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A livable wage in the San Francisco bay area is always a contentious subject.  I'm split in the middle on this.  Sure, a bus driver that shuttles the best minds in the software world is an important responsibility.  I sure would not want to be driving those gargantuan buses on San Francisco streets and traffic.  That's a high-stress position for sure! At the same time, everything has to be balanced too.  Where is the line drawn?  As an adult, if my job does not pay a...
Just like iPads, next in line will be youtube vides of pimple-faced BestBuy employees smashing Apple Watches in the parking lot.  Wait for it...
Sadly... this is true.  You are spot-on Solips.  Apple would be screwed if they did, screwed if they didn't.
That's a lot of money to spend for a product the trolls, iHaters, and dumba$$ analysts claim is a "failed" and "tepid" product. Where are those "experts" to explain this?
I agree with you.  I think the lack of any serious security solutions meant that they could skimp on the hardware side as well.  Now, the industry will have to take hardware-level encryption performance seriously for their HomeKit products.  This can only benefit the industry as a whole.  It just took Apple to tell everyone to get its act together.
As a developer, I can understand the hassles of what high-encryption can bring in terms of performance.  That being said, it's about damn time ANY company demands it.  How many countless stories have we read over the years with hackers cracking into home equipment and stalking the people?  The industry had all these years to do it, and always decided to ship their products with half-a$$ securities, no passwords, or whatever.  Shame on them, good on Apple. As usual, Apple...
What else could BF do?  Might as well hang out at the cesspool of Apple trolls that is MacRumors.   He'll fit right in.All that wasted energy on criticizing the watch and Tim Cook, and he just can't swallow the notion that he was smackdown-shown how clueless BF really was on everything.  So hey, just sign up at Macrumors, rinse and repeat.
Hey Einstein... in case you were asleep in Obvious-101, the watch ALREADY is a success.Troll much?
So the competitors are whining that they have to give a percentage of their earnings for an app that gives those whiners access to millions of potential (and paying) customers all the while Apple maintains that ecosystem and all the overhead costs that goes with it for free?  As if all that infrastructure magically pays-for and maintains itself? Stupid people.  Nothing is stopping them from going to a competitor like Android - oh wait.. Fandroids expect everything to be...
What does one expect him to say?  "Uhm, yeah!  We copied the iPhone all the way down to the shape of the home button!" They will never admit it.  I'd bet money they all get together in a room right after a new iPhone release, and start the cloning right then and there.
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