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In still not quite sold on the Appke Watch, but nothing screams more "Dork" than Microsoft's attempt. It just says "no" on every level. If I were Microsoft, I hope they kept the iPhone funeral props to save money when their watch is DOA. Embarrassing.
Yeah.... sharing is the one thing that is the hang-up for me... It looks like Apple is doing something halfway by using Mail to send large files (up to 5GB) with a link to the user... but to me, that's not an elegant way.  For now, I'm staying on Dropbox, but keeping a very keen eye on how Apple progresses on this. 
Agree... had Broadwell come with this new iMac, I'd be ordering one right now.  My 2009 iMac is beginning to show its age... albeit slowly.When Broadwell comes out, it's time to buy. :)
Sorry TS - You're one of the more rational folks on here (imho), but still... if you can take your big iPad out of whatever bag it's in when you're walking around, you can certainly (and quickly) remove your phone out instead.  Waving a big metal slab around an NFC terminal is just dorky to the max.Heck... I normally couldn't care less about what people think about what I do, but in this case... don't fall into the stereotype.
Did you expect it to be done for free?
If someone can supply me with a brand-new Samsung S5 phone, I'll bend it by hand... and post it on youtube.
A shot in the dark, but I think the reason we haven't seen a 5K display for the iMac or Thunderbold Display is simply because of the complexity of getting such a huge slab of display at an "affordable" price point.  I would think that Apple doesn't want to price a retina iMac any higher than the current iMac pricing.I'm really crossing my fingers for this.  I'm going to skip this upgrade of my 2009 iMac and wait till Broadwell comes out.
I have to wonder if the refusal by these outlets to use ApplePay (in addition to technology) has more to do with giving control of the customer over to Apple's system.   Best Buy Rewards, gift cards, etc... are all designed to collect customer data.  Using ApplePay for everything might make these retailers uncomfortable.
I was surprised to still see the Nest smoke detectors still being sold at the Apple Store in SF.  
Of course teens are tepid... one has to have money to buy the watch.  Why is this even being discussed?
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