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Exactly four days ago I had to make a choice between Aperture and Lightroom. It took me about five minutes to make the decision after I reviewed all the negative feedback about Aperture and Apple's lack of keeping it current. I saw the writing on the wall. I would have preferred Apple's solution, and I'm certainly not a fan of Adobe's subscription model. Nonetheless, I decided to go Adobe's route for the time being. I wonder if that means Final Cut Pro will eventually...
They should rename the event to "Glassholes Convention".  Twiddledee and Twiddledum on the far right looks like they are going to break their chairs.This is a sad, sad photo.
Costco is great for just about everything in there.  I do 99%  of most of my grocery shopping there, and it is just for me.  One just can't beat their everyday prices.  Why would just having Apple products for you justify a Costco membership?  I doubt they would discount it that much.  I will be impressed if they start carrying Macs.
Google is the last company I would want powering anything in my vehicle.  Last thing I was is some ad displaying on my console about some 50% off sale at a grocery store I just passed on the right.  Malware, adware, xWare... the list just goes on and one.  Just stop, Google.  Please.
I guess there weren't too many Android fanboys that were preaching that it was NECESSARY to have that screen format so they can watch a movie, while composing an email, and surfing porn sites all at the same time to give sooth their ADHD desires.What a bunch of tools. 
So 64-bit is no longer a "gimmick" now that Google's tablet is using it? Waiting to hear excuses reasons from Android fanboys.
I think the phone will be a flop.  That being said, if Samsung doesn't copy the 3D camera nonsense, everyone will know the Firephone will crash and burn if even Samsung feels it's not worth copying. :)
The title is talking about chargers and cables, not car chargers or plugging into laptops, or dashboard USB ports. They are already putting out DC. The combined AC/DC is the problem I think. Those tiny chargers converting AC to DC puts out a lot of heat in a confined space. We all know how the corners cut with the Chinese knockoffs and the dismal quality they have. Auto chargers aren't a problem. It's a 12v DC system going down to 5vdc, if it even does. Laptops...
Even worse... idiots complain that Apple's chargers are the same as the $3 chargers they buy from some seedy Chinese vendor on eBay (with free shipping!) and when it electrocutes/kills them, or fries their phone... who do they blame?? Not the crappy vendor, but Apple."How dare Apple make their chargers so expensive, that I had no choice but to buy a $3 charger on eBay from some village in an eastern Chinese province?!"  Apple even offered to trade people's crappy chargers...
Wrong.Up until last year, my 2009 iMac has been running on 8GB.  I only upgraded it because I got a really good deal on the RAM chips.  I didn't "need" to upgrade it.  I was using my iMac to run 1-2 virtual machines and it was fine.  I am a power user and I am certainly not the norm.  If 8GB was fine for me considering how much I was hammering my machine in ways most folks of the low-end iMac will never do, I think 8GB will be more than adequate for the Joe Consumer.And...
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