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*yawn*  Yeah... he's so "gobsmacked", that makes it even more important!!! 
On the menu bar.... "Messages->Buddies->Block Person".   That is still greyed-out, but thanks to Solips, Its in the preference panel and that part does work.
Sorry... it's not.  Thanks for pointing that panel Solips.  I was actually referring to the Messages/Buddies/Block Person option on the pull-down menu.  I didn't notice the option on this panel.  It pulled all my blocked-contacts from iCloud just fine.  Looks like I'm good to go.I wonder why Apple doesn't make the "Block Person" option available?  I won't lose sleep over it. 
Does anyone know of info regarding specifics and how-to to blocking users on OSX iMessages?  I've been eagerly waiting for this update as my iOS devices block users just fine, but I was still getting them on my Mac's messages. The "Block User" option is still greyed-out in Messages.  Anyone have ideas?
Key part.  I'm more than confident that Apple is always trying to keep the filth out of the app store.  If I want my data and identity compromised, I'll use an Android phone.This is more FUD than anything else.
That's where clowns like Samsung will always fail.  They add everything plus the kitchen sink, and nothing works well.  Apple takes its time to get it right, and make sure the tech is completely hidden from the user.  TouchID is elegant, simple, and best yet... it just works.Samsung's fingerprint scanner is using old fingerprint scanning from the early 2000's, using hardware that is buggy, unreliable, and crappy system software to top it off.  They should be ashamed of...
Fixed that for you.The flaw in your logic is that you assume the stuff they added actually works.I knew from day one that Samsung would add a fingerprint sensor on the home button just like Apple would, and that it would be the same crappy and unreliable swipe sensor, along with the sh!tty software to make it work.  They did not disappoint.  If I could have bet money somewhere on this, I would so have jumped in.  I won't even start with the "Pleather" case design, or...
Blocking people on iMessages. Can't come soon enough!
This is just one small step for Samsung to eventually move 100% to TizenOS.  With all the Fandroids harping about how great Samsung's Android-powered devices are, Samsung has just been using them as the tools they are to ride on the back of Android, and then drop them like a bad date. Android's on borrowed time.  With Samsung out of the picture, Android will be a generic mobile OS on junk phones, even though it kind of already is.  Good riddance.
The grammar police are here?? 
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