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In today's day-and-age, keeping all your data on your host machine is just asking for trouble.  It doesn't matter if you're "pro" or not.Pro's and folks that really depend on their machines/data will keep data off their machines, or synced.  I keep all my documents on Dropbox, and major files are backed-up on time-machine, and also stored on a NAS server.  Done.A couple months ago, my 2009 iMac mysteriously crashed.  I honestly thought it finally took the dump.  I depend...
I'm curious as to which model you ordered.  Was it the black SS model?  I hear those are the ones really taking a while.
Yeah right.  "Real" creative professionals would be using a Mac Pro.  Now wait... you say your "Mac Mini" has more power for your use?  Please enlighten me what kind of "pro" work you do?  Mac-minis are fine for general consumers and hobbyists, but for serious work that requires an iMac and up in-my-opinion.iMacs are dependable machines.  Mine certainly has been.  I've opened it up twice to upgrade the hard drive, optioning for a 1TB SSD in the end, and replaced the RAM...
I think you mean one would use the iOS Starbucks app to pay right?It wasn't necessarily Starbuck's fault, but their app has been in the news lately, and not in a flattering way due to people hacking into users' Starbucks rewards accounts and stealing money.  I have zero desire to use their app.  When (if) ApplePay comes to Starbucks, they'll get more of my business.  Until then, it's good-ole-fashioned cash for me.
I'm rather amazed that the store is as huge as it is.  It's not like Apple has a gigantic product-line to warrant such a massive store.  I guess in this case the store being in Dubai, it's more about presentation. Beautiful store though.
A beautifully shot video.  It's amazing how much videography has progressed to the point of being able to hold that same device in the palm of your hand.  It's this kind of quality that Samsung can never copy.
Apple could easily make a "cheap" phone and take the hit for a year if it wanted.  Apple is smart enough to know that it's not just the iPhone, but it's ecosystem.  A cheap phone would get them in the door but honestly, folks buying free/cheap Android phones probably aren't at the income-level or have the disposable income anyways.  
What I find interesting in that all the time Android had their smartwatches around, NO ONE gave it any serious thought whatsoever.  Apple watch just gets introduced, and folks are paying attention to it and ideas are coming out from it.Why is Android watches stillborn?  Because they're crap.  Period.  Everyone, except for Fandroids, know Android watches are barely any more useable than a standard analog watch.  Fandroids will simply revert to their tired and worn-out...
  Wait at the corner down the street for the waaaaaaaahmbulance. 
I'm waiting to buy the new iMac with the Skylake CPU.  Can I rant and blame Apple for bungling this even though I know it's actually Intel's fault for being so far behind?  No, I prefer to be patient and understanding of the circumstances and I will not whine about first-world problems.  The watch is a brand new category.  Of course, Apple is going to have issues getting a gazillion of them shipped out.  What will happen is that this will be a distant memory soon, and...
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