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I don't get your hate for Yosemite.  I'm curious what your lingering "real" issues are with Yosemite.  I think Apple is doing the right thing by not supporting older OS'es.  Heck, as far as I'm concerned, it would be the equivalent of Microsoft being expected to support WindowsXP right now too.  Not going to happen.  Adapt and move on or stay stuck in your outdated OS slumber.Now don't get me wrong, I loved Snow Leopard. It was (for me) rock solid and everything worked....
Nope.  This is dealing with the desktop OS.  So if anything, it would be compared to Windows which as far as I'm concerned I would never use for my day-to-day computing needs.  
I'm 50-50 on this.  If Apple wants to implement the ban, go ahead.  If they want to give felons a chance to contribute to society, so bit it as well.  I trust that Apple knows better than I would. People that have been released from prison obviously need a chance to rebuild their life.  They made a mistake, they did their time, so give them a chance.  I'm cool with that. Not all felonies are equal though. I certainly wouldn't want someone that was convicted of murder,...
I know it's all about consumer choice, but why would anyone with an iPhone even want to attempt using such trash as an Android watch?
Typical.  Like those that whined (loudly) about the V1.0 MBA, they are doing the exact same thing with this laptop.  They are not the intended market for this machine.  This machine is meant for highly-mobile individuals that require acceptable performance, maximum battery life, and most of all, the lightest weight to carry around. I've been a very happy MBA-owner for the past 5 years up until September of last year when I finally upgraded to a rMBP.  I exceeded the...
I have total love for Zeiss. I don't think they can compete on the miniature scale though. Zeiss is great for supplying larger lenses that are pricey, and don't sell too many of. I think if Zeiss got an order for 40 million camera lenses from Apple, Zeiss would run to the hills.
I think Sony is actually one of the better companies to work with Apple.  Sony screwed themselves over countless of times over the years with their archaic software-locking methods that made their great-products essentially useless.They make good stuff.  It's just the software-side is a joke.  Sony has been making inroads into photography, especially their mirrorless cameras like the A7-series that are giving dSLR's a run (arguably) for their money.  They truly do make...
You're that bratty kid that whines for a lollipop at the doctor's office aren't you?
That's very true.  Selling them at stores like Best Buy will cheapen the watch brand.  Like it did with the introduction of the iPhone, Apple needs to control the experience from the very beginning for the foreseeable future, and the see how it goes.Besides, I can easily see a bunch of pimply-faced Best Buy skateboard rats posting a youtube video of them destroying a watch like they did with iPads and iPhones.  
So what you're saying is that the new lipstick they're using on their pig is much more expensive so they now have to put-out to get some?Yeah... thanks for clarifying that. :)
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