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Have you used Windows 8 recently?  I was Windows7 all the way up until they came out with their Win8.1 update 1 release.  Windows 8 is (finally) a worthy upgrade to Windows 7 at it's current release.  They made it more mouse/keyboard friendly.  I started using Windows 8 almost exclusively now, and it has been rock-solid stable.  Windows 7 has just about been relegated to the dust bin for me.The one thing I still don't like about Win 8 is the way it attempts to hijack my...
$50 is still $50 even for an individual making $200K, especially if the process is such that it is of minimal effort and best use of one's time to receive the money, which is precisely what Gazelle does.  Why does it bother you such?I'll tell you that if I could make $100 by doing nothing more than putting my old phone in a box, and at my leisure, walk to a mailbox on the way to work and be done with it, I'll certainly do it.  I make over $100K+/yr and I'll tell you that...
800 by the end of the year??  I'll bet you that it will be 1/8th of that by the end of the year... :)
Shhh.... don't tell the analysts that.  Eat popcorn and sit back. :)
I'm due for an upgrade.  As much as I loved my BTO 2009 iMac, it's beginning to show its age... especially with the occasional creaky fans.  I've literally worn mine out, as it is my primary workhorse machine when I work from home.  It's been the best desktop "PC" I've ever owned. So with that... what I'd like (and hope) to see in the next iMac upgrade... 8-core Haswell CPU, Thunderbolt 2 Nice to have (but not necessary) Retina display I use my iMac to run several...
I'm curious the work-relationship between Dre & Tim Cook.  They're obviously both businessmen, but I would not want to p!ss off Dre.  That guy just intimidates me.  :)
Who "confirmed" this?  You?  Just like your username, you're all hype, zero substance.  Buzz off.
 In other news... water is expected to be wet tomorrow.
This reminded me of an incident at a shop I worked at about 17 years ago, which was my first foray into the seedy patent world.  A couple of co-workers devised a way to more efficiently handle work orders of $1M+ machines as they traveled through the pipeline.  I assisted in taking their concept, and implementing it in our ERP system.  All of us thought nothing of it.  We always brainstormed about ways to make our production system more efficient.Long story short, at the...
What you should be concerned about is that you may actually believe your "Tim Cook Dropped Ball, thus Apple Doomed" propaganda nonsense.So lets recap the famous quotes from armchair whiners like you:Tim Cook dropping ball again.Apple is doomed.Steve Jobs would never do this.Apple lost their innovation since Steve Jobs died.Apple is in decline because they don't sell cheap junk.Care to add more?
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