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I've been "converting" a lot of users from Wintel to Mac.  They are not quite ready to go full OSX as we are all software developers that still have dependencies to Windows.  So we run all our macs with Windows as a virtual machine.  Another colleague bought his first iMac and we moved his 80GB Windows system as a virtual machine.  After firing-up his new iMac and installing Fusion, it took (I think) 9 minutes to transfer his system over, and he was up and running.   This...
I use TB in target-mode when copying 20GB files between macs. I got spoiled doing this. Doing it via Ethernet would be great! I'd love to have Apple incorporated this into Time Capsule. Of course, the Thunderbolt haters are remaining very quiet right now. Whiners.
But the media and iHaters (some infesting this forum) all harped about GoogleTV (years ago) being the next "AppleTV Killer".  Where are they now?   This is not a "new" contender.  Just lipstick on a pig.  Google will put it out, it will suck big time, and then they'll hope that people forget about yet another blunder this one-hit wonder product.
I rarely (if ever) say anything to this level for a CEO since most are overpaid sloths that do nothing but milk companies dry, but Tim Cook?? That man has earned every single penny.  Keep up the good work!
Welcome to the new world order where companies can essentially enter your house through your Internet connection and update / deactivate / modify features on your products without your knowledge.Thank you, but no thank you.  This "feature" had trouble written all over it.  I wonder if that $3B+ is still burning a hole in Google's pockets.
Well... according to Samsung's new crap they're throwing on the wall in hopes it sticks... apparently it's all Google's fault now.Uhm... even though graphic shows Samsung was trying to mimic the design... but that's just a technicality. /s
Do you often try passing-off nonsense as fact?
So long as Samsung is profiting from copying Apple's IP, they will do absolutely everything and anything to drag this through the court system at a snail's pace. Shameful company. I absolutely, steadfastly refuse to directly give them any of my business. Apple moving to another supplier for its components can't come soon enough.
I find one scene with the inventor and patent attorney at 5:13 to be quite funny.  The inventor is using a sleek, modern Macbook, while the attorney is using some big, clunky "laptop" that looks like something from the early 2000's.   That is a perfect example of what Apple has brought to the pathetic wasteland that everyone else (including Samsung) has been doing for literally decades.  Selling crap. Samsung is just whining as usual.  There are other machines being used...
New Posts  All Forums: