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Good. Now have Apple sue for attorney fees. Put that damn patent-troll company out of business for good.
Ive, as well as Steve Jobs, has said numerous times in the past that it bothers him that people perceive him to be the one that does it all when it is in fact a collaboration with Ive's entire design team.Read the articles, read Steve Job's book, or read something.  Don't "wonder".  I don't.  
Take a hike troll...I supposed that means you'll get the sports model..
*yawn*If Samsung has proved anything, is that they're very good at putting out garbage with lipstick.  If PayPal wants to partner-up with a loser-company like Samsung, be my guest.  I have zero intention of using PayPal once ApplePay is up and running.Five bucks that PayPal with dump Samsung the first chance it gets.
Why?  Apple doesn't normally raise the prices on their iMacs.  Unless they decide to introduce a "r-iMac" model completely separate from the others, then that's a different story.Apple makes the good stuff available for the masses.  If anyone can bring the prices down, it'll be them.  Crossing my fingers...While I've been itching to replace my aging 2009-iMac, I think I will wait for the next-gen Broadwell CPU next year.  Then, I'll have my wish-list fulfilled.
Apple/Google/OtherBigCorp have been paying taxes they are LEGALLY OBLIGATED to pay.  Is that concept beyond your comprehension?
If this is just the EU's way of trying to dip its hand into the cookie jar, I hope Ireland gives them EU a big FU.   Apple did nothing illegal and paid whatever taxes it was obligated to pay.  If Ireland did something illegal, well that is something entirely different, and expecting a company (like Apple) or others to pay taxes for stuff back in time is highly questionable to say the least. Sounds like the EU is just having a hissy-fit.
It's clear that Apple didn't want to create too big a pool of iPhones.  However, I think it would have been nice if they created a 4" iPhone 6.  Just like the crowd that clamored for a phablet phone, there obviously was a huge market for the 4" model.  To me, using it with one hand (and I have big hands) was a big plus. I can use the iP6 with one hand with "almost" no problem, something that extended use would probably make a non-issue.  I am leaning to the 6+ simply...
What the hell Apple?  I expect this sh!t from any Android handset, but not from you.  This better not be the new norm in town.  Get your act together!
Because jackasses believe it's always better to blame someone else for their own stupidity than to accept that they should not treat piece of sensitive electronics like it's a slab of solid diamond.Unbelievable the amount of whining there is about this.  It's a non-issue.  
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