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The reality is that Apple is under zero pressure.  What is congress going to do?  Force Apple to bring that money back into the country?  Not going to happen.  Is congress going to fine Apple for doing nothing illegal? Tim Cook has no pressure.  It's Congress doing their typical 15-minute fame show.  Nothing will come out of it.  Congress knows that they have to change the tax laws that will affect every company, not just Apple and Congress has to be very careful it...
Apple is doing nothing illegal.  Don't like the way taxes are handled?  Go to your elected official and make changes.  Apple is one of the largest tax payers in the US.  What TC did is essentially give the middle-finger to congress, and good for him.
I'm working at a custom furniture client. "Colorways" is a common word used to describe the multiple color options/finishes to paint furniture.Guess the folks complaining about the word need to get out more.
So you're having a childish hissy-fit that you bet wrong? Welcome to the Wall Street Casino. Don't blame Apple. Suck it up, put on your righty-whities and accept that you win some and lose some. I'm still ahead on AAPL right now, albeit not as much as when it was on the $700 days, but I don't blame them. I blame the a$$hats that manipulate the media and market to play their little games.If you can't handle the losses that go with winning, then the market isn't for you.
I visit this store often. I suppose the need to move to a bigger store as this one is usually bustling with activity, but I loved that it was right next to the BART station. At least Union Square does have parking right across the street for those that don't want to be walking around too long carrying a white box that screams "steal me".
Isn't that is one of the reasons why Facebook's early investor Eduardo Luiz Saverin renounced his citizenship?  He was tired of paying US taxes when he didn't live in the US nor conducted business there.  He lives full-time in Singapore.  Arguably, I'd have done the same thing. So if you keep it in that bank account in Italy after you paid your Italian taxes, travel to Italy and spend that money you'd probably be okay because that is essentially what Apple is doing.  But...
Once again, no one should have to pay more more taxes than legally required.  Apple and every company doing it is not doing anything illegal.  You would do the exact same thing. There is also nothing wrong with Apple believing it's a patriotic thing to pay taxes.  The two are mutually exclusive.  Apple happens to be one of the largest tax payers in the US.  That does not mean Apple should pay more to make the government all warm and fuzzy. A flat sales tax will still not...
If an American citizen earns money overseas, by working at the company as an employee overseas aren't taxes collected or reported on some level? If an American citizen living in the US, earns overseas income (like doing contract development work), are they reporting it to the US?? If I'm working in Germany, living in Germany, at a German company I can understand paying taxes to Germany.  What I think is extortion is the US coming back and saying "We know you don't...
But....but... Android has 256 BILLION activations, and 12.75 TRILLION app downloads!!! How can this be??? /s
I just about sprayed soda out of my nose in laughter when I read the headline! Landfills all around the world scream in horror.  What a shame all of our precious resources and rare minerals were wasted on garbage. :(
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