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Exactly. AT&T is the top 2 largest carrier in the US. Apple is certainly not going to take the iPhone away from it and AT&T knows that. I think it's just a game of chicken right now and no one has blinked yet.In many ways, both need each other.
Well, the trolls and shills are out in full force here and approving of Scamsung going against a judge's order. Just shaking my head in disappointment.
Judge tells Samsung to exclude something, they make it public.  Way to go Samsung.  That will certainly make your case solid.. *rolls eyes*
I guess I'm left wondering why AT&T should care about it?  If they want to push a certain platform, it's not like Apple can do anything about it right?  Apple's not going to ban AT&T from selling iPhone right?  I'm curious what the ramifications (if any) would be.
Because most people never upgrade the hardware in their laptop after purchase.  You are in a very, very small minority.  It's neither a win, nor a loss for the consumer.  Like it or not, soldering the ram, ssd chips increases reliability.  It also makes for a lighter and thinner footprint since Apple doesn't have to install components which allows for ram cards, or SSD hookups. They still sell the non-Retina MBP that lets you do that.  So buy one while you still can if...
I hope they make the adapter in such a way where it's not that much bigger or intrusive than the current legacy version.  
Right... coming from a 10-year old??
I think the more realistic guess is how long will be before true finality occurs?  I see Samsung dragging this out through the courts via endless appeals, and countersuits, etc. until by the time a final verdict (against Samsung I hope) if finally done, Samsung will have made their billions on iClone knockoffs, will be chump-change (in the big picture) for a fine (if any), and whatever products they were infringing on will be a memory. That's my 2-cents. However, to...
Let the records note that Shaun, UK has been mysteriously silent since this remark.
Bullsh!t Shaun.  Samsung being an overseas company figured it could get away with copying and essentially litigate it to death.  They got to be making tons of money in their smartphone business not because they actually made a better product, but because they road off the coattails of Apple.  There are smug-faced executives at Samsung right now cracking up about how they've been playing Apple through the courts, all the while raking in their iClone cash.  Whatever money...
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