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I was ready for the iP6.  Then I saw the iP6+ and after a couple weeks of back-and-forth, I went for the iP6+ and couldn't be happier.  I do have large hands so it's a better fit for me.  The regular iP6 is not that big compared to the 5S.  Sure it's bigger, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a "behemoth".I have my old iP5 sitting on my desk gathering dust until I decide what I want to do with it.  Just looking at it nowadays, it seems like a tiny snicker-bar compared to...
No kidding.  Any Android trash-can would kill to have those kind of numbers each quarter.  But hey, this is Apple.  Apple can never have any product line go down... even if it's being offset by those lost iPad sales going into iPhone6+ models with higher margins.
Whiners and iHaters are out in full-force in this thread... again. Nowhere did Apple announce any official numbers.  Whatever is being reported is - as usual - being guessed by wannabe-experts and scooped up by trolls.  Does this cycle sound familiar? I figure if anyone is being played like a violin, it's the trolls.  They preach, then scurry to the back of the room after being proven wrong at the end.  Rinse and repeat. Apple will have sold more watches in one month...
Oh great... here we go again... another Gate.  
Something that fancy isn't even necessary.  The author is really odd about his critiques.  A regular user of this product is not going to carry around a dedicated camera, and certainly not something (imho) archaic Sony camera.  Chances are the user of the Macbook will also have a very capable iPhone.Forget EyeFi SD Cards, forget iCloud.  Those require a network connection somewhere.  If that's not available, I use AirDrop.  Works like a charm, and does not need an internet...
 Nonsense... ask any Fandroid (easy to find in basements of all parents) and they will tell you they can easily build a watch just like this for 1/3 the cost using off-the-shelf components at Walmart... assuming of course that Fandroids are daring enough to leave the relative comfort and safety of mommy's basement to venture to the outside world to obtain said components, also taking into consideration of the possibility of mommy giving them the money to buy the parts.
Watch haters have been particularly quite as of late.  I guess Brlawyer must be at the corner diner stuffing his face with a really large slice of humble pie with his boy-toy BF.  Surely he was a legend in his own mind.
Fandroids can only wish that folks would line up for their Android trash.
  Don't forget the keyboard!!! Fandroids have to have their keyboards!!
What?  You worried your watch might not be able to play Infinity Blade?
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