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"Could do better"?  Your product was garbage the moment it went out for sale.  You knew it would be.  Your only reason to put out such sheer crap was to prove to the world that you could out-innovate Apple.  All you showed us is that without Apple being your R&D department, falling face-first on concrete is something you do very well.Honestly... do these clowns honestly go to work every day thinking they are making great products that people can use and improve their...
*duplicate post*
Apple's "gimmick" dual-core system with 1/2 the ram and battery has more horsepower than Samsung's shitty 4-core, double-ram trash. Fandroids everywhere will simply call DED a rabid fanboy as they know they have zero way of disputing the trash that Samsung is, and the inability of Android to efficiently use the hardware specs thrown at it. Shameful.
I have zero sympathy for blowhards that think they are getting an iPad experience at cheap-garbage Android prices.  You get what you pay for, cry back home when that landfill product suddenly breaks down after a few months. And people complain that iDevices are too expensive when the other spectrum shows exactly what happens when they race to the bottom??  Stupidity on an epic level.
 Fandroids have no class to start with.
 Yes.. you are absolutely correct.  I apologize in earnest to all the vermins I offended by including Fandroids in their group.  What's the word for a full hole from retired outhouse?  It's full of sh!t like they are right?
What's pathetic behavior are the fandroids in other threads essentially spinning the cheating the Android makers are doing.  One that is beginning to show a lot of wear-and-tear is the "They are not cheating, they are simply underclocking all the normal apps to extend battery life and to prevent the CPU from running hot.  They only let benchmark apps have full resources" nonsense. Bunch of whiny, pathetic, hypocrites.  I'll say it again like I do with everything else...
  Really?  Every iOS7 user I know is not having these issues.  Could be a fraction of users, could be more.  Can't determine based on just your test pool.
Shameful behavior.  Samsung I can believe as that sham of a company decides every time that no level is too low to stoop too. Fandroids and iHaters show exceptional hypocrisy and shameful denial.  Had Apple did this, they would be screaming at the top of their lungs and demanding lawsuits.  These jackasses are actually defending Samsung's reasonings.  Unfrickenbelievable.  
Fool's Gold is more like it,
New Posts  All Forums: