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"Under fire"?? Yeah.. from the media   What the developer is doing (if they even are) is what we call "whining".  Irrelevant whether it's enforced 100% or sporadically (for multitude of reasons).  Don't flout a competitor's product.  Period.   I break speed limits every day on the highway.  Should I now complain that I'm "under fire" by the CHP because of their inconsistent enforcement of speed laws?
 I think this is not the same comparison.  The Watch is more a fashion accessory versus a phone being more of a necessity.  I'm okay with this.  Doesn't bother me one iota.
I hope someone reads the fine print with an electron microscope.  I wouldn't trust Google on any level to handle my communication needs.  Who knows what they will be mining/monitoring from my activity to use me as their product.  No effing way.  
You're assuming that the cheap, Chinese knockoffs and the crappy (probably Android) OS running on it will be mistaken for an Apple Watch?  Really?
You never really "own" your house.  There's a little thing called "property taxes" that you still have to pay.  My house is paid in full, yet I still get that bill.  Property taxes (especially where I live in SF) is practically a never-ending mortgage payment for many.So rent or own?  You're still paying to someone.
The new Lightroom is available as a standalone.  $149. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1140015-REG/adobe_65237402_photoshop_lightroom_6_download.html
A brand-new user license (not upgrade, or student edition) was going to run me $1,500.00.  I gave up trying to find someone that could get it for me at some discount, or buying some outdated version off of craigslist.  So it was going to cost a penny.  $50/mo is for the entire suite.  $10/mo is for PS and LR which is what most people will use.  It's a deal.Even if LR could be had for for $200... that's still a couple years, and most folks will rinse-and-repeat and buy the...
Oh please.. get off your milk carton Mr. Preacher.They do not hold your work or data hostage.  That's flat-out nonsense propaganda you're making up.  I should know.  My data and files all reside on my workstation.  I don't have to save my work to their cloud service.  Nice of you to "conveniently" leave that part out.Even if I stop paying for the subscription, Photoshop continues to work, it just reverts to read-only so my files still work.So get off your "Slavery"...
Photoshop was too expensive for me to buy outright a couple years back.  I don't recall the amount but $1,500+ was what I was looking at.  At $10/mo it would take 13-14 years to pay that.  Lightroom is just a scaled-back version of PS that's geared mainly to photography.  I use both packages constantly.  That area changes a lot over time so yeah, I still think it's a deal.  I don't want to be "stuck" with an old version of PS or LR that doesn't have support for a new lens...
 I had your exact same mentality six months ago.  Then I tried it after Apple discontinued Aperture and I became a believer of the concept.  When it comes to very expensive software like Photoshop, having both PS and LR together for $9/mo was a no brainer in the long term.  It would take 10+ years for me to pay the amount for one license of Photoshop, if not longer.  This way, I'm always current.  The math just worked better for me.  For heavy-duty applications like PS,...
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