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I use my iP6+ for pretty much everything, but I still kept (and unlocked) my old iP5.  Truth be told, I love the iP6 screen size, yet every so often I still go back to my iP5 just because the smaller form-factor is nice for certain times.  I can totally see people still wanting to stay on a 4" screen.
Shitty software further modded by a shitty company.  Not much else to say. I remember an article not too long ago about Samsung's internet-connected kitchen appliances that all had serious security flaws in them as well.  Samsung has zero business being in the software business.  They couldn't code their way out of a Hello-World program.
Sadly, we had to load Chrome on our iPhones here because Chrome was actually more HTML5 compliant than Safari was.  There is a bug in Safari that caused it not to work with bluetooth scanners whereas Chrome handled it just fine.Who knows when Apple was going to address it.  Sad.  I expected better from Apple on this.  I have the idea of having to use 3rd-party browsers on my iPhone.
Give it a break.  What kind of nonsense FUD are you trying to spread?iMacs in general are about the most reliable machines out there.  My 2009 iMac is a perfect example of that.  Sure, sometimes some go bad but that's what warranties and AppleCare are for.The only complaining posters should be doing is to the mods to have your rant deleted.  
Yes it is.  You're just stuck in more dated ways of how workstations used to be expandable. 
They should.  What's laughable (to me) is them trying to design on what is essentially a shitty OS and "try" making it run as smoothly and with the benefits that iOS offers.  Good luck.  They're going to need it.That being said, FB really needs to fix their iOS battery-draining version.
I suppose one always wants to be the one holding the reigns, but I think Ahrendts just realized how good this opportunity is/was for her.  She may run a big fashion gig in the UK, but not very many people (imho) outside of the UK know about it.  Apple is global, and unless one has lived off the grid, under a rock... everyone knows Apple and it's a huge, huge deal.  She probably saw it as a challenge to really up her game.  Sure... perhaps one day she will take over from...
You know, Facebook is already running on Android and it has been for years.  It's not like they're suddenly going to start developing for it.  So they obviously have some type of lowest-common-denominator running on it.  They just want their devs to spend more time using it and "try" giving it the same experience as an iPhone... laughable to say the least, but Facebook needs to keep their billion+ people happy.
I pity those that have to use it. However, it does make sense.
While I haven't seen the movie yet, it looks like Sony did put up enough "bribery" money.  I just saw the next "Spectre" commercial... sponsored by Sony for the Experia. Knowing Bond is using an Android phone (to me) just diminishes the brand value of the Bond franchise.
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