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People (especially the cheapskate Apple-haters) don't realize that $450 is a very reasonable - if albeit "bargain" - for a high-quality timepiece/techno-jewel.  They seem to conveniently not criticize the Rolexes and such for being so expensive, yet only do one thing but will crucify Apple for upping the game.And of course, they don't say any bad thing about Android watches which - though cheaper - is actually the biggest waste of money in the bigger picture.I'm waiting...
This exact info was brought up so many times in the past that there would have been no way cnocbui could have missed it.  In fact, perhaps cnocbui may be a few cans short of a six-pack since I wrote on that post that I was referring to ANDROID watches and not the other brands that he is now trying to move the goal-post for.  I guess he'd rather have other people doing the google-search for him.So once again, as I have said on the first post that got...
Another of BF's boy-toys hijacking the thread, trying to save face. His assumption that I should waste my time on him to re-publish links that have been plastered all over the Internet and discussed countless of times on articles just prior to the Watch introduction is laughable indeed. For him to quote that 800k Samsung number and hiding the truth behind it, and diverting attention to me instead is just shameful.
B.S.... the shameful part is you are throwing numbers out your backside.Even more, Samsung "Gear" crapwatches had a pathetically high return rate.  Adding salt to the wound, they were giving away (i.e. because no one would buy that crap) "smartwatch" when one would purchase their flat-screens.  You hearing that?  Samsung resorted to GIVING AWAY their watches.  It's very convenient for you to forget those little tidbits of Scamsung...
So Apple sold more on opening day than all that Android crap did in one year? So where is that keyboard-attorney Brlawyer and his troll-boys?  He sounded so confident while thumping his Internet chest that the watch would be a dismal failure.  Well?
Nope.  The Safari browser (or any browser) will gladly take you to any porn site you to satisfy every fetish that you so desire.I do not want the app store looking like Bangkok's Red Light District.  Don't care how you want to label me for that, but porn does not belong in the app store.
Those jacka$$es should be grateful for having Apple as their R&D department.  Seriously.
Funny... What the Android smartwatch segment considers "sales", for Apple, it would be a rounding-error.They could give it away for free, and pay may sales-tax and I still would not use such garbage.
*whew*  Thank goodness it's available in San Francisco!  I was getting worried for a moment... /s
I don't get your hate for Yosemite.  I'm curious what your lingering "real" issues are with Yosemite.  I think Apple is doing the right thing by not supporting older OS'es.  Heck, as far as I'm concerned, it would be the equivalent of Microsoft being expected to support WindowsXP right now too.  Not going to happen.  Adapt and move on or stay stuck in your outdated OS slumber.Now don't get me wrong, I loved Snow Leopard. It was (for me) rock solid and everything worked....
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