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This is one thing I like about Apple's moving to a more modern platform.  Either update your apps, or get left behind.  Period.  No whining, no b!tching, no having hissy-fits.  Get your app updated or it's gone. This is another reason why Android is such a mess.
According to whom?  I'm at Union Square all the time and prior to Apple's interest in that corner that fountain was forgotten and in a shady area occupied by druggies and homeless people/panhandlers.  Most people didn't even give that horrendous-looking fountain a second, let-alone first glance."Important piece of public art"??  Pfft... I laugh at that statement.  Art is in the eye of the beholder, and you sir should get your cataracts looked at.
Funny.  You beat me to it.  I was thinking of exactly the same thing.Maybe that boring machine can "accidentally" create a sinkhole and suck that fugly fountain to the earth's core.I can't believe that people think that visual eyesore is even worth saving.
How does one dispose of something that is almost as hard as a diamond? Can these 500lb. blocks be somehow cut into more useable pieces for other uses? It seems like such a waste of resources.
Xiaomi was a sham to begin with.  Scum just like Samsung.  Xiaomi being under the "protection" of China, they can pretty much publish anything they want and without penalty or prosecution.
The linkIt's the link from the mentioned "blog posting" in original posting.  Still broken or taken down.This is the link taken from the article just now:http://www.easycom-aura.com/Easycom-for-PHP,87.html 
Well, the link to the posted seems to have been taken down.  Me think maybe them prominently including iOS there when it really should never have been might have been a bit too much for them?  I was gonna write the author a blunt email about his click-bait tactics.
But..but..but.. Android is open!!!  Fandroids should gather and protest!  Since they are too chicken-sh!t to talk to a hot flight-attendant, they figure it's better to just hack their Android phone and anonymously send the device a message.  Can't do that with an iPhone!  Oh... all those fantasy-relationships that will be ruined!!  The horror!
The iP6 will more more of an "iPad Mini Killer" than anything. I'm loving my iP6+ and I use my iPad even less since I got it. Only time I use it now is as an eBook reader - which it is perfect for, but too big for anything else. Great move United Airlines!!
Martin Luther King would be shaking his head in disappointment in seeing how Jackson (and Sharpton) have completely strayed off the path and become nothing more than 15-minute fame media whores.  Those two guys together did more damage to equality than anyone else could. Tim Cook is not helping the situation by catering to this jacka$$.  Jackson and his lapdog Sharpton are more racists than established racists folks. Ask Jackson what his stance on Gil...
New Posts  All Forums: