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The same as all the other tests for the past few years. Samsung's battery life will suck, as usual.Apple's battery life will - as usual - be the gold standard.I'm curious how the Fandroid community will defend this pathetic performance.  Apple's A9x with less cores runs faster than that 8-core garbage.  Shameful.
The way I see it, Samsung can/should count their blessings for having to pay pennies for making billions by copying Apple.
Globally?  What does this mean??  Heck, Apple buys its chips from Samsung.  Isn't Samsung a "globally, minority-owned" business?What "steps were taken to improve diversity"??  If it means "I'm hiring you because you're not a white male", then that is as racist and discriminatory as the crap that spews out of Sharpton's mouth too.
Makes me wonder who the real racists are here... seems to be quite a few folks here relishing the thought of denying the same, equal opportunities to white people that have been fought-for for minorities.  Their (pathetic) excuse?  Because white people had it good a while back before the country got its head screwed-straight, thus "they should now suffer for what their parents did to us". I think Sharpton is looking for a few like you to continue pushing his white-hate...
I'm Latino and I think this entire "experiment" is simply to avoid giving the media-whores like Sharpton and Jackson an extra 15-minutes of TV-time.Now, if this program is to give people access to Apple employment that normally would not have that kind of access, then I'm all for it, but those "people" have to be people of all races, period!  It really irks me that outside people wave a finger at companies like Apple and whisper to them to hire people based on their...
I think Intel is the only other serious competitor to Samsung in terms of bleeding-edge chip technology and fabrication capabilities.  I'd love for Apple to use Intel-tech like memory, controllers, and to even product Apple's Ax chips.
It probably won't rot on the vine simply because of egos involved, but let's get real.  CurrentC wants to link directly to my bank account and that will not happen... ever.  They also want to use my info to track me and sell to 3rd parties.  Not going to happen.  CurrentC was already compromised (last year??) and it was hushed because it "wasn't ready yet".  http://money.cnn.com/2014/10/29/technology/security/currentc-app-hacked/CurrentC has "bad" written all over it....
It's got to be hard for that COO to keep a straight face knowing that CurrentC is a botched, insecure service that is going to fall flat on its face. I give it six months max, then it becomes a sinking ship.
Ads have evolved from being "annoying" to downright in-your-face.  I hate it to the nTH degree.  I lost track of the number of websites I attempted to visit, only to shut the window down because the ads were so over-the-top cluttering everything.The current model is broken.  Kudos to Apple for giving the finger to advertisers.  They should know better.  Now, an opportunity exists to create a whole new model that is less invasive and irritating.What will happen of course is...
Proof that ignorance is rampant, and companies like MacKeeper know how to capitalize on that ignorance.  What a sham of a company. I'm surprised that many people purchased their garbage.  They should be shut down.
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