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I remember very well when Google first bought Motorola's division.  Quite a few idiots (which also includes Fandroids) thought that Google had a winner in terms of patents and they were going right after Apple.  Some basement-dwelling-armchair-CEO's in various threads were complaining that Apple should have bought that division to head-off Google. Well.... as usual, those people are nowhere to be seen on this thread and are being conspicuously quiet.  Where are they?...
If copying Motorola's version means not working, Samsung probably will.What's your point?
They can't even get the 32-bit Android running smoothly on a 32-bit chip!  Even with 8-cores, it'll still run like s**t.
We all know it's not going to work. I'm just wondering what the excuse will be from all those bed-wetting fandroids after criticizing Apple's TouchID and calling it a gimmick, and insecure, and how nobody would use it.
So long as there is a human involved in any part of the security link, it will always be a point of failure.  Why is this even news?
 Why?  I’m running Windows 7 (and Windows 8 & XP and Ubuntu) as a virtual machine via VMware Fusion.  It turned my mac into the best Windows machine I’ve ever owned. I run Windows for exactly that same reason.  Quickbooks for Windows is far superior to the Mac version. In your case, you can just copy your current Windows installation into a virtual machine and import it on your mac and you’re done.  I’ve done that to many other people migrating from a PC to a Mac but still...
Bahahahahahahahahahahaha BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Cue the blandroids spinning this story in 3...2...1
"Intimately aware"??  Jeez... get over yourself.I was born in San Francisco, raised there, and still living in San Francisco for more than a few decades.  I own my own home here, pay property taxes, and all the other hugely stupid taxes that go to people that frankly, would rather take than receive and have zero incentive to contribute to my city, both protesters and politicians.I've seen San Francisco as a moderate city, progressive city, from the seventies to now.  When...
It's inevitable that some all-in-one TV streaming service will be available for the masses. Services like Aereo is smacking the local TV service and will only get worse. Folks in the entertainment business have to do something. They have already admitted ages ago that they just don't have the technical know-how to pull of a successful online service. Sign with someone (preferable Apple) that knows how to do it right. I'd love nothing more than to dump my cable...
But...but...but... Android is "open", it's "Free", and Apple is "Walled Garden", "no choice"!! Is Cisco implying that Android is less secure than iOS?? But...but... that's not what I'm hearing.. http://www.dailytech.com/Googles+Eric+Schmidt+Says+Android+is+More+Secure+Than+iPhone/article33515.htm edit: Got my Os's all mixed-up... :/
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