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Sounds like Apple was being more proactive than dodging any kind of bullet.  Kudos to them!  Of course, one doesn't hear anything in the news that would ever put Apple in a positive role.  
I think they are pricing it high simply because they know that high-end smartphones (like the iPhone) have better functionality then their own systems. Car manufacturers are probably worrying that a key revenue stream is on borrowed time.
Hatebook?  :)
Office 2010 for my Windows systems, and Office 2011 on my iMac.  Zero monthly subscription fee. While this (arguably) makes sense for businesses to keep their software current, for the personal consumer, I think it is borderline extortion that Microsoft thinks it's okay to charge a subscription fee to use something so essential as an office productivity suite. All they're going to do is lose customers to companies (like Apple) that offer a paid to own model. Lame.
My understanding is that Bromwich was put on a shorter leash.  He couldn't request to interview executives (like Jony Ive), people that have absolutely nothing to do with the ebook debacle.Sounds like Apple assigned one guy to be the focal point that Bromwich could be a pest to.  I just hope they assigned Bromwich a broom closet to do his "business" from.
Samsung's software does suck.  They have zero ability to write quality software, or maintain that which is already out in the field.  That's a given, and I will not go into it further since there's countless of articles out there that prove just that.Samsung is Android's largest partner.  Samsung is not competing with Apple, more so than they are decimating their Android counterparts.  They are barely making any profits on their Android offerings since Samsung is taking...
I've been saying this since day one.  Samsung is just blowing smoke at Fandroids long enough to ride them like the town mules they so they can put out their own ecosystem and jettison Android when the first opportunity comes.  Fandroids were just lame tools that Samsung was so obviously using. It's an efficient plan.  With Samsung being Android's largest partner, Android will wilt and die a long-needed death as the botched iClone experiment it was once Samsung goes to...
Those years of Fandroid sheeps giving wonderful praises to their Samsung overlord, while knowing the Galaxy tablets were complete trash. All the stores I walk into that have Galaxy Tabs show them gathering dust, not working, and simply just neglected.  The saddest ones are at the Costco stores in my area.  They place them fairly close to the entry of the warehouse, and each time I pass by it, not a soul in the area. It's bad enough that Samsung tries to lie to everyone...
Only makes sense because even if Apple doesn't go to these suppliers, the Samsungs of the industry will surely be ordering their iClone components from them.
Why?  Because when something is made out of shit, it tends to attract the flies.
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