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  I try really hard not to buy anything made in China and that is difficult to say the least.  Actually, it's frustrating.  I can count on one hand the number of times ever I shopped at Walmart.  If I go into a store to buy something, I will make an effort to locate a made-in-USA product, even if it means paying more for the product.  I recently watched a documentary "Death by China" documenting what that corrupt government is doing, and how American companies are...
Tim is one smart cookie.  There is no way he would be bamboozled into handing the Chinese government anything that they can put into a copy-machine.  They may be able to copy power-tools and furniture, but to hack, and maintain a rogue copy of iOS, consistently that will be used by hundreds of millions of tech-savvy Chinese consumers? No way.  They just don't have the chops for that.
Have the new Intel chips come out yet?  That should answer your question.
I checked out the minutes of the intro.  They didn't mention anything - that I could catch - about Windows 10 being a subscription.  There was a very vague reference to it, but it was not really confirmed they were doing that.The biggest mistake Microsoft could/would make is to have users pay a subscription to use their computer.  I can see a huge backlash on that.  Subscriptions like Adobe to use software is one thing, but to use your own physical computer, something...
I think Microsoft had no choice.  Lots of people were burned by Windows 8, resulting in many downright refusing to upgrade from their Windows 7 system.  So from Microsoft's perspective, the only way to get anyone past Windows 7 would be to make Windows 10 "free" and reverting back as much as possible the features and GUI that made Windows 7 & XP so popular.Windows 10 I think is really going to be the make-it-or-break-it moment for Microsoft.  It really better be an...
That's great news. One Windows version for all devices. It's about time. So will it be the Windows 10 Starter Edition, Home Basic Edition, Home Premium Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, or maybe even the Windows 10 Ultimate Edition to compete with OS X uhm... "only" Edition?
Well, 64 bits is a lot of bits to deal with.  Maybe they should try 63 bits, or possibly even 62 bits.  Regardless, everyone knows 64 bits is just a gimmick anyways. Go get em Samsung!! /s
As long as one has the bigger stick, I guess it doesn't matter. :)
But...but... he's a friend, that knows a friend, that met some guy, who overheard a conversation about a dude, that had an "in' with Ive.Really, it's practically like having Ive on staff!!! /sSamsung is getting desperate now.I've met Ive a few times on occasion at the gym we both work-out at.  Maybe I should wait by the phone in case Samsung decides to call me!!
I'm fine with it.  I'm a big iBooks fan.  Sure, Amazon usually has the same book at a lower price but I've had such terrible luck using their iOS Kindle reader app a while back, and I hate their bully-tactics to authors and publishers, I decided to give my business to Apple.  My books synch much nicer in iOS/OSX too.  I wasted way too many hours way back with a bad app-update that Amazon did.  Unless I have to buy a physical book, all my eBooks are Amazon-free now.  
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