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and btw... Happy Birthday Ruben... https://www.facebook.com/ModiOperandi
Posters expecting doom... Double-dog-Doomed!!
"working with Apple" means re-working the code and keep re-submitting until it passes through Apple's filtering process.  I highly doubt Apple is going to lift any finger (except the middle one) for them.  They are only sorry they got caught.  
I've been seriously considering 1Password's service to better manage passwords.  Apple's method has a lot to be desired. I'll keep an eye on it, but I'm holding off for now. It's absurd that a security company even remotely considered (at one time) having unencrypted data.  Just ridiculous.  They burned the trust for a lot of people. What's your take on this Solips?  I know you're a big fan of the service.
Has nothing to do with Samsung Mobile.
I'd love to be a fly on the wall at Samsung's HQ to see the expressions on their faces if this news is in fact accurate. ScamScum puts out such crap, it's sweet schadenfreude for me.
 Nonsense.  If one has to explain to you the benefits of soldered memory versus user-replaceable (from a reliability standpoint), after all the posts, articles, personal-experiences, etc.. then you just don't get it, or are purposely being ignorant even with the facts staring you right in the face.However, I will meet you halfway on it.  I will be purchasing the new 27" iMac within the next couple weeks.  It will be the top-of-the-line BTO model, but will only order it...
How many times must it be said.  Most consumers will NEVER upgrade their machine after purchase.  That's just the way it is.  Why spend extra money on engineering and components that most will never use?  Honestly.  What's the issue here?
Now an issue is being made with the CPU not being upgradeable?  Really... how many "dozens" of iMac users have ever even upgraded the CPU? It's like someone is trying to start another (x)-gate story.
Exactly Solips.Just a bunch of crybabies here.Besides, I use a paper clip or a penny to open up mine. I don't have that kind of money like you have to use a quarter.
New Posts  All Forums: