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It's an awesome strategy.  By doing this, Apple also gets people to start actually using it.  Having college students (and faculty) using it means it will become more mainstream with the younger minds, then resulting in it being considered the norm a year or two from now and ApplePay will be expected in non-college outlets as well.On a similar subject, where has CurrentC been lately?  Haven't heard word-one from that sham of a conglomerate lately.
I'm waiting for the media to sensationalize this and make it sound like it's a non-jailbroken problem. I can pretty much guarantee the trolls, Fandroids, and iHaters will try passing off this non-story as an Apple problem.
I've been holding off getting a new ATV box to replace my buggy, old one.  I'm really looking forward to what Apple is going to offer.  If even 1/2 of the rumors are correct, I'm looking forward to cutting the cable-cord and giving Comcast the middle-finger.  I'm tired of paying $100+/mo on TV that I rarely watch, and only for a handful of channels.  
I finished reading Google's ATS handling.  It seems to only be limited apps that communicate using nonsecure HTTP connections.  I hate Google in general, but even their paper says that they want people to start upgrading their apps to use encrypted HTTPS connections, and if that is done, everything will be fine and no "workarounds" will be needed.   Am I missing something?  It's more like Google is telling app developers to update their apps to be more current and secure.
I installed it as a VM on my Mac.  It's a necessity because many of my clients are still running Windows shops.   I like it, especially when compared to Windows 8.   I'm also happy that they finally jettisoned Internet Explorer. It's what Windows 8 should have been.  I'm not a fan of how Microsoft is forcing data collection, so I'm going to take the wait-and-see approach to how it goes.  For now, it's still teething so my clients will stick to Windows 7 & 8. Looks...
 Yeah, because iPhone-cloners like Samsung use Apple's tech to make it look/feel like an Apple product, and then after they stole - make their money, the go elsewhere.What the hell is the use of a patent, if they can't enforce it?  Apple made/redefined/etc.. the modern touchscreen-OS interface and now the courts (not the patent office) are now the ones deciding to what degree a patent must be violated before the patent can be used?  Bullsh!t.
Absolutely impossible.  Everyone knows the earth was created 6,000 years ago so the sun would have to be at least that old!  :) /s
Hey SEC???  What about going after Cramer after publicly admitting he would put out false Apple reports to manipulate AAPL??  Well??
 Repairs are made on-site.  Friends of mine with the same problem had their iPhone 6+ repaired while they waited.  Total repair-time, about 15 minutes.If you don't leave near an Apple store, well then... that's a different story. 
Wow... just wow.  Are you seriously trying to pass of your crudely imagined "logic" as some type of informed, lucid fact?A great company is defined not only by the products it sells, but also the ability to back up their products.  My iPhone 6+ camera started exhibiting those same issues and it will be repaired.  That's a great company.   You on the other hand, just whine and complain about some imaginary fault that Apple has, and even after that... you still don't make...
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