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You're comparing phone cameras and compact point-and-shoot cameras to full-frame professional cameras that are meant for folks that want to take serious photographs and probably uses them as tools in their careers?  Really??  At this point, it's not even worth further debate with you.. just a waste of electrons.
I want this year to be the year I finally cut the cable.  I'm paying $100/mo and only watch literally a handful of channels that I watch maybe a few hours a month.  It sucks.  
To each their own.  I use StreetView mainly on my desktop/laptop and even then, it gets minimal use from me.  Google's iOS app is a joke for StreetView.  I still to this day have trouble trying to get streetview to display on my iPhone that I don't even use it anymore on my iPhone/iPad.I love Apple's Flyover.  It's a far more polished interface than GoogleMaps is.  I'm looking forward to what Apple has in store to make it more social-media connected and incorporating an...
What a crock of sh!t.  If it were really a problem that Apple did, Twitter would have ZERO users.  Nice way of trying to pass-off blame for your shoddy app to someone else Twitter.  Maybe you should test your app a little more thoroughly next time? 
Don't even try.... guys. You just don't have the chops to do both hardware and software and the multitude of challenges that goes with keeping the two humming smoothly.
I'm curious what's in store for the photographers and dSLR users.  RAW support?  I was going to buy Aperture just before Apple announced discontinuing it.  My only choice was to go and subscribe to Adobe's Lightroom/Photoshop suite. While I'm not a fan of Adobe, it's going to take Apple doing something really special for me to get off of all that now.
Myself included.  TouchID on my iP6+ has been flawless.  I really didn't realize how often I was typing in a passcode until I stopped doing it.  TouchID just works....   you hearing that Samsung?
Right there you should have stopped....  The rest of your preaching wasn't worth wasting the extra electrons needed to display it.
One can get an 5c or 5s for the same price as a low-end Android phone.  The "high-end" Android phones are about the same price (on contract) as an iPhone6x.  So Apple does have both ends covered.  I think the consumer does see the difference between the crappy-quality, lagging-display junk that is Android and the polished, smooth iPhone and the decision is a simple one.Apple isn't even competing with Android per-se.  They just want to make the best phone around.  The...
I'm a big fan of Apple Maps.  It's a much smoother interface than what GoogleMaps offers.  A streetview option is the next logical choice.  I don't use StreetView often as I care more about getting to the location, than I do wondering how the building looks like from ground level.  However, I have more trust in Apple getting a more polished product out the door initially than what Google did.     The MapsGate problem back in the day was so overblown and just gave the...
New Posts  All Forums: