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But...but...but... iHaters and trolls say that the MBA is just generic PC parts in a "pretty" package? How can this be?? Oh wait... for a moment I thought they actually had a valid opinion... nevermind. My bad. *posted using my 2011 MBA, the best notebook I've ever used.
Are people that desperate to get that CEO title that they would leave (for whatever reason) to take that top job at an imploding company like Zynga?
People complaining that Apple should pay more taxes because it's "the right thing to do", above and beyond their legal obligation are simply whining, or trolling.  Pick one.  That's the only two choices. Don't like the tax system, change it.  Until then, Apple (and me) will continue to search for every possible, legal method to reduce our tax burden.  Period.
I didn't mistake anything at all.  If the government is trying to shut that down, good.  Until then, it is not illegal.  What is so difficult about that?  Who cares if it's an individual or corporation.  Anything one can do to LEGALLY reduce their taxes and pay only what they are absolutely required to pay is called prudent planning. And don't even get on your soapbox and preach taxes and morality.  Reducing one's tax liability (legally) is the right thing to do.  Any...
  As a born, raised, and currently residing in San Franciscan, I completely and wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment.  I'm so fed up with the way my beloved city is being forced to bend-over and grab its ankles to these political clowns. That one particular corner is an eyesore.  Anything would improve it.  There is no visual continuity there unless you count "drab" and "cold" as part of the equation. An Apple store there, in any creation would be a boon to the area,...
Your blanket discrimination against all Fandroids regardless of color, IQ, income-bracket, and basement location does break the monotony at times and gives me a chuckle, I will admit to that. :)
Right. Because we know how good their software is right? /s
Make sure you footnote that Samsung doesn't specify actual employees, just estimated number of employees.
And android fanboys think Android tablets should be used in airplane cockpits for flight manuals, etc... right.
This is great news.  Anything to tighten the noose around Samsung's neck is better for everyone.
New Posts  All Forums: