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Can you clarify?  Because a passcode has to be a asked for, whereas touch ID they can force your hand on the device?
 money laundering is illegal.  This is not.  Smart financial planning for sure, and the ability to give the U.S. politicians the middle-finger at the same time. :)
Holy crap... is it possible he was just WAY ahead of his time??!!!  Could it have been a prophecy??!!  Imma gonna wait a wee bit longer now!! 
Self-driving FLYING cars...
Got it... cheap lenses gets you cheap shots.   :)
"It may be true there aren't" = yes, it IS true.This just goes back to the original post.  That guy makes it sound that there are lenses specifically designed for high-megapixel cameras and that is flat-out wrong.  He's posting nonsense and trying to pass it off as fact.New lenses are always (usually) an improvement over the old.  That is just regular product evolution.  It has nothing to do with the pixel-count of the sensor.  If they're able to improve the lenses, AF,...
Forget that... I'm waiting for 16K displays for my future 2027 MBA. 8K is so 2016's for me... :/
 Sure... because in every scenario you just wait until the subject is in a perfect position and time given whatever gear/lens you're using so you never have to crop anything out.I hope to be a master photographer like you man!  /s
I rented the 70-200 f/2.8 a few months ago to photograph an event ( I work at the Reno Air Races), and to consider purchasing one of my own.  It was an incredible lens. Super sharp and fast.  It's one of the lenses on my to-buy list.  I just don't have a huge need for it at the moment.I'm renting the 24-70mm f2.8 USM II in a couple days to do an indoor photoshoot.  This will be the next lens I will purchase and want to try it out in a real setting.My photography up until...
I read comments from photographer sites that ridicule the 5DS for its monster pixel count.  Frankly, I think those that do that are simply wannabe photographers and self-annointed "know-it-alls" like most Fandrdoids that don't really understand what the end-use is for a camera like this.I think if Canon came out with the 5DM4, along with these two cameras at the same time there wouldn't be as much static going on.
New Posts  All Forums: