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Hmm... interesting.  I didn't realize I was paying that much per year to use my 4G iPad 3!  Oh wait... sorry, I'm only paying for the 4G plan only when I need it, so that means I'm not paying that. Would be interesting if Amazon gives the user the option to not pay for the 4G, unless they need it.  What market is Amazon shooting for with it?  I mean, a regular user would not want to use the wireless connection to stream a video / music without getting socked on...
I guess China's running out of people eh?  *rolls eyes* This article is pure BS.  When this is deemed a fabrication, I hope they rope the person spreading this nonsense to the wall and get what they deserved, right next to Mike Daisey.
Yeah, I read that article too.  Freakin unbelievable.  Those guys should be ashamed of themselves.  I know the Chinese justice system is a joke, but even I have to believe that if these a$$hats try suing Apple on this, the judge smacks a sledgehammer right on their...
but..but... only Apple abuses patents.  Not scamsu... uhm... Samsung!  /s
Oh, so Apple could never win in the US because no jury would ever allow patents on rectangles with rounded corners (the whiny argument), and now that you and other freetards stuffed your faces eating crow, you simply crawl elsewhere and start whining the same thing? Rinse and repeat?Do us all a favor and cancel your account. Please. Stop infesting this forum.
  All of this is kind of moot.  In the end, the box will still just have the word "iPhone" on it.  
If anyone can pull it off, it's Apple.  I'm not a fan of carbon fiber though.  It's just a nasty process to work with.  Recycling that stuff is not a walk in the park.  It doesn't seem to be Apple's style to be mass-producing that stuff.
This is what's really sad about journalism nowadays.  In the rush to be the first to report a news story, nothing is checked but put out there as fact. Of course, then it is discredited and shown that it was fake. Come on people.  This is getting really old.  
Took care of what?  You mean those issues that Fandroids have been screaming never existed.  The issues that iOS didn't have even when running on less powerful hardware compared to Android phones? Please enlighten us uneducated folks.  What issues??
  I have countless folks using OSX/VMware.  I'm also the one that purposely is the guinea pig so that what happens (if anything) with my setup, it won't happen to my other clients which therefore makes my life much easier.  So not much need to look within.  I know what I'm seeing and I work closely with VMware and on occasion with Apple to iron them out so they get resolved and I can test, and upgrade everyone. I've ran OSX 10.7 w/Fustion 4.1.3 for ages (& Win7x64 & XP)...
New Posts  All Forums: