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Got it... Samsung has to pay people like DeGeneres to use its products, then the first moment they can, they go back to their iPhone because it's actually easier to use. Plus, it takes much better pictures than that blurry, Samsung garbage. Poor Shamesung.
No.  Why?
But...but... Google had it's AppleTV "killer". Google even had Kevin Bacon hawking it's stuff (yeah, thru Logitech but so what). This shows once again, that the iHaters, Google propagandists, overpaid "analysts", etc. have zero clue how the market works. Keep up the good work Apple. I got one for my 73 year old mom last year. She loves watching old shows. Not being tech-saavy at all, she was a little taken back by the fancy computer-looking stuff, now she can't get...
But...but...  Does this mean Schmidt was LYING??
The fact that a bill like this even got that far is shameful. The person that wrote the bill should be barred from every business to get a taste of his own medicine.
I'm curious why Samsung hasn't stepped-up (manned-up) and explain to us how "secure" their fingerprint scanning solution is.  I'll bet that Samsung simply half-a$$ed their solution just to get their S5 into market.  Expect it to be broken or compromised soon.
*yawn*  Yeah... he's so "gobsmacked", that makes it even more important!!! 
On the menu bar.... "Messages->Buddies->Block Person".   That is still greyed-out, but thanks to Solips, Its in the preference panel and that part does work.
Sorry... it's not.  Thanks for pointing that panel Solips.  I was actually referring to the Messages/Buddies/Block Person option on the pull-down menu.  I didn't notice the option on this panel.  It pulled all my blocked-contacts from iCloud just fine.  Looks like I'm good to go.I wonder why Apple doesn't make the "Block Person" option available?  I won't lose sleep over it. 
Does anyone know of info regarding specifics and how-to to blocking users on OSX iMessages?  I've been eagerly waiting for this update as my iOS devices block users just fine, but I was still getting them on my Mac's messages. The "Block User" option is still greyed-out in Messages.  Anyone have ideas?
New Posts  All Forums: