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I hope Samsung's downward spiral continues.  They truly deserve it. Making fun of iPhone owners (and potential customers), not helping. Being under the microscope to create their own product, and not copy Apple, not helping.   Sketchy quality control - not helping   Lying to everyone - not helping   Being an all-around scummy company that rips of everyone's IP - not helping. Being Samsung - definitely not helping.
They are literally giving-away Android junk phones.  As far as I'm concerned, it's just market-dumping. What I find hard to understand is why the Android fanboys just flat-out refuse to believe studies like these.  Most consumers for Android devices are cost-concious, folks that most likely have limited phone plans.  I certainly believe - from my own personal experience only - that many Android users are just so technically inept, they use their Android phones really as a...
Not to mention that court documents during the many cases of Samsung vs. Apple revealed that Samsung would flat-out lie, lie right to everyone's faces about financial reports and how their phone/tablet sales were nowhere near what they would put out there to the public.So even if Samsung did actually provide sales data, I wouldn't believe word one of anything they say anyways.  Bunch of corrupt people in that company.
Lipstick on a pig Samsung.  That's all you're doing. I took a look at the the S5 over the weekend while at Best Buy.  I had time to burn and figured I'd get a kick out of seeing if Samsung did anything to improve the performance of their phone with the latest Android build. Damn shame.  I tested a few heavy graphic websites out there on my iPhone, then did the exact same thing on the S5.  With absolutely no surprise, the S5 still suffered from laggy/stuttering...
While I'm totally okay with a LGBT parade, I do find it hypocritical with other groups to display their pride (and heritage) yet deny other's the same freedom.It was a few years ago where I read an article about a teenager that was suspended for wanting to organize a "Caucasian" club.  At the same school there were other clubs such as the Black club, Asian club, and a Latino ("La Raza") club, and of course a Gay club.  The girl just wanted a gathering of like-folks that...
Homosexuals are EVERYWHERE!!!    
Such an incredibly well-thought-out question demands an equally deep counter-question... SO?
So you're good at complaining about everything, yet offering zero on alternatives.  What options are there?  Stick with a forgotten product like Aperture and go on blind faith that Apple will get iPhoto (or whatever) more current?  If not Adobe, then whom?  I already pointed out that I'm not a fan of Adobe, but they are the only real game in town.  They have the product, it's used by a gazillion people, and most importantly, it's supported.  What other option is there?  
Funny. I'm eyeing myself buying the exact same lens this year. That lens is about as perfect as one can get.
Sadly, I subscribed to Adobe's suite a few days ago.  It was all because of the uncertainty of Aperture.  Apple really left it on the vine to rot and the general feeling from the user community is that Apple stopped updating it. It's really too bad.  I don't like Adobe, and I'm certainly not a fan of its subscription model.  For the most part, they are the 800-pound gorilla in the room for the time being. I preferred Apple's more polished, native app than Adobe's java...
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