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Wrong.Up until last year, my 2009 iMac has been running on 8GB.  I only upgraded it because I got a really good deal on the RAM chips.  I didn't "need" to upgrade it.  I was using my iMac to run 1-2 virtual machines and it was fine.  I am a power user and I am certainly not the norm.  If 8GB was fine for me considering how much I was hammering my machine in ways most folks of the low-end iMac will never do, I think 8GB will be more than adequate for the Joe Consumer.And...
What's pathetic are the posters here hammering Apple for this. It's a low-end Mac. Get over it.  People here on this forum for some reason think that what's best for them surely should be the standard for everyone else.  Not. I can count on one hand the number of people I've known that have ever upgraded the RAM on their PC's since they purchased them.  It's the norm, not the exception. 8GB is fine for the folks the market the iMac is meant for.  As long as Apple doesn't...
I wasn't going to say anything.  He kind of validated my original post. :)
I'm only guessing... but it would not surprise me if Amazon has paid a bunch of app shops to specifically develop a bunch of apps, and have them sign an NDA to never mention how Amazon bribed contracted with them.
No there is not.  
Oh great... that's just what we need. It's bad enough that pedestrians have to worry about distracted car drivers looking/texting on their cellphones. Now, we have to worry about getting hit by skateboarders doing the exact same thing. Honestly, some ideas really need to get the rubber-stamp "R E J E C T E D".
I have a 2009 iMac too.  It was a B.T.O. quad-core i7.  About 8 months ago, I replaced my original 1TB hard drive with a 1TB SSD Samsung EVO840, which essentially turned it into a new machine and it is a serious screamer.  Even with that, my iMac is beginning to show its age with the occasional creaky fan noise and other (very, very minor) annoyances probably due to its age and condition.My business partner picked up his new iMac a couple months ago, and even though I was...
So it's a glorified (and expensive) version of their craptastic Kindle Fire, optimized for the only real intent of getting you to buy more stuff from Amazon.  Great. Like all the other non-iOS offerings, it will come out with tons of fanfare, then they will realize that it's simply another example of lipstick-on-a-pig, the OS will rarely get any updates, and when it does it will not work, or be even more unstable... and then people will continue to wonder why iOS...
Mr. Kardashian should stick to what he does best.... uhm... anyone know what that might be??
Funny article DED.  NYT is becoming the next Gizmodo of being banned.
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