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Well... the way I read it, this is an article about something inside the U.S., and not in Europe.  So what's "historic" for the U.S. is still valid.  I lived in Germany for five years, and while I do agree that 100 years is a speck of time compared to Europe, I do appreciate that some things we consider "old" is preserved.  That barn will be a nice contrast to the futuristic Apple headquarters when it's finished.You're comment does come across as snobbish.  What Europeans...
Get Shell and Unocal76 on board, and I'll be in gas-fillup heaven! I hope the savings in fraud-prevention trickles down to lower prices at the pump.  A lot of crooks go straight to filling up their cars the moment they get a stolen credit card on hand.
Given the lesser of all the evils, I'll take (and use) Windows Defender than the Nortons, or Symantecs, or etc....  At least Microsoft's version is free and for the most time, relatively transparent to the user.  Can't say the same for the others that have since day one, been nothing but a pain in the backside, and would all by themselves, corrupt the PC, or bring it to its knees due to the A/V crap slowing it down.
but..but..but... young people think Apple is "uncool".  Apple isn't hip anymore. Says all the fandroids and analysts... meaning, no one of any importance.
Yeah, cuz we KNOW there are tons of rogue thunderbolt devices out there... *rolls eyes*
But...but... Androids have been stating (i.e. "whining", "crying") that Google Wallet combined with NFC was the best thing since sliced bread!  Btw... has anyone been able to prove that anyone actually used Google Wallet?  Ever?
For once, it would be nice if these "news" agencies would just fess up and admit their National Enquirer "Bat Boy" ways and stop essentially LYING that it's for the greater good of society.  Pr!cks.I think real journalism got flushed down the toilet when everything became digital.  At least in newspapers, one had to be right (or damn near close to it) as it would be seriously expensive to print a mistake on all that paper.  With websites, any lies can be simply wiped out...
Bullsh!tIt really irks the hell out of me when the media passes-of their own selfish, click-baiting desires as "public interest".  They want that video public just so they can plaster it everywhere on their news site and get their web-click quota satisfied.Parasites.
This is one thing I like about Apple's moving to a more modern platform.  Either update your apps, or get left behind.  Period.  No whining, no b!tching, no having hissy-fits.  Get your app updated or it's gone. This is another reason why Android is such a mess.
According to whom?  I'm at Union Square all the time and prior to Apple's interest in that corner that fountain was forgotten and in a shady area occupied by druggies and homeless people/panhandlers.  Most people didn't even give that horrendous-looking fountain a second, let-alone first glance."Important piece of public art"??  Pfft... I laugh at that statement.  Art is in the eye of the beholder, and you sir should get your cataracts looked at.
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