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In other news... Ford pays about $1,786.59 in metal, plastic, glass, and rubber to manufacture it's $80,000 Shelby Mustang. 
This is what irks me about the so-called "competition".  They proudly claim how their devices are superior in areas - when they compare against an iPad - yet the reality is that they cannot code themselves out of a Hello program.  Amazon seems to have a semi-lucid sense to build devices, yet the software (and upkeep) to keep them running is atrocious at best.  Making hardware I think is easy.  Getting it to run good takes great software, which so far, no one can compete...
It doesn't have to be for when a phone is forgotten.  I love answering/making phone calls from my iMac.  Even though I have speakerphone, it's just nicer to not have to fiddle with my phone. The only problem I have with it is if my call requires me to hit a dial-number (like automated menus), I can't do that on my iMac.. that I know of.
Two billion over "estimates" is flat-out contractor ineptness.  We read about stuff like that all the time - especially with the San Francisco Bay Bridge. I deal with construction contractors all the time and it just irks me to kingdom-come when they low-ball an estimate in order to get the business.  I'm not saying that Skanska and DPR did that, but to go from a $3 billion "estimate" and then have it balloon to 60% over that means to me they flat-out lied about their...
 I agree wholeheartedly. I was especially miffed as to their claim about "Android enjoying greater success".  That is 100% master story-spinning to say the least.  Is this the same Android where less 90% of the Android handsets out there are on a release closer to 2 years old, if not older?Is this the same Android where it's running a fork of Android that strips out all of Google's services like what Xiaomi does?  Meaning, Google does all the work, and get's zero benefit...
It's okay, I'm sure a lot goes right over your head.
It's not like you had any credibility to begin with, but what's really sad is that when you have zero of anything to stand on, you (and all the shills/trolls) play the Prada-card that has been debunked on so many levels and shredded... just because you have nothing left.Buzz off.
Skylake is where it's at for me. With the updated TB3, USBc, and new CPU on the horizon, there is zero incentive for me to upgrade my iMac right now. Looking forward to finally upgrading my trusty 2009!
Yeah!! Because we'd rather Apple put out a product before it's ready!! /sSeriously... I waiting for the new one as well and hoping it is what I need to finally cut the cord.  However, I know that it would have to involve other players outside of Apple - like the media conglomerates - and agreements be set in place to allow ATV to be the one-stop hub for modern TV streaming.So don't get your tighty-whities all in a bunch.  I'd rather wait for everything to be polished, than...
VMware handles all the drivers necessary to run it as a virtual machine.  As I understand it, with Bootcamp, Apple has to develop the drivers to make it work natively on a Mac.  Didn't Apple recently announce that it was not going to discontinue development of drivers for Windows 7 under Bootcamp?  Only Windows 8x will be supported on new Macs?
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