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You know, there was a time way back when you weren't such a whiner.  That time is long gone.  You really need to take a chill-pill.  When I see your posts, I already know what it's going to be about before even reading it.  Go elsewhere will you?
Samsung's R&D department located at 1 Infinity Loop in Cupertino is really paying off for them. :)
If the length of their "commitment" to Samsung means just getting the Note, and nothing else... I wouldn't accept it.  I think it's embarrassing that a cheap, piece of crap phablet the the Note means you have to essentially inconvenience yourself during the opening ceremony.  Considering how much money that olympian invested over the years to get to the games, only to have some trash company give you junk and tell you what to do.  It's embarrassing.  Now, if Samsung is...
During my pre-mac days, I always went with Sony Vaio laptops. For what it's worth, I think they were the best in terms of design, features, and quality. Those were the only models I would buy. After buying my first mac (Macbook Air) I then realized what quality actually meant. I'm glad OSX stayed put on the Mac platform. Sony would have just messed it up.
Interesting.  My old iP4 runs just fine with iOS7.  
Exactly.  It’s not like Apple had pallets full of unsold iP4’s lying around unsold to ship to India.  They have to fire up old tooling, and build “older” components again which to me sounds like a lot more work than just the iP5 design, or as you mentioned the 5c. It would also be nice to have more of the phones using the iP5x screen dimensions and get off the smaller retina screens altogether. I guess Tim Cook felt it was more cost-effective to bring back the “old” phones...
While I love my iP5, I really prefer the iP4's design. I liked the glass and metal design than the all-metal. It's a solid phone. It will sell well. I'm curious why they don't use the iPhone5 instead? I would think the mass-production of the iP5x would make for a cheaper model, unless Apple doesn't want to "dilute" the iP5-brand?
At least that proves that North Korea and South Korea have something in common. :) 
Precisely. When I'm on my iPad or iPhone and come across a Flash-only site, I don't blame Apple. I blame the website company and they lose my business. They need to wake up and get off this antiquated technology.
Thank you Adobe for reminding everyone why your Flash product is the software equivalent of the Titanic taking on water. I look forward to the day this trash product goes into the Internet history archives, where it should have been ages ago.
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