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Apple was clearly in the wrong since the beginning.  This entire fiasco was a blemish to what would have been a perfect record.  I suspect they just wanted to put an end to the endless headaches, lawsuits, and criticisms of the way the handled it. They could go a step further (if they aren't already going to) and refund any money that users paid either to Apple or to a 3rd-party to repair the affected MacBooks.  Apple knowingly continued to sell a defective product, and...
True... Like me and many others, we buy a retail version of Windows (i.e. "untainted") and install it as a virtual machine on their Macs.  So if you MUST run windows, at least it is as vanilla as it's going to get.
If Apple were caught doing this, it would be sued into oblivion. And the rhetoric coming out from the Chinese government about US tech spying on them? Well, I guess it's okay for China to do it. Hypocrisy. There should be a class-action lawsuit against Lenovo NOW!
I work in Richmond, CA. better known as "The Iron Triangle". It was (and still might be) rated as one of the most violent cities in the US. I would classify Richmond as being more an armpit than the heart of the Bay Area.If you have no reason to go to Richmond, don't.Point Richmond is kind of an exception, due to it being right alongside the bay. Everywhere else is gangbanger land.I wonder why that van was there? Maybe picking up some company by the hour?
Apple didn't invent the phone.  got it.Apple didn't invent the tablet.  got it.Apple didn't invent the PC.  got it.Apple didn't invent the watch.  got it.We all know Apple didn't invent the entire system from the ground up.  It scooped up all the tech it could, and refined it on their own, and created a polished system.The sad part is that all this tech was out for years before Apple touched any of it, and the idiots out there STILL could't do anything with it.  Suddenly,...
And the same tired song will be played. Samsung waits for Apple for direction. Samsung copies Apple's lead. Samsung hails its "innovation" Samsung shows ineptness and cluelessness and botches the technology. Samsung quietly shelves it to gather dust Samsung (and Fandroids) "magical" pretend it all never happened.
I still don't think Apple is building a car.  Maybe some systems for one but not an iAuto. That being said, this guy comes across like that idiot CEO at Blackberry when the iPhone was introduced.  Whatever Apple does, I'm sure it will be pie in this guy's face.  
You just don't know when to quit do you Ben?  Take your trolling backside elsewhere.
*yawn*Cars drive on roads, in two dimensions which are highly restricted and capable of limited travel.  Someone wants to stalk me in a car, go ahead and try.  Cars have license plates, models are easily identifiable, and in many cases the driver can be identified since they have to actually be IN the vehicle to operate it.Quadcopters work in three-dimensions and can enter one's private property in ways a car cannot.  There are no identifiable features of a quadcopter that...
Why stop there?  Let's then mandate population control so we don't have a shortage of housing, and institute regulations that bar an individual from entering a city until there is housing made available to them first?Face it... In a place I like to call "Utopia" where the earth is 100 times larger, with swaths of land that will allow only 1-story structures, for an ever-growing population, the reality dictates that if there is no more land available somewhere, the only...
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