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Oh please.  Give me a break.  That man has more money than you will ever have in a hundred lifetimes.  He's not the kind of kind of guy that needs to find a "job".  He'll do his own thing, start a company, invest in companies, and the like.  He's not going to work for somebody.  He'll work WITH somebody perhaps, but he's in a position to write his own ticket. 
I had something similar on an old Sony laptop screen, and I certainly remember how it happened.I was cleaning the keyboard with one of those compressed-air cans with the red-straw to get into the crevices.  For whatever reason, I tipped the can in such a way so that some of the propellant - which is like 100-degrees below zero - sprayed on the screen.  It caused a very similar streak as what is on your monitor.  It did damage the LCD panel, but the colors still displayed,...
I helped contribute.  I'm loving my iPad Air.  Just a fantastic piece of engineering.  I also like that I can grab it edge-to-edge with one hand. :)
But...but... all these armchair attorneys that troll AI watched all the best "Law and Order" TV shows!  They are fully qualified to comment on this!! /s
 Almost sprayed my coffee out of my nose when I read this.  Only DED could have come up with this.  Hilarious. :) What crap?  Word for word, he's precisely right.  Are you reading this differently??  Hmmm... OH!!  OMG!!! You need to get your mind out of the gutter... /s
Clueless troll You're going on an assumption that this jerk has even a remote clue what he's talking about.  He's not even worth the effort.
Just...go...away...I'm saying that as an very happy AAPL owner.
I like the area between the buildings being made to look so inviting with people sitting outside at the tables.  The homeless and aggressive panhandlers that infest that area right now I'm sure will love calling that area home.
At the initial development of Android, Google even admitted in court that it was either illegally use Java to get to the mobile market quickly due to the iPhone, or to develop something from scratch and be late to the game.  Google essentially pulled a Samsung.  Copy/Infringe, ride the waves and get off before the rocks approach. I'm not a fan of Larry Ellison, but I hope he drops the hammer on Android.  Freakin wannabe-iOS clone...
New Posts  All Forums: