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The San Francisco flagship store near Union Square had the theater seating and had classes on everything.  There were many times I would walk up there looking for something, then be captivated at whatever subject they were teaching.  It was great, and the seats were always taken with eager folks and their MacBooks listening to every word that was spoken.  I miss that.  It was really unique to Apple.  I think they should bring that back.  For people new to OSX and the apps,...
Depends on what you're buying.  For me there was no room for negotiation.  It was MSRP, or move out of the way for the line of people that would buy it, and the dealer knew that as well as I.  It's not like I was buying a Ford that they made a million identical models that will sit on the lot for a while.The point being is that when confronted with what is essentially free money, it's crazy to not take advantage of it.
I have to think that all those data centers that Apple is building has to be doing more than just handling everyone's iCloud accounts.  I think Apple really is stealthily aggregating everything, and when it's polished... will bring Google to its knees.  I'll be a very happy AAPL person when that day comes.
I don't think it's an issue of the tax system.  When interest rates to borrow money being so low, Apple could keep its cash hoard sitting in bank accounts and short-term investments that the difference between rates is to Apple's advantage.Heck, even if Apple had all the money in the US, they would probably still borrow money and continue letting its own cash hoard work to generate more interest in other investments.  That's hugely simplified of course.  I couldn't even...
15 seconds on the AT&T site proves you wrong."Low End" iPhones are around to be had.  From "free" to $0.99.http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/devices/cellphones.html
 Agreed.  I think it's a beautiful store.  Apple makes their stores part of the attraction to their products.  Companies nowadays don't bother because (Samsung) the store is just a place to buy stuff so why spend money on it.  Apple makes their stores with the intent that they will be around awhile.  There will always be people that need to see something new every 15 minutes to deal with their OCD.  For everyone else, these stores will be timeless.  It really sets the mood...
I agree... that being said, there is something inherently wrong when companies like Google and Amazon have high stock valuations even though they make less.  If they applied that screwed-up logic to AAPL, it would have certainly been a $1T+ company a while back.
I'm in the middle on this somewhere.  Yeah, it's tiresome to enter one's password to download a "free" app.  At the same time, if my iDevice is ever stolen and the thief is too stupid I wouldn't want "free" apps to suddenly start appearing on my other iOS devices because he hasn't bothered to wipe it out.I know lots of holes in my argument... but hopefully the message comes across.
All these years Google had to get its GoogleWallet going, and the Fandroids with their "Gazillion activations per day" nonsense, and they have zero to show for it. That is pathetic to say the least. Says a lot about Google and the user-base.
I truly do believe it, and if you comprehended my original post, I was not referring to the hardware.  Fandroids / iHaters are the worst of the worse when it comes to spouting off at the mouth, trolling endlessly on numerous forums and polluting what should have been a healthy dialogue.  They literally lie to make their point, or are so much in denial on just how bad the Android model is that they will just continue the status-quo, look the other way, and pretend that all...
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