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I doubt he could just "cold call" Jony.  Surely, he must have had some kind of relationship with him.  If that were the case, I'm just gonna walk right up to Jony at my gym and discuss my next steps in life. :/
Agreed.  Folks want to use their own phone, but don't want the company to tell them what to do with it.  Companies would rather let employees use their own devices to keep costs down, but get irked when personal/business needs clash.Regardless of what OS is used, it will always be a problem.  Even with using a Blackberry, it will still mean that people may go back to using two handsets again.
  Don't forget there's a +/- 3% error margin. :)
Name one COMMERCIAL where Apple badmouthed Android.  Private, paid developer conferences do not apply.Nice try.
That's nice to know Apple still supports my 2011 MBA.  That's what buying Apple gets you.  Name another PC manufacturer that supports 3-year old machines like that.  
Agree.  I love my MBA, but am now considering a 13" MBP instead for the extra horsepower.  Now that they shaved the weight down even more, it's blurring the line between that and the MBA.  I'm still waiting till the end of this year to see what Apple has in store for these two models.
If it were a successful tablet, it would have been because of Lenovos vision and leadership. However, since it is crap, let's just blame Apple.
I've been a Quicken/Quickbooks user since the 1990's.  The only reason I run Windows on my mac (via VMware) is because of two of there three programs belong to Intuit.  I've been disappointed with Intuit's Mac offerings.  They were beyond pathetic.  I briefly tried Quicken for the Mac and I found it horrible.  It's like they didn't even bother making even a decent effort to match the Windows version. I don't see Intuit changing their ways with it.  They will remain a...
But...but... the Android fanboys all said that Flash is SO superior on their Android devices.  Where are they now?!  I guess they are just back to waiting for mommy to bring them down their next meal in the basement. Good riddance Flash.  You should have been flushed down the toilet ages ago.  Steve Jobs ejecting it from iOS just goes to show how well he saw where the future was going, and Flash was not part of it.  I find it funny about all those articles written back in...
IBM didn't kill the AS/400.  Get your facts straight.  I (we) do lots of "AS/400" work.  IBM did not kill-off the AS/400.  It has been renamed to the i5, iSeries, and now the "IBM i" . There are even cloud-based "AS/400" services too.  We're purchasing another "AS/400" from IBM this year.   Those that have use it, swear by them.  The big shops know that.  There are plenty of big-name operations out there using the systems reliably, and at far less cost in the long-term...
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