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There you go again... all you're doing is proving us correct about you... keep the entertainment going...
I don't see too many homeless people in Union Square itself.  Sure, a few here and there mainly panhandling but are generally shooed-away by police, or on their own simply because of the amount of shoppers clogging the sidewalks.There were panhandlers and other miscreants that used to loiter by that ugly fountain only because the design of the original building gave them a hidden area where they would cause trouble.  I'm thankful that Apple is putting a store there because...
Anyone ready to spend $17K on an Apple Watch is not gonna need to spend 5 hours - or even 30 minutes to decide.  People with that kind of money know what they want and don't wait around thinking about it.  It's those same people that will walk into a Lamborghini dealership and point to a car and drop their bag of money down.  They have other things to do with their time.
They could just dig a hole where it's supposed to go, pour concrete over it "protect it" from the ravages of decay, and call it a day?  That think looks like millions of people threw their used chewing gum at it.
I walked by that corner three weeks ago and was stunned to see how fast they demolished the old building.  I was there a couple weeks prior to that and they were really hauling during that time. That fountain though is an eyesore.  Some art "aficionados" may take a liking to it, but it is grotesque and has ZERO artistic quality in that area.  I think SF should simply sell it to the highest bidder (if anyone would even buy it) and use that money to waste it on the...
Google, Samsung, and all the Chinese-knockoff makers are warming up their copy machines in anticipation of copying every aspect of the AppleWatch.  Apple is the world's R&D lab, and the competitors have no shame stealing all that Apple cranks out of its labs.
Netflix doesn't carry all the current stuff.  iTunes does.  I use both constantly and its a balance.  Can't get it all under one provider.  Would be nice.Bring on the new AppleTV with local programming.  At $40/mo, it would still be only 1/3 of what I'm paying right now on my HD cable that I would just LOVE to cut permanently.
When I lived in Germany, I'd travel to Italy often on the weekends.  Love the culture, and its people.  That being said, that country is one of the most corrupt EU countries, right next to Greece.  Just like Greece, they just try to ride on the backs of other countries (like Germany) that actually have a stable economy.  The Italians and Greeks would rather just sip coffee all day and let the government take care of them.  Not stereotyping... I've seen this first hand all...
Come on people.  Isn't it obvious by now?  It's a Samsung Van.
I think it's a product of today's hyper-connected world where people can't keep their attention-span going longer than a couple minutes.  Companies and governments bank on that ignorance now.  Just wait.. in the next couple weeks. people will forget about it and go back to caring about what the Kardashians are doing.
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