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Shotguns would be way too easy.  I'd use a NET-deploying GUN!!Capture the little buggers, confiscate its cargo, and swap it with a bag a dog-shit and a thank-you letter.  I suspect Amazon will quickly abandon the idea.How much to bet that Bezos would "conveniently" prevent them from buzzing his house within a 5-mile radius?  
My business partner owns a BMW 5.  Biggest piece of junk and he regrets getting it.  Like clockwork, every three months something leaks/breaks/blows and off to the dealer it goes.  The only thing reliable about BMW is their warranty.  They break down so often and the price to repair it on each occurrence (had it not been under warranty) easily and effortlessly goes into the thousands of dollars. I own a $23K BMW (motorcycle) that brand new has broken down so many times,...
Exactly.  Not even a minute would pass after introduction, that some basement-dwelling Fandroid loser states how he can build an Tag/Android watch using no-name PC pieces and CPU's for 1/5th the cost.Just wait...
It's still lipstick on a pig.  This will be a perfect modern-example of the ill-fated Motorola/Rokr "partnership" from years ago.  Both companies with big egos will get in the way, and the product will be forgotten about in the hopes the passage of time erases it from everyone's memory. Tag is polluting its brand image by including a trash OS.  Then again, given the circumstances I suppose it has no choice since it has no software/ecosystem expertise... not that Android...
I'm taking all that with a grain of salt.  It's such a touchy subject, and every word will be dissected and examined by the entire world so obviously, he's trying to avoid a very sensitive subject. I'm not sure why people harp about their electric car.  I saw it back in January 2014 at BMW Welt in Munich and I thought is was a really cool car and the materials going into it to keep the weight down was impressive.  I wouldn't mind having one.
I guess like packed Apple Stores, B&H is a victim of its own success?  I shop B&H online quite often for photography equipment/supplies.  It's a very, very, dangerous store for me to walk into.  I could definitely see myself going apesh!t in there.  Someday, I'd like to visit that store just to say I've been there. I'm not sure why AI is stating the 3rd-party reseller thing being unique only to Best Buy.  I see similar set ups when I travel to Germany.  I don't get it.
No way in hell would I ever trust Facebook to handle financial transfers.  I can already sense scammers salivating at the thought of hijacking one's Facebook account and going bonkers on the victim's credit card.  No way. I'm curious what is Facebook official policy with identity theft, reimbursement of funds, etc... when an account is hijacked.  Blame the user for using a weak 30-character password?
I like him as an actor. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.  Sure, he doesn't look like him but what does one expect?  It's his acting and ability to play Steve Jobs is what I'll be looking for.
I haven't yet seen one, but if the past is any indicator... it is an illusion.  The trackpad is glass which is flush with the deck.  What you're seeing the "thickness" of the glass trackpad resting in the opening.  It's not Apple's style to have such an indentation on the trackpads.  
There must be a template that AI uses.  It's always the same tune.  "Apple experiencing yield issues for "
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