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It's clear that Apple didn't want to create too big a pool of iPhones.  However, I think it would have been nice if they created a 4" iPhone 6.  Just like the crowd that clamored for a phablet phone, there obviously was a huge market for the 4" model.  To me, using it with one hand (and I have big hands) was a big plus. I can use the iP6 with one hand with "almost" no problem, something that extended use would probably make a non-issue.  I am leaning to the 6+ simply...
What the hell Apple?  I expect this sh!t from any Android handset, but not from you.  This better not be the new norm in town.  Get your act together!
Because jackasses believe it's always better to blame someone else for their own stupidity than to accept that they should not treat piece of sensitive electronics like it's a slab of solid diamond.Unbelievable the amount of whining there is about this.  It's a non-issue.  
While I think it's rude what the Chinese scalpers are doing, and my taking away inventory from folks that live in that area... technically, they are not doing anything illegal.  How many U.S. folks are taking their iPhones on day 1 and putting them on EBay?  Sure, it would be nice to have the lines populated by direct fans, but it is what it is.  What next?  Make sure the buyers can speak clear English before allowing them to buy an iPhone?
I'm happy to know that VirnetX got smacked, it's not like Apple really "won" anything yet.  The verdict was tossed due to technicalities of the trial, not really about any substance of the alleged infringement.  So basically, it goes back to square-one to go through it all over again... Samsung style. I do hope VirnetX get's the hammer dropped on its head.  They surely deserve it.  Trolls.
I don't get it.  To the regular-joe, they may not necessarily realize that Samsung is making fun of Apple.  I could easily interpret this commercial as Samsung insulting themselves and coming across that its their own watch that is actually stupid.  I think they shot themselves in the foot. And one has to wonder why their sales are declining...
Most likely to see if giving something for free gives whiners like you something to b!tch about.  
It will be interesting what the next decade will bring.  
   Backtracking now?  Your first post said "...that requires a data plan", now you're backtracking?  Like posting BS fabrications and hope someone takes your nonsense as fact?  BS posters like you are why forums are just infested with contaminants.
Tell us EXACTLY where it says, or who said that it requires a data plan....  Well?
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