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What else could BF do?  Might as well hang out at the cesspool of Apple trolls that is MacRumors.   He'll fit right in.All that wasted energy on criticizing the watch and Tim Cook, and he just can't swallow the notion that he was smackdown-shown how clueless BF really was on everything.  So hey, just sign up at Macrumors, rinse and repeat.
Hey Einstein... in case you were asleep in Obvious-101, the watch ALREADY is a success.Troll much?
So the competitors are whining that they have to give a percentage of their earnings for an app that gives those whiners access to millions of potential (and paying) customers all the while Apple maintains that ecosystem and all the overhead costs that goes with it for free?  As if all that infrastructure magically pays-for and maintains itself? Stupid people.  Nothing is stopping them from going to a competitor like Android - oh wait.. Fandroids expect everything to be...
What does one expect him to say?  "Uhm, yeah!  We copied the iPhone all the way down to the shape of the home button!" They will never admit it.  I'd bet money they all get together in a room right after a new iPhone release, and start the cloning right then and there.
Outperforming how?  Will it make phone calls on the iPhone seem slower?  99.9% of people will notice absolutely nothing or they couldn't care any less.  Once again, this will matter only to spec-heads.  
Those Mophie cases were/are absolute garbage.  I went through three of them in a 12-month period (under warranty) because the damn microUSB connector in the case kept breaking.  Why they don't use the more durable lightning connector is beyond me.When the warranty is more reliable the their product, what good is it?
You filled up at "A" single, individual Chevron 20 years ago at who-knows-where, and concluded that all Chevrons are like that?I've used Chevron countless times in the late 90's in all my vehicles, and never a problem.
It's funny reading the posts of others trying to compare failed companies to Apple.  They were in totally different situations, yet people here seem to think that Apple is in the same boat.Sure, the "mighty have fallen".  Apple though is in a very unique position that others were not.  Apple has so much cash in the bank that if for some reason future revenue suddenly goes to zero, it can survive just on that cash hoard for basically the rest of our adult lives.  GM could...
This has been going on since the original iPhone days. Fandroids of course will find some way to spin this story and continue to be in denial that Android OS software (and the games) is garbage. Period. It's the low-expectation that they all accept, yet don't want to admit to.
Anyone dumb enough to install a beta OS (regardless of brand) on their PRIMARY machine gets everything they deserve. These are probably people that claim to be "developers" when they're really just weekend script kiddies. Assume any beta system will corrupt your machine. It's not rocket science. It's why it's called "beta"!
New Posts  All Forums: