Too much choice is bad as well... just look at the mess Android phones are in.  That alone should tell you that Apple's smaller product-line is better to manage and handle.
 I think the guy that struck the other on the back of the head with a beer bottle was the android.  He's drinking beer, and hit hit from behind.  A cowardly cheap-shot.  Typical Fandroid behavior. The Apple Fan would have used a vodka bottle, and at least had the dignity of hitting him from the front. :)
Not too bad for a CEO some posters here (current and banned) claimed was the worst thing for Apple.
Maps has been flawless for me. I use it constantly when driving. I don't use GoogleMaps at all on my iPhone, and rarely on my desktop.Don't you live in Panama?
Seriously... whatever fine that Apple would have to pay for their "insubordination" would be so infinitesimal, it wouldn't even qualify as a "rounding error" on their books.  Apple should move Bromwich's office to a storage room beneath the A/C unit in the basement and tell the the judge to go f**k herself and wait for the appeal process to run its course.Honestly, I really think Apple will win the case.  When that happens, I hope the court system recognizes that the judge...
A part of me completely agrees with you.  All else not changing, Apple should shut it down, and boot Bromwich out the door before the ink is dry.The other part thinks Apple should pursue every avenue to removing Bromwich, and "somehow" sanctioning the judge that (imho) obviously had a back-end deal with Bromwich.  This whole episode just stinks of abuse.
This is just another example of school management putting the blame on someone else to cover up their own incompetency.  Of course, it's NEVER their fault, so surely, lets point the finger at someone else so we don't look stupid. I hope Apple doesn't give in.  If anyone needs to be fired, it's those clowns that made the deal in the first place.  How many stories have there been about iPads being given to teachers, without them, or sysAdmins having a clue how to...
Not to stereotype, but one look at him would make most grounded-folks wonder what side of the fence he's on...  So I don't think he really represents what "Men" fashion should be.  Obviously, he seems to make a pretty good living doing what he does though.  
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