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 Yeah, because iPhone-cloners like Samsung use Apple's tech to make it look/feel like an Apple product, and then after they stole - make their money, the go elsewhere.What the hell is the use of a patent, if they can't enforce it?  Apple made/redefined/etc.. the modern touchscreen-OS interface and now the courts (not the patent office) are now the ones deciding to what degree a patent must be violated before the patent can be used?  Bullsh!t.
Absolutely impossible.  Everyone knows the earth was created 6,000 years ago so the sun would have to be at least that old!  :) /s
Hey SEC???  What about going after Cramer after publicly admitting he would put out false Apple reports to manipulate AAPL??  Well??
 Repairs are made on-site.  Friends of mine with the same problem had their iPhone 6+ repaired while they waited.  Total repair-time, about 15 minutes.If you don't leave near an Apple store, well then... that's a different story. 
Wow... just wow.  Are you seriously trying to pass of your crudely imagined "logic" as some type of informed, lucid fact?A great company is defined not only by the products it sells, but also the ability to back up their products.  My iPhone 6+ camera started exhibiting those same issues and it will be repaired.  That's a great company.   You on the other hand, just whine and complain about some imaginary fault that Apple has, and even after that... you still don't make...
Mine started doing it a few days ago.  I'm relieved it's not my eyes playing tricks on me.  S/N checks out and appointment made.
It's great that Apple had the insights to implement this for current watch owners.  Now that the rumor might have even a shred of fact, bet that Samsung is racing to copy, uhm.. I mean... "innovate" their own version.
Exactly.  I'm not a fan of Dr. Dre at all.  However, he fessed up, accepted full responsibility, paid for his crimes, and moved-on.  As far as society should be concerned, he should be allowed to make something of himself.  Do people honestly expect people that get in trouble with the law to never be allowed to be productive citizens for life? That being said, what Dr. Dre did is pretty despicable.  Beating women just brands him coward.  Period.  What Jared did was...
  I too thought the exact same thing.  Samsung was caught red-handed cheating on bench scores in the past, so it would not surprise me in the least if these "special" phones that have to be returned after the trial period are souped-up, overclocked phones that would normally not exist in the wild.An unsuspecting iPhone user will then be snagged by Samsung, wonder why the phone is running so slow compared to the "tryout phone", but by then, Samsung already took their money...
I would LOVE to see Swatch try and enforce that trademark with Apple.  Swatch would get eaten alive and I'd enjoy watching it.
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