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The Samsungs of the world thank you Apple for letting them avoid paying for their own R&D.
I cracked-up when I read that.  I really do hope it's for real.  Obviously, if I had that kind of money to burn for a cup of coffee (for charity of course) I'd jump at the opportunity.  He's a fascinating guy. I wonder how much it would have been if it were with Steve Jobs.  That would be epic.  Heck, probably cheaper than paying for a college education - and getting more out of it! If it's for real, kudos to Tim Cook for doing it.
I'm neutral on the whole iMac fiasco.  However, kudos for Cook to look at it as an opportunity to do better. It would not have made much difference in the big picture methink.  Whiners and trolls complaining that Apple wasn't updating the iMacs fast enough would simply turn right around and complain that Apple had the NERVE to update the iMacs right after the Christmas season. No way he could win. I'm waiting for the next iMac iteration before I decide to retire...
Unbelievable... Apple makes more money than anyone, continues to make more money than anyone, has more money than anyone and a$$hat folks like Kass, the media, and iHaters on this forum think Cook doesn't have the chops?  Un-fricken-believable. I hope Kass and his cronies are crucified and investigated by the SEC for what is clearly an attempt to manipulate AAPL.  All of this makes ZERO sense.  
Wow.. seems like the every know-it-all is out here today.  I guess we can stop all future development of everything.  You guys have it all figured out... /s
Why not wait and see what those lost features are until it comes out?  Jeez...  for all you know it may mean you can't use your headphone jack.
Stop wasting everyone's time. This subject has been brought up countless times in every tech publication for years and discussed in detail by everyone.If you don't know how to use Google for a few seconds to find the reams of info on this subject, then it's not even worth the effort explaining it to you.Responding to actual and obvious facts with "back up with actual data" just means you have zero argument.
Not having the ability to download the same app that is compatible with your old hardware is not Apple's problem.  If anything, it is the "problem" of that app developer, if even that. If I as an app developer come out with a new release, it is my decision (not Apple's) to make in terms of OS compatibility.  I the developer will decide "iOS 5 is just too confining and I don't want to support that anymore, therefore I will make a new version that takes advantage of all...
Oh please.  Get off your soapbox.  By your rationale, I should be p!ssed that a reset of my old Palm Pilot will forever remove my apps too.   We come across some folks with the 1st-gen iPads that are forever stuck in OS5.0 running certain enterprise-apps at our shop.  We do out best to make sure whatever app we create is iOS5.0 compatible.  That's fine for business stuff and we try.  The problem is not with Apple necessarily, but the app developers themselves to make...
Then go to an Android site will ya?
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