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Very true.  Simple, direct, and to the point.  Nothing lost in translation. :)
I hope Apple watermarked the hell out of those 651 pages.  Never know when someone *cough**Samsung* tries to photocopy it.  At least it'll be a hell of a lot of pages to photoshop the watermarks out. :)
Way to go Tim Cook!  I'm happy that he realizes the importance of family. I'll bet that those same whining market directors that are making the $400K salaries do not work on Thanksgiving. Besides, I would think the real selling time would be the day after Thanksgiving and the weekend.
I thought I saw those tablets dumped in urine-stenched alleys down on skid-row.  It was a damn shame... waste of a nice alley.  :)
Samsung's home button is more rectangular. Totally different. /s
Is that the sound of Samsung's copy machines firing up?
Very true.  The customer has to essentially "opt-in" to all this so it's not like there is something nefarious going on here.I also think there's a lot of hypocrisy going on here as everyone likes the information being mined, yet they turn around and scream "privacy" when it involves them.Case in point... I live in the San Francisco bay area.  We use an electronic toll system called Fastrak.  Essentially it means that we don't have to stop to pay tolls at the bridges....
So a water-damaged iPhone still carries a higher trade-in value than flawless-condition Galaxy S4?  How funny.
Only in your dreams you hope Apple makes such a piece of junk.
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