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I go to Monterey often.  It's beautiful land.  The solar farm is somewhere outside of Monterey, most likely where it won't be seen by the general public, but essentially clearing out whatever is there to put up hundreds of acres of solar panels is terrible.  I flat-out hate the idea.  Sure, we're not burning coal, or natural gas to power whatever datacenters Apple wants to run, we're consuming one valuable resource to offset another.I'll be flamed for it, but we need...
That's true, and I will still be carrying mine, but for every ApplePay transaction I do, it's one less transaction I did where I had to either hand my card to someone, or transmitted it in some way over an insecure terminal.In another few years though, it'll be a different game.  That's where Apple is aiming its sights. 
Google's attitude was that it thought the banks and customers would come crawling to them.  Didn't happen.  In fact, their solution was so sloppy and arrogant everyone else knew better.  What did Google learn from this? Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Shame on them. CurrentC is a joke.  It already got compromised before it even got started.  It has trouble written all over it.  I hope even the government has some sense to stay clear away from...
I'm curious about your call...  Is your intent that AAPL will not reach $150 and expire so you can keep that $4?  What % of your AAPL did you set aside to sell at the $150?I'm interesting in how the numbers work.  I think AAPL will be worth more in 2016 so that $4 premium per share sounds like you're not getting the better deal if AAPL goes up.  Do you think it will be less that $150 when Jan 2016 comes around?
why your infatuation with Discover?
When ApplePay kicks into full overdrive, I'm really interested in hearing how it affects credit-card fraud.  The secure token-based model, TouchID should make the hijacking of credit-card information a thing of the past for the most part. This is great news.
Apple building its own car just doesn't sound right to me.  I don't see Apple getting into that segment. What I do see is Apple providing technology - besides CarPlay - that gets incorporated into cars.  This could be a central media/technology dashboard, OS, package, whatever that takes integration to the next level. A smart dashboard/display doing away with analog-type gauges.  User-configurable panels?   Personal Automotive Network (PAN)?  Perhaps even some tech to...
What's really pathetic is how Google and Fandroids were hyping (i.e. "Bullish!tting) GoogleWallet and with years of a head start, accomplished squat. Here comes Apple once again showing these idiots how it's done, and done right and the Fandroid community once again scurries to the corner of a room and hope no one calls them out on their idiocy. ApplePay is a great system, is easy to use, and has rock-solid security and does everything and anything to make sure that no...
Apple has plenty of "competition".  They just keep falling flat on their face from ineptness and stupidity.  You want lower prices and the crap that goes along with it, buy Android.  You get what you pay for.Apple is doing just fine selling their products at prices that have been shown and proven that customers would pay for.  Go cry elsewhere.
but...but...but... Android is....aww.. forget it... :)
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