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"Diversity needs to be improved".  That's code-speak for "Quota" for the attention-whores like Jesse Jackson.  Tim Cook did not say it, but the politicos raising a stink about it surely want something like that.My experience as a Mexican-American in this area that is surrounded my white guys is completely relevant to the topic.  Our family grew up poor, and struggled.  We never asked for a handout and played the cards we were given.  For me, I refused to let any perceived...
I'll be more than happy to start it... Media-whore Jesse Jackson can kiss my Mexican-American (i.e. "Minority") ass.  That guy is the poster-child for hypocrisy and double-standards.  If Martin Luther King were alive today, he'd be shaking his head in disappointment at how Jesse desecrated the memory and work of MLK.I firmly believe a lot of the problems we have with racism today can be directly pinpointed to the constant hate-mongering that Jesse instills in the...
The ignorance in this thread is beyond belief.  I'm a software engineer of Mexican heritage.  I have zero problem that most folks in my field are white guys.  Why?  Because given the talent pool, that happens to be the majority of people in it!!  Bunch of fucking whiners.  Hire the best talent for the position.  Skin color/Gender is irrelevant.  If not enough of the "quota" people are available, fix the problem with society, socio-economics, etc.  Last thing I want Tim...
I pretty much stopped buying anything from Amazon months ago.  I make a (small) effort to buy from the more local retailers since the prices for many of the items I look for are about the same.  At the same time, I don't want to support a company like Amazon with their predatory business practices.  I have about as much respect for Amazon as I do for Samsung, which is zilch.  
The chromebookes used in my 13y/o nephew's school system has been a disaster. My nephew always approaches me to help me diagnose/fix his chromebook, resolve WiFi connectivity issues, and spends more time getting fixed (under warranty) than he gets to use it. Is this what the school system thinks is "useful"?
I don't see how it would be.  Samsung could do the exact same thing, copy the new iPhone again, litigate it in the court system for the next few years - just like they did before - and by 2018 (four years later) it won't matter.
Samsung fuckers.  They are doing exactly what they hoped, and that is to litigate their violations to death, tie it up in the slow court systems until it's no longer relevant, pay $.05 on the dollar for court costs as write it off as the cost of doing business, and sing at the bank. Assholes.
To think they do $20 BILLION in sales, and still not make any money.  That just boggles the mind. They should have went the way of Pets.com and Webvan ages ago.  This is a sham of a company.  Amazing they can still stay in business.
I can tell you right now, that after my 25+ years of programming experience... just because you can hold a hammer, most will have no business building houses with it.I suspect we'll see the emergence of more "I am rich" crap apps, and weekend wannabe coders suddenly proclaiming themselves to be software engineers because they were able to compile a "Hello World" example. 
This was one of those rare times I didn't immediately install a firmware update.  My 2011-MBA will remain in its current, useable state until this issue is resolved. This is one area that I think Apple is really dropping the ball on.  It seems (to me at least) that the quality of their updates have been lacking lately.  This does not help.   On the flip side, the last update for the iMac did clear up an irritating sleep/awake issue finally.
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