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I'm a little underwhelmed by it.  I was hoping for a BTO option of 16GB Ram, Thunderbolt2, and a retina display.  Hmmm..... I will most likely pick something up by after summer... hopefully, there will be more to the rumor of a retina MBA in a few more months.  Until then, my 2011 MBA is still chugging away.
So as usual, Samsung (and its lawyers) get caught lying, cheating, bending the truth, etc... and they know the worst they will get is a slap on the wrist. They play the system to their advantage knowing the judge(s) don't have the chops to make an example.
Trolls like him say nonsense like that just to get a reaction.  Apparently, he has no ability to use a service called "Google" to answer his question.
Surprise for you means seeing what's beyond the confines of your parent's basement.  Buzz off troll.
Oh great... another one of these.... So the Yugo he just bought from an eastern-bloc country known for cows and land mines is better than one made in Germany??  So your phone is such a better deal since it is a total piece of crap that you (or anyone else) couldn't care less about what happens to it?..not sure if serious... 
I got my iPhone5 when it first came out.  I had mine replaced October of last year for exactly that problem.  I figured there was something up because the (very helpful) assistant took my phone after my pushing the button once and immediately replaced it with another one.  It's almost like they knew the phones were going to start coming in with bad buttons. Nonetheless, unlike the other players in the game... I buy Apple not only because I think they make the best-quality...
My 2011 MBA still runs like a champ, but I long for at least 8GB of RAM, but I hope there is a BTO option for 16GB model.  I run various virtual machines on it at times and the low memory really hammers it now.  Retina would be nice, but not a deal-breaker for me since my MBA is usually connected to my LED Monitor and I rarely open my MBA. Anxiously waiting.  Looking forward to the next iMac refresh too to replace my 2009 iMac after years of wonderful performance.
That's one helluva menu price!  Maybe they have an ala carte option?  I wonder how much Tim Cook's value is?
Analysts expect to downgrade AAPL if the bid for Tim Cook's lunch shows a downtrend from last year. /s
New Posts  All Forums: