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ZZZ is trying to make himself feel better that if Android is losing money for the manufacturers, they surely can make it up by volume.  :)
Worked great for Schettino.. :)
"Be Bold"... right.  Let's see what the passengers of the Titanic would have thought had the captain said that on the loudspeakers. :)
I think the problem that jailbreaking was exasperated by the media and fandroid community.  Whenever there was a blitz about certain compromises on an iPhone, everyone jumped on it as Apple's fault.  Of course, no one failed to mention the little fine-print at the bottom that the security breach was on a jailbroken iPhone. I'm personally not a fan of jailbreaking.  Of my friends that have done that to theirs, I used it and quickly get frustrated at it.  They modify it so...
Ah yes, Packard Bell... I very much remembered having to diagnose problems on those machines.  So much in fact that I must have suppressed-memories of it.  Too traumatizing to remember.  They had a seriously screwed up way of doing things. If by changing Windows 7 appearance and functionality, may I presume to guess that you're referring to AD?  It's still under Microsoft's control from a top-level. 
I can understand folks wanting to tailor their OS to their unique style, but in the end I'll take consistent UI's over a micro-managing UI anyway.  The reason is simple.  It's the same on all iPhones, so you can pick up any iPhone since day one and know exactly where everything is.  There is an advantage and consistency to that. Back in the day for us older folks, PC manufactures (Compaq and HP come to mind) in the 90's were doing the exact same thing with tweaking...
Sorry Solips... with all the dialogue going on between you and jragosta, I got it mixed up.  I have much more data than the 2GB free option so I decided to pay for the 50GB version.  It's used for my business so it's a write-off. :)  I also think they are the gold-standard for cloud storage.  iCloud has a lot of promise in terms of iOS App integration but for those that need more flexibility, I think Apple prefers folks like us go the 3rd-part route for that.  I'm okay...
Hey Solips, I'm curious as to why you picked Skydrive over Dropbox? I was a heavy iDisk user up until Apple decided to EOL it. I share your criticisms of it. Dropbox is so much more useable for me. So why Skydrive?
Who comes up with sh!t??!! I mean really, you can predict 5 years into the future??!! Predict me the next lotto numbers. Assuming Apple stops all innovation from this point forward, then that might be the case.
I fully agree with you D.  Hilarious and pathetic at the same time.  One cannot simply assume it's the "iSheep" people like the iHaters and Fandroids constantly fall-back on.  This is the consumer recognizing that iPad does something right that the Android players just are incapable of providing. So what happens is they throw a hissy fit which results in losers like ScamScum insulting Apple consumers. Gotta admit, it really is funny knowing the Android community is...
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