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Doesn't this quarter factor in Chinese New Year?  It's their version of our Christmas season.  I expect Apple will have one helluva quarter this year on-par with the last one just on that one piece alone.
Knock off your trolling.  You are making statements about products that haven't even been introduced yet with ZERO facts to back it up.  What you're doing is GUESSING.  Go troll elsewhere.
F**k you Oracle and the crappy software you make.  I was java-free on my Macbook and iMac for ages.  Then, a few weeks ago I took on an Oracle project to configure an Oracle Weblogic system that serves a client app. Viewing the pages on client machines required Java be installed, with no way around it.  The web page renders fine in Windows, but not on Safari, making it useless on the mac.  I refuse to install Chrome which I know would work. What made it better is that...
I have 2011 too... Microsoft has given me yet another reason to still cling onto Windows (using VMware of course).  Their 2011 Office for Mac is a steaming pile of crapola compared to their Windows counterpart.  I do a lot of development involving our systems generating automatic Excel documents and it's immediately apparent that basic functionality is non-existent on the Mac side.  It's like Microsoft didn't really even bother to make both platforms the same.  I rarely...
We'd still be raped by high text-message fees, a crapload of badly-designed, barely working apps that would only work with that one phone and only available from that one wireless carrier. It was horrible prior to the iPhone.  I tuned-out what it used to be like.  I would never want to go back to that.  Feature phones were fine, and my favorite phone back then was the Motorola StarTac.  Loved it, and it was basic.  My last phone prior to the iPhone was the Motorola Razr...
Really?  I haven't heard that one... why a SIM change?
I've been waiting for a new ATV box as well.  I'm sure Apple has something up their sleeves that they will introduce soon, but gosh darn it... hurry up!   I'm happy for the most part with my ATV2, it just irks me that it only supports 720p.  I want 1080, if not higher.  Maybe they are getting it just right to support 4K?
Dear Mr. Operators.  You had years to attempt a mutually-beneficial relationship with your mobile customers prior to the iPhone.  Instead, you took every opportunity to gouge and milk your customer for everything.  You have failed miserably.  You provide the "dumb pipe".  That is the only relationship I - and many - mobile users have with you.  I do not want anything more from you.  You will not get anything more from me.  Do that, and do it right, and you'll keep my...
Being a sport-motorbike rider for 30 years, my doing something that irks the hell out of you is music to my ears.  If you would be so kind as to give me your address, I'll make certain to do plenty of burnouts when I'm in the area.
What are you talking about?  Contractors are actually more preferred than employees when it comes to "firing" them.  Firing an employee involves way more red tape.
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