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Fcuk Cramer.  I remember how he would trash AAPL, knowing full well he was putting out false information to profit from it.  He's a piece of sh!t and Tim Cook sank down a notch in my book for even acknowledging this hack. At the minimum, he should have been fined.  Of course, the SEC has zero balls to do anything about it.
He did, but the damage was already done.  The cancer had spread to his liver from elsewhere.  He knew he was on borrowed time.  Such a shame that he didn't address the initial diagnosis quickly when it could have been stopped.
Nonsense.  I'm sure Apple did "think" about that single port on the Macbook.  For you to imply they didn't just shows arrogance.If it bothers you so, stick with a Macbook Air or the rMBP.  It's not like those machines are suddenly obsolete now.The Macbook is not meant to be a desktop replacement.  We've had this same argument when the first Macbook Air came out and people complained about it not being a good gaming machine.  Are we going to re-hash this ages-old...
That goes to show the special bond that Steve had with those in his immediate circle.  For a coworker (and very high-level-one) to make an offer like that just speaks of the closeness and caring the two shared.  I'm looking forward to reading this book.
 I would think (but not expect) that many, if not most people would demand a good, quality product that can survive more than a year of use without it falling apart, or downright failing, or becoming useless.  The latter being either from failed hardware, or Windows bogging down so much it requires a yearly (or twice-year) OS re-install to speed it back up.And lets not forget all the crapware and spyware that these jerks install which requires hours and hours of my time to...
You forget your troll sentiments carries zero value to everyone...
What's sad is that Asus, Lenovo, and Dell are trying to scam consumers into thinking that all laptops are created equal.  Let's put the new Macbook next to any of these machines and see show well a finely crafted aluminum, hi-res, no-fan Macbook with high-bandwidth SSD's and OS X, along with the best customer-service in the industry compares to these (predominantly) chinese crap, built out of plastic - as they like to say - "polycarbonate", with a joke of a warranty and...
It just cracks me up when people think they know how to better run Apple, than Tim Cook.  Untold gazillion of dollars in profit per quarter, yet they feel that's not the metrics of a good company.
So Lenovo, a Chinese company owned by the Chinese government, recently caught red-handed installing spyware on their machines and knowingly creating bogus security certificates to bypass standard security protocols is attempting to deflect it by focusing attention on Apple. Right. Lenovo is permanently on my never-to-recommend a Windblows laptop ever.  Dell... well... no... And Asus?  The king of netbooks??? Laughable to say the least.
That's going on seven years ago.  Battery (and power-management) technology has improved quite a bit since then.  Even my 2013 MBA lasted for almost a full work-day before I got rid of it a few months ago.  Pretty soon, MacBooks will be like the phones.  Plug them in overnight and you're good to go a full day (at least) on a single charge.
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