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Gone are the days of real journalism.  To report facts only.  This is what I hate about our hyper-connected society now.  While such easy access to information is a great thing, it's so incredibly easy for someone to overhear someone sitting at another table about a "what if" thing, misunderstand it, post it somewhere and have it take off like wildfire. Media outlets (including AppleInsider) should be ashamed for click-whoring.  I'm just getting fed up with the direction...
I just shook my head when I first read the price increase rumors.  Didn't even bother to post replies to the wannabe-armchair-accountants and the typical anti-apple brigade. Last time I checked, companies sign what are called "contracts" with all the pricing built in for a given amount of time.  This was no different. But no, iHaters, trolls, and Fandroid crybabies just itch to get in their 2-cents of whimsical so-called wisdom on why it makes perfect...
This ability is something you shouldn't advertise.  Not only is its truthfulness highly questionable, even if you are able to accomplish half that amount you really have need of face-to-face social skills.
Buzz-off troll.  Downright lying about how "bad" Apple Maps is just shows that you have to make stuff up, including you owning a device with Apple maps with the hopes that someone will believe the trash coming out of your mouth.  Go away. I'll gladly accept an iOS-powered automotive system and the polish that will go along with it, then they band-aid solution garbage that Android puts out.  With all the malware infestation plaguing Android, would not be a far stretch to...
I'm for the less-headache approach.  In my younger years, I used to tinker with things on such a low level, nowadays my time is more important for other things.
You obviously more technically-inclined that the average user.  I'd be the same way in terms of getting the most speed from my setup as well.  So perhaps the Fusion drive may not be the absolute fastest way to get that extra i/o compared to your setup, but if one can get "almost" the same speed, and remove all the technical headaches of doing a manual setup than it's a win-win for everyone right?  
This gets tiring.  Name ONE computer manufacturer that comes out with new technology and will tell you that you can bring in your PC  and they'll upgrade it for you?  Name one.  HP won't do it.  Dell won't do it.  3rd-party service shops will do it and obviously, tech-guys like us will do it.  Here's the kicker, you have anyone do it, and kiss your warranty goodbye if it's damaged by anyone outside of the manufacturer doing it.  3rd-party or us tinkerers. Obviously, the...
Easy... their mommies and daddies left the house to vote for the sake of our country.  That left these trolls and iHaters with an opportunity to leave the basement if only for a moment to be useless yet again and spew nonsense.
 I guess I'm a little confused.  If he's a zombie, why is his post still up?  Ban him, do a techstud-wipe from existence and be done with it.  Am I missing something?
Oh come on!! Which one was it?!!
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