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I don't want an app to micromanage everything in my home.  An app to control my A/C, an app to control my lighting, an app to control my dog...  That's the problem with these things. Everything works well individually, yet nothing gets along. Give me one app, that let's me monitor all home devices as a cohesive unit.  This mixing and matching stuff will get old really fast.
I agree. I've been using VMware since the release 3.x days.  As long as one is not using it for hardcore video games, my 2011 MBA runs Windows as fast, if not faster than most dedicated NEW Wintel boxes do.  I don't think people realize that virtual machines have come a long way since the VirtualPC days we'd all like to forget.Also, it says that Apple doesn't "support" Win7 on the Mac Pros.  I wonder if it will still load under bootcamp just fine.  I'm sure someone is...
Each seat already has power going into it on some level to operate things like the TV control panel and the monitor.  They can remove all that hardware, and simply add a USB port on the armrest instead using the same wiring that was powering the display.  So yes, it will save considerable weight, fuel, etc...
If Microsoft shoehorn's this as a subscription-only software... I'll stick with my 2011 3-pack license thank you. Paying a subscription to use basic-office programs in nothing short of extortion.
It could happen... in my case.. I hope it happens. :)
 I think most iPhone users will accept that it got stolen and not bother with retrieval, even if it shows up on "Find my iPhone".  I don't think the iOS security features have really settled-in yet with users, and that most users don't realize that their stolen phone cannot be wiped out without knowing their AppleID password.Lot of ignorance out there with Joe Consumer methink. 
If they "accidentally" drop a wrecking ball on that fountain, no love lost for me. Most people don't even know it's ever been there. I do look forward to the store being there. It will give that neglected corner a new life and open it up more. It's been mainly a gathering place for panhandlers, and loiterers. They can't finish it soon enough!
You are in an ever-dwindling minority.  I "used" to be in that same group of wanting a serviceable machine.  It got old.  The reality (for me and many others) is that by the time it comes to service or upgrade something, the tech has become rather old that it just made sense to go with a more modern machine.  Sure, there are people that will spin that to say Apple is just locking you into an upgrade cycle every couple years but I was doing that with non-Apple machines...
Corning's Gorilla Glass was a forgotten piece of tech until Apple revived it and made Corning not only a boatload of money from Apple, but from all the other copyists that decided to incorporate it into their devices.  Corning will continue to make tons of money (although not as much) from all those other device makers. Maybe Corning should thank Apple for making them relevant again, instead of coming across like some whiny b!tch?  :/
Probably not much.  Unlike Fandroids that think (contrary to reality) that they know what consumers are looking for, if Samsung were to change to Tizen on the next product launch, most users really won't care if its Android or not.  What they will wonder is why their Android apps aren't available.  Ask them "It's not running Android anymore." and they will just look at you thinking you were speaking Greek.
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