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It is NOT "DSLR Quality".  Typical tech-hype from people banking on people being too ignorant to know better.  AI should know better than to give this shop headline cred with such bullsh!t claims. A 35mm SLR sensor will flat-out always beat some tiny 1/4th of a fingernail-sized sensor.  It's plain physics.  The large surface area will always be better at collecting the maximum amount of light than some tiny peephole.  Couple that with a good lens, again... huge glass to...
I pay $x/mo for Y bandwidth, Netflix pays $/mo for Y bandwidth.  It's as simple as that.  Companies like Comcast are double-dipping by charging companies like Netflix more because users (like me) use it?  Bullsh!t.I'm all for the government keeping their paws off of stuff.  I don't trust them.  However, in this very rare instance, I think this is a perfect example of why we need legislation for companies to NOT do that.  Sure, you'll complain that it will harm the industry...
Sog.. I had this exact same problem when I updated my Macbook.  Found the fix for it.  Took only a few seconds, and my macbook was back to normal.Try this out:http://www.redmondpie.com/fix-slow-boot-up-after-os-x-10.10.3-yosemite-update-heres-how/edit: I think I misread your original post. The link is to resolve a problem brought on by the recent Yosemite update.  Sounds like yours was from an OS upgrade.  Still, some may find this useful.
And you sir suffer from two issues... The first is a lack of reading comprehension skills. Not one time in my post did I express any "anti-Chinese hatred". I specifically mentioned "The Chinese Government", not its people.Second, you becoming defensive at my political criticism of the Chinese government's breaking of every WTO rule and trying to pass it off as some nonesense anti-Chinese sentiment just shows you are either ignorant, or want to keep the status-quo.China...
What is the regular merchant fee in China?  Do they even charge a fee to its citizens, or is it a matter of the Chinese government not wanting Apple (or any foreign company) to have that kind of monetary access to the Chinese people?What really pi$$es me off about the Chinese government is their refusal to allow foreign companies access to its market, or make it hugely difficult to the point of folks giving up, or having to hand over IP in the name of "national security"....
Why the general practitioner??  They provide an overall one-stop service and then (if necessary) guide you to the next stop.  I love my GP.  What's your beef?
Well... if it had rounded corners, he would have had a case... /s
Ah... the keyboard kowboy is back with his usual rant.  How's those one million watch orders on opening day making you feel Mr. Nostradamus?  Gonna try moving the goal post?
"Former" Apple folks have pretty much failed outside of Apple so I don't have any high hopes on this, especially with Google involved. I can already see it.  While charging your battery, an ad would pop up to click so you can charge the batter in half the time.
Typical PC mentality.but..but... "It's cheaper!!!"  so lets buy a bunch of them.
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