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While Sony may be my favorite design-wise for Android phones, Android on it still makes it lipstick on a pig, and u very well know that.
I generally had little care for Fandroids as they are beneath me to bother with.  However, this article clearly validates my belief that Android users are just a bunch of hateful punks, and that most of them - based on their childish, whiny rants - are probably on-par intellectually with a burger-flipper.   There is zero reason to post such hateful, non-contributing rants like those posts (are you listening AI mods?).  Google should start a policy of removing those kind...
This age-old complaint has me wondering if this poster is a long-banned troll under a different name that just would not let it go.I do tons of photography work. IMac screens are just fine. So fine that I just purchased the 5K model an hope to receive it next week.
My iPad Air starting gathering dust the day I bought an iPhone6+.  I only use my iPad for ONE iPad-only app that we use for the enterprise.  That's it.  I firmly believe that iPad sales are down for two reasons:   1 - 6+ phones are being purchased instead of iPads.  Makes sense.  I did it, and am positive many more did it as well.  The iPhone has a higher margin than an iPad as well so Apple wins, instead of that customer leaving and buying a non-Apple product.  Apple...
Personally, I think Apple banned it to prevent knuckleheads from using an iPhone to weigh their airline luggage.  It wouldn't surprise me that there are people stupid enough to try it, and then whine as to why Apple won't replace their damaged iPhone that "mysteriously" cracked.
Add me next fiscal quarter for revenue contributions.  Just bought the new top-of-the-line 5K 27" iMac last night with the 64GB RAM option from OWC, a 1TB SSD and the Pegasus R6 12TB Thunderbolt array to top it all off.  It was finally time to replace my trusty/aging 2009 iMac that has faithfully hummed-away for me.   Christmas came early for me. WooHoo!! :)
I think there's minimal outrage on the voice side I think because more people are data-users as opposed to voice users... text messaging is the norm for many now.  Voice is secondary.
CurrentC is an abomination. There is no way that I would EVER trust this consortium with my financial information. They've already been hacked which proves to me they have zero technical experience to keep information secure. It makes me shudder to think that having direct access to customer's bank accounts makes CurrentC a prime target for future attacks. I'm so looking forward to CurrentC going down in flames.
Shhh.... trying to inject logic and common-sense into this thread is only going to lead to disappointment.It's funny reading for sure.  They focus on one tiny part and are completely blind to the bigger picture.I agree with you totally.  A 5400rpm fusion drive and a 4K monitor is a steal at that price.  But hey... some people on this thread are too ignorant to realize that.
Funny thing is he was supposedly in college majoring in criminal justice.Ironic.
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