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If the power connector is the flimsy micro-USB, I will not even waste my money on it. I went through a couple Mophie cases in a few month (in warranty) because over time, that connector kept breaking. It's a weak design. Make it a lightning connector, and you may get my business.
No kidding.  The moment I saw "Elgato", I lost all interest.  That company gives me a really bad vibe.  Just seedy and low-quality.  Thanks, but no thanks.
Hoping it comes with the latest Thunderbolt spec. I can finally retire my 2009 iMac.
Can you blame him?  Your original post had contained about as much factual information as someone trying to pass kindergarten.  Even had me almost spraying my drink from laughter.
"Highly unlikely".... "FBI used old code that's been out..."i.e.  you don't know, and you're just guessing.  
Even if Samsung literally takes an A9 chip right out of the silicon wafer and slaps it into one of their own products, it won't work anyways correct?  I mean, the firmware/code still has to be embedded on the chip in order for it to function right?  So even if they can copy some aspects of Apple's chip technology, without the code to really make the chip work they would still stumble and always be behind right? I do agree... if Samsung was to ever be caught red-handed...
 I'm always the last to find out this shit!!  /s
The sad part is that whether one speculates, or invests in a company you should be able to have faith that management is playing be the rules and are competent people.  Otherwise, it will be like Russia, or other (seriously) corrupt places where you can't guarantee anything once your money goes to them.Honestly, these guys should be facing charges of some sort.  They took the money and ran.  
I'll say it... "F C U K em"
Yeah, like maybe you should go away and go p!ss in someone else's pool.... whiner.
New Posts  All Forums: