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How funny... Apple / Microsoft - the ones that actually try inventing stuff, and then there's everyone else chummed in the same pot (the copycat artists). I predict that Google and the rest of the scam artists, knowing they will lose, will simply raise the bidding price so high that Apple/MSFT will end up overpaying for it rather than letting it fall into the hands of these crooks.
I'd add my 2-cents but it appears the sane folks here did it for me...
Perhaps for the back-end servers I can see that, however I think they are predominantly a Windows (or now OSX) on the desktop.  Ubuntu is nice though.  Any links to check this out further?
You would, I would, but the cell companies would have a hissy- fit!
Sizing-up the competition is one thing.  Taking a product, rubber-stamping it and putting your own logo on it is something else. Jeez... I want to think you're just trolling based on your history, but sometimes (and more-so than usual now) I really think you believe your own made-up propaganda as fact.  Get some help.. seriously.  
  Exactly.  When I read that, I immediately thought of my favorite management BS-generator: http://www.andrewdavidson.com/gibberish/
I did a clean-install of 10.8 on my 2011 MBA.  Once nice thing is that WiFi is much better in connecting to my AirportExtreme access point.  Before, when resuming from sleep-mode, I always had to turn off/on WiFi in order to reconnect.  That's a big plus. The battery life I'm still watching... I think it did take a hit and was not as good as 10.7.  But not by much for what I use it for. Still a great OS.  I'm quite happy with it.  Issues will be ironed...
I thought I smelled a putrid aroma comparable to a damp, smelly, basement occupied by grown men awaiting dinner from their mommy.
If the judge did that, Samsung would have an appeal within seconds of the verdict and then be dragged through the courts for years. Then again, if the jury sides with Apple and the trial is over, Samsung will still revolve the door and file paperwork. This is going to make both lawyers very rich, but it will send a message to all of the iClone makers that they are officially on notice to make their own stuff and stop using Apple as their R&D department.
Oh man, Samsung is just slinging crap everywhere in the hopes something sticks to the walls.  This is just downright embarrassing.  If this is the best lawyers that Samsung could get, I'd be asking for my money back.  Just a bunch of monkeys jumping up and down in the courtroom for theater. Shameful. If they were going to use 2001 to prove prior-art, they may as well used the entire image a of CRT-monitor stuck to the bottom of the table with a faux-tablet frame...
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