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I like the area between the buildings being made to look so inviting with people sitting outside at the tables.  The homeless and aggressive panhandlers that infest that area right now I'm sure will love calling that area home.
At the initial development of Android, Google even admitted in court that it was either illegally use Java to get to the mobile market quickly due to the iPhone, or to develop something from scratch and be late to the game.  Google essentially pulled a Samsung.  Copy/Infringe, ride the waves and get off before the rocks approach. I'm not a fan of Larry Ellison, but I hope he drops the hammer on Android.  Freakin wannabe-iOS clone...
Your tinfoil hat mentality is the result of watching too many Borg episodes of Start Trek.  Might want to lighten-up on it.You don't want to be tracked?  Turn it off.  Better yet, disable internet on your phone.  Wait, phones use cell towers... better not use cell phones either.  Your problem is you love using technology, but hate it at the same time.Last night I did a Starbucks run in downtown SF, and it simply saddened me that the place was full of patrons, and every...
That's a great link!!But...but...but... I thought Fandroids said that iPads were only for "old" people and that young folks think Apple products are no longer cool!!!  Fandroids said this!!! It must be true right??!!  It's not like they are simply blowing smoke up everyone's a$$ and hope people think it smells like roses right?? Losers.This just goes to show that the innocence of a child can't be questioned.  Let's see how the whiny Fandroids try spinning this.
but..but..but... my phone was hacked!!!
There are some leaked photos of Google's plans for the midwest/desert areas of the US.  Perhaps in one of these they will find the Droids they were looking for. :) 
Two** reflects net sold after 17.5million units returned during specified quarter.
Yeah.. tempting to throw it in the trash bin.  :)
I think (former) Android users were getting so fed up buying replacement tablets every so often because they were such crap, that in the long run it was just cheaper to buy an iPad once and be done with it. Fear not, there will be some moron Fandroid here that will spin this story.
GypsyGoogle. Good luck with that concept kids.
New Posts  All Forums: