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The world doesn't revolve around you.  Go away.
Just wait... in six months this "store" will quietly disappear... Google then resorting to it being a "beta" project.
  Isn't it obvious???  Solar flares.
I didn't realize mall stores have to pay a percentage of their sales to the mall owner.  I just thought they have a lease for $x/month for x-number of months/years and that was that.  I'm not digging that idea.  I'm obviously not seeing the bigger picture as to why a tenant should have to pay for that, in addition to their monthly rent.   Still, 2% of an Apple store's sales is a really nice chunk of change.
Reading Comprehension 101 buddy.  I find it funny you took bits and pieces out of my post and spun it to suit your agenda.  Nice try.
This is a stupid statement.  Exactly what are the watchmakers supposed to do?  They make a completely different product than Apple's watch.  They have zero in-house software/ecosystem capabilities.  They sell a product that does one thing, tell time.... okay two if I include style/prestige.What does Mock want?  Rolex can't create a watch OS, so in theory, they'd probably have to use that piece-of-sh!t Android OS which will really put some brown skid-marks on their brand.I...
   Burma shave! :)
I expect Broadwell iMacs to come in the next couple months now that the CPU's are being produced in quantity.  Isn't the October timeframe the approximate window for the next "major" update for iMacs?  Whispers in the industry expect that time when they will come out with Skylake CPU-equipped iMacs, obviously with shipping dates in January 2016.
Perhaps he's sequestering some large methane deposits? :/
If I discovered I lost out of a job opening because a person less qualified got it just because that person was a woman, or black, or whatever.. I'd sue for discrimination.  I'm Hispanic and I don't believe one iota that a person's gender, color, etc.. should be given consideration over another applicant. I busted my ass to get to where I'm at.  I came from a poor, disadvantaged background and against all odds, I made it.  I didn't have anyone spoon-feed me an opportunity...
New Posts  All Forums: