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For the regular consumer, Thunderbolt doesn't provide much, but it's there.  I'm a convert.  I love that I can hook up my Thunderbolt display to my MBA with all the USB, Ethernet, etc  going on one cable. I've used TB to TB between machines (in Target Mode) to transfer large virtual machines to their final destination.  When I can transfer gigabytes of data in seconds, that is a huge deal.I think for the foreseeable future, TB will be used mainly by those in the...
Sadly, what I do now is to write my posts using Textedit (or whatever separate editor) and when I'm ready I simply copy/paste it into the post before the site gets an opportunity to crash my browser.  It's sad, but it's what I do.Weird that the site crashes on my MBA (late 2011) consistently, yet is rock-solid on my 2009 iMac.  Both running Mavericks.  Figure that.
But...but...but... does that mean... Google is being.... "the man"??!!!
Citation please!!!!  ;)  /s
That's only 1% compared to the value of all the Android phones thrown in landfills or dumpsters.
I clearly remember those same idiot analyst criticizing Apple for not getting into the netbook fad.  They seem to magical forgotten about what happened to that segment.I guess the only thing they're good at is repeating the same mistakes in the hopes one day, statistics and probability will prove let them be right at least once.  Morons.
that's just sad. Run Android in a kind of emulator (or virtual machine) is a recipe for disaster.
I finally saw the Mac Pro at the Apple store in SF for the first time.  That think really does look like it does not belong in this time.  It's wicked and I so want one but alas, even my wallet is feeling a little squirmish at the thought of shelling out the money.The rep was demoing it to a prospective customer.  As they were hammering the machine, I placed my hand over the vent and could barely register any heat from the thing.  That's some impressive cooling going on in...
Demand?? What demand? All the whining iHaters and trolls have said since day one that no one wants something that looks like a trash can that can be built with off-the-shelf PC parts in their mommy's basement for $599!! There can't possibly be demand for this thing??!!! /s
Well, by taking the company private... isn't that what he technically did?
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