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You mean the Chinese employees that get to work at a contracted-by-Apple (and supervised) company, making better wages than most folks in China with benefits, and opportunities as opposed to working on some derelict farm or industry that has some of the worst human right offenses?You mean Chinese employees able to have a better life, send money to their families, and contribute to their economy??Are those Chinese employees you're referring to Einstein?
Okay... you go and do that... buh-bye...
I'm all for green, but butchering all that land for solar panels is such a waste, and a shame. I'm in Monterey often and it breaks my heart to see this kind of destruction going on. I so hope fusion energy comes into play soon, or some modern-tech nuclear power. I'm gonna get flamed for it, but massive swaths of land for energy is not the way. Solar farms wastes land, Windmills kills thousands of birds a year, solar collectors fry birds in mid-air... there is a...
Can you clarify?  Because a passcode has to be a asked for, whereas touch ID they can force your hand on the device?
 money laundering is illegal.  This is not.  Smart financial planning for sure, and the ability to give the U.S. politicians the middle-finger at the same time. :)
Holy crap... is it possible he was just WAY ahead of his time??!!!  Could it have been a prophecy??!!  Imma gonna wait a wee bit longer now!! 
Self-driving FLYING cars...
Got it... cheap lenses gets you cheap shots.   :)
"It may be true there aren't" = yes, it IS true.This just goes back to the original post.  That guy makes it sound that there are lenses specifically designed for high-megapixel cameras and that is flat-out wrong.  He's posting nonsense and trying to pass it off as fact.New lenses are always (usually) an improvement over the old.  That is just regular product evolution.  It has nothing to do with the pixel-count of the sensor.  If they're able to improve the lenses, AF,...
Forget that... I'm waiting for 16K displays for my future 2027 MBA. 8K is so 2016's for me... :/
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