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Facebook spends $16B to buy WhatsApp, which to me is money wasted, and then they blow (snort) another $2B on a company that has nothing remotely familiar with what FB does.  Maybe FB hopes to one day start some VR "FacebookWorld" and everyone can communicate via an Avatar in an alternate universe, yet no one actually meets face-to-face in the real world?Way to go Facebook.  Wutever
  I think in similar cases, the ex-employee would walk away from existing options, 401K, etc.. whatever for breaching the contract, and the new company would essentially pay the new employee extra for what they had to walk away from.In this case, I think BB is just doing it to spite not only the employee, but Apple.  BB must feel like it's having salt rubbed into its wound by Apple, the one company that BB hilariously criticized back in 2007 as a nobody when the iPhone...
The lengths that companies like Google and Samsung go to come off as being "cool" is laughable.  They put lipstick on a pig and hope people will think it's the next supermodel.  Pathetic. Google's app is great if you're hosting a party for misfit kids.  Other than that, it will be forgotten in a week.
What the hell is this?  Apple was rarely the first in any market... last time I checked, smart phones were around before the iPhone.  Tablets were around before the iPad.  Music players were around before the iPod.  Please Mr. AI "Author", elaborate in detail what you meant by "first time".  It's just plain wrong.The only difference with the "iWatch" or whatever Apple decided to do in this area, is that other players like Samsung, and now Google have been coming out with...
Of course it's just a toy.  Look at Fallon and Joel goofing off like kids.  Of course it's a toy!  /s  :)This was such a great video, and a wonderful promotion for the iPad.  I wonder if Apple was involved in any way to pay for the exposure?
I'm telling ya... Fandroids are going to get a brutal kick in the balls when Samsung - dominating Android - turns right around and throws that crap right out the door and brings in TizenOS.  It's what's going to happen, and Fandroids are just wandering around in denial.  Deers in the headlights. Samsung is going to show the Fandroids just how tools they really were.  
I think Bale would be a great choice. I just really hope he doesn't go overboard and try to mimic Steve's body in his last couple years like he did in "The Machinist".
Quit your whining.  This will not drive people to Android, and since Android doesn't allow it either, you're either misinformed or trolling.The way I look at it, anyone that has been abusing using this feature for all this time should be considered lucky for being able to do it as long as they have been.  You know you shouldn't be doing it, but entitled-people seem to thing that once they get a free-pass, it's their birthright.Wrong.
I don't want an app to micromanage everything in my home.  An app to control my A/C, an app to control my lighting, an app to control my dog...  That's the problem with these things. Everything works well individually, yet nothing gets along. Give me one app, that let's me monitor all home devices as a cohesive unit.  This mixing and matching stuff will get old really fast.
I agree. I've been using VMware since the release 3.x days.  As long as one is not using it for hardcore video games, my 2011 MBA runs Windows as fast, if not faster than most dedicated NEW Wintel boxes do.  I don't think people realize that virtual machines have come a long way since the VirtualPC days we'd all like to forget.Also, it says that Apple doesn't "support" Win7 on the Mac Pros.  I wonder if it will still load under bootcamp just fine.  I'm sure someone is...
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