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Jony has a great team of people working with him.  Like Steve did, I only hope that Jony's legacy also includes having someone that follows his footsteps in design and beliefs.
They didn't.  In Germany, they were paying for regular text messages.  They weren't using it.  So even when iMessage went mainstream, they didn't know and still continued to not use Messages.In my experiences both here and (especially) abroad, ignorance of technology is really the norm.  It's why I always tell people here and on other threads that tech people here do not represent the knowledge of the masses.  I spent about 30 minutes showing them all new stuff of iOS7 and...
Funny thing is that some of my friends were using WhatsApp because they hate Facebook.  I'm going to crack up laughing when I tell him the news. :) What's going to happen like everything else in the past, they over-pay for a company, everyone (or most) will jettison the app and move on to the next one.. rinse and repeat.  This deal is going to go south within a year.
I came back from Germany a few weeks ago.  My friends there were all using WhatsApp on their iPhones.  What was funny is that when I explained to them what iMessage does (including FaceTime Audio), they all said they had no idea the iPhone works that way so they all jettisoned WhatsApp.  In addition, I trust Apple to keep my contact info secure versus have some 3rd-party company have access to my contact info. That being said $16B for what is essentially a glorified...
Samsung usually starts amping-up the rhetoric when they realize their products are gathering a bit too much dust on the shelves. Samsung has an area in Costco full of Galaxy products.  Regardless of what day or night I go there, and even during the Christmas season, that area is always void of people and fully stocked - as in, no one buys their products.  That's the reality. Looking forward to Samsung getting the next beat-down in court.  
I'm curious how much actual $$ was made.  Samsung may have sold the most (if not dumped) phones in China, but who made the most money?  I would think 7% of the Chinese smartphone market means Apple made the majority of revenue there.  Any numbers?
I understand.  I'm kind of grouping all these wall street gamblers into the same bucket.  Whether mechanized, or some guy day-trading all the time that tries to fortune-tell, they are all responsible for manipulating the market.  Those people just try milking a company dry, then move on to the next victim with zero regard to these companies actually trying to make a long-term difference.
Keep it going Tim Cook. The more the better as far as I'm concerned.  Screw those day-trading a$$h0les.  
 Funny that these "insiders" think they are being invited to the "right" party in the first place.  Idiots. Serious issues.  If anything, it's more like the best-looking girl is at the party that these "industry insiders" can only see from the outside of a building, looking through a window while standing on top of an old milk box.
For the regular consumer, Thunderbolt doesn't provide much, but it's there.  I'm a convert.  I love that I can hook up my Thunderbolt display to my MBA with all the USB, Ethernet, etc  going on one cable. I've used TB to TB between machines (in Target Mode) to transfer large virtual machines to their final destination.  When I can transfer gigabytes of data in seconds, that is a huge deal.I think for the foreseeable future, TB will be used mainly by those in the...
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