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That's very true.  Selling them at stores like Best Buy will cheapen the watch brand.  Like it did with the introduction of the iPhone, Apple needs to control the experience from the very beginning for the foreseeable future, and the see how it goes.Besides, I can easily see a bunch of pimply-faced Best Buy skateboard rats posting a youtube video of them destroying a watch like they did with iPads and iPhones.  
So what you're saying is that the new lipstick they're using on their pig is much more expensive so they now have to put-out to get some?Yeah... thanks for clarifying that. :)
This just shows the sign of the times for Samsung.  TouchWiz was already a bloated, steaming pile of crapola, but now they are taking kickbacks from 3rd-parties to pre-install crapware?  Did they not learn ANYTHING about pre-installed crap on PC's all these years? Samsung's in high gear going downhill.
You'll never see Samsung doing something like this.  They'd go out of business with everyone returning that trash.
Who the heck cares about that?  Apple accepts AMEX, and this is about an Apple product.  So are you trying to make some vague point, or did you just see a squirrel and want to distract everyone?
There you go again... all you're doing is proving us correct about you... keep the entertainment going...
I don't see too many homeless people in Union Square itself.  Sure, a few here and there mainly panhandling but are generally shooed-away by police, or on their own simply because of the amount of shoppers clogging the sidewalks.There were panhandlers and other miscreants that used to loiter by that ugly fountain only because the design of the original building gave them a hidden area where they would cause trouble.  I'm thankful that Apple is putting a store there because...
Anyone ready to spend $17K on an Apple Watch is not gonna need to spend 5 hours - or even 30 minutes to decide.  People with that kind of money know what they want and don't wait around thinking about it.  It's those same people that will walk into a Lamborghini dealership and point to a car and drop their bag of money down.  They have other things to do with their time.
They could just dig a hole where it's supposed to go, pour concrete over it "protect it" from the ravages of decay, and call it a day?  That think looks like millions of people threw their used chewing gum at it.
I walked by that corner three weeks ago and was stunned to see how fast they demolished the old building.  I was there a couple weeks prior to that and they were really hauling during that time. That fountain though is an eyesore.  Some art "aficionados" may take a liking to it, but it is grotesque and has ZERO artistic quality in that area.  I think SF should simply sell it to the highest bidder (if anyone would even buy it) and use that money to waste it on the...
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