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Uhg... so sorry... You're right.  I was wrong.It's actually the early-2000's calling you.  I get the two mixed-up sometimes.
And most of Apple's 1st-gen products have always been better than any of Android's multiple-gen products.  So what's your point?When does that 1st-gen mentality end? It's a tired statement I constantly read everywhere.  People refuse to buy the iPhone6 because it's the 1st-gen of the 6 model, when it's actually the (7th-gen??) of the original iPhone?  Why buy today's new Macbook when in 3-4 years and even BETTER one will be available?Not sure why you claim Apple is...
Guys like him will probably cry out how they can build a watch-clone themselves with a replaceable battery, 20 USB ports, and a quad-core i7 for 1/5th the price of Apple's low-end watch using parts from Fry's. Just watch... it'll come. 
The 1990's are calling you.
They're beautiful laptops for sure. I'm going to miss the safety of a mag-safe connector for sure. In the end, less ports means less parts, less need for space and a smaller, more reliable design. I really wonder how that fanless design is going to work in the real world for those that push the performance limits of the new MBA. It's why I finally went to a MBP a six months ago after being a die-hard MBA user. The heat got to be too much. Great product though. I...
I'm really curious what the real-world tests will make of the fanless design.  I bought a Macbook Pro back in September after years of being a die-hard MBA owner.  One reason being that I was utilizing my machine more and more, and the poor MBA was just running hot.  Those fans would really make some noise at full tilt. With no fans to disperse waste heat, the aluminum chassis can only do so much.  I'm really curious.  I don't think I'll be a good candidate for the new...
I almost sprayed my coffee out of my nose... Talk about upping one's way of displaying not only their Apple fandom, but wealth too!!! Ouch... "Limited" is an understatement. I wonder if Apple will release sales figures for this pricey little jewel.
Your whining is what's insane. Was the MBA EVER a machine meant for a professional? No. That's what the MacBook Pros are for.So go take your "but...but...but..." nonsense elsewhere.
Doesn't this quarter factor in Chinese New Year?  It's their version of our Christmas season.  I expect Apple will have one helluva quarter this year on-par with the last one just on that one piece alone.
Knock off your trolling.  You are making statements about products that haven't even been introduced yet with ZERO facts to back it up.  What you're doing is GUESSING.  Go troll elsewhere.
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