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With Apple making all the profit, and Samsung (barely) keeping up, everyone else is just trying to make ends meet by peddling their garbage.
If it were Apple, this would be on CNN, Fox, and Jon Stewart. Since this is Google, it's irrelevant.  Fanboys and iHaters will simply call this a "feature" and hope everyone forgets about it in a week.
I know Apple is doing this to do damage-control when some iDiot spends $1 for a knockoff charger and Apple gets bad PR for it. Personally, I don't think Apple needs to do anything. The user tries to save a buck and me as an AAPL owner thinks the stupidity should be solely and the purchaser's shoulder. Name ANY other phone maker that would even remotely do the same thing in Apple's position... you listening Samsung??
WTF? So go after the CHINESE companies doing this! What the heck does this have to do with Apple??? Don't these same companies make stuff for just about every other electronics firms?
To the South Korean Government:  Is Samsung applying lube prior to shoving its fist up your a$$? Shame on SK for being Samsung's puppet.  Spending even five minutes to look at the details of the case would shed enough light that they should tell Samsung to go f$@k themselves.  
For real... a Motorola Xoom was deemed the best tablet for their needs?  I pretty much stopped reading after that line came up.  That alone tells me the teacher and an iHating agenda right then and there. So she picked the Xoom because of the "easy to use Android" and "low cost". What's cheaper?  Using a Xoom, having it fall apart, and having to go out and buy another tablet, or just buy an iPad and be done with it?
  After-hours trading has AAPL shooting up quite well.
I was "forced" to use a user's Galaxy S4 a few days ago here at the office to configure it to connect to our exchange server.  While I was able to configure it in a few minutes being in IT and using all forms of OS', what made it a horrible experience was trying to undue the settings the joe-user did when he tried to do it on his own before coming to me.  It was so badly configured that just undoing it was a test of patience. Android is fine for the tech-saavy and...
I'm hoping the "Retina" iMac is going to have the same setup as the rumored 4K Thunderbolt Display.  If that happens, along with a good GPU, PCIe SSD, 2nd-gen Thunderbolt, etc.. sign me up.  I'm still loving my late 2009-iMac but since getting my 2011 MBA, I'm ready to upgrade my desktop to SSD speeds along with all the modern goodies. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Had it been reversed and Apple was the one charging the fee, all the iHaters, fandroids, and general all-around-basement-dwellers would be screaming at the top of their lungs as to how Apple should be ashamed to try extracting more money from the consumer. But no... sh!tty Android users have zero or low expectations of their OS so not a peep of complaints in the Android community.
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