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If company A buys Erricson tech for their product and pays the royalty for that chip, and company B buys the same tech for their pricey product and Erricson wants royalty based on price of pricey product, how is that fair?Face it... your argument is shaky to say the least.   
Comparing iOS8 to that botched Android project is a joke to say the least.At least I can trust Apple to continue to support my x-year-old iPhone and fix software issues in a ways Google could only wish for.  Apple is not perfect, but at least it's better than the competition.Google can't even get their current OS out in the hands of real people.  That's sad.  Even worse, NEW phones have an old OS and may most likely not be able to get the new OS if/when it comes out....
What irritates me most about these Fandroid fcukers is that if this were about Apple pulling a stunt like this, we'd be hearing their hissy-fits from the deep confines of their parent's basement about the "evil" corporation.   But no, not Google.  Makes me wonder who's really grabbing their own ankles while waiting to get it. Hypocrites.  Google and Fandroids should be ashamed of themselves for accepting (and defending) such horrible and despicable business practices....
Yeah, like run that botch-of-a-project called "Android".What's sad is Samsung touting that 8-core nonsense as a "feature" when the reality is, the iPhone6 will stomp all the while with less cores, a slower clock-speed, and using less battery power.  Idiots.
This is precisely what happens when you have a bunch of monkeys making decisions.  The administrators put politics ahead of sound planning.  Whether it be iPads, Chromebooks, or PC's, if the training and in-house expertise is not there, IT'S GOING TO FAIL!   They just figured they drop a bunch of shiny, futuristic iPads in there and it would just "magically" work for everyone.  I'd located everyone involved in making the purchase and fire their useless, overpaid a$$es...
I partly agree with you.  I hate unions to the Nth degree.  Can't stand them.  They are the reason so many things are screwed up in our country.  There are many laws already on the books that essentially make unions irrelevant.  Their "union dues" is just a fancy phrase for "extortion".That being said, this bus drama is different I think.  Yes it's low-skill work.  but just like janitors, dishwashers, etc... they still should be allowed to make a decent, livable wage....
I thought all these bus drivers work for a company that contracts with Google, Facebook, Apple, etc... If so, this has nothing to do with them. All it means is that the bus companies that actually hire the drivers are going to have to change their rates accordingly. Typical click-bait. It's like blaming Apple when Foxconn exploits their own workers.
If the power connector is the flimsy micro-USB, I will not even waste my money on it. I went through a couple Mophie cases in a few month (in warranty) because over time, that connector kept breaking. It's a weak design. Make it a lightning connector, and you may get my business.
No kidding.  The moment I saw "Elgato", I lost all interest.  That company gives me a really bad vibe.  Just seedy and low-quality.  Thanks, but no thanks.
Hoping it comes with the latest Thunderbolt spec. I can finally retire my 2009 iMac.
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