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Yep, it makes zero sense.  I'm leaning toward sheer coincidence than anything.  Android phones are owned by Fandroids (i.e. iHaters) and would never dump their phones for iOS.  So that excludes them. The other Android owners are the Joe-Consumer that probably don't really follow the tech news so I don't think they have the mentality of "Oh, it's an Apple clone therefore I will sell my phone then." It doesn't make sense.  It's not like the phone you have in your hand is...
Well, it's obviously working based on the high customer-satisfaction rating by consumers.  Is there a problem with it? I'd read the article by Gizmodo, but I used the article to wipe my dog's a$$. 
    "Your honor, please take note of RBR's sudden quietness to substantiate his trolling remarks as anything more than that." Samsung got what it deserved.  What's really sad are these Samsung/freetard fanboys making-up nonsense, throwing it at a wall and hoping that something sticks.
I still wonder who was backing Psystar. They burned through a lot of money in legal fees for what was essentially a doomed cause. They had help.
  These armchair-attorneys are just coming out of the woodwork.  They're legends in their own minds.  
I purchase a retina MBP for a client and spent two weeks using it and configuring it.  Simply an awesome machine.  The retina display truly is the future of all Macs I believe.  The ironic part is that he also purchased the LED Cinema Display to use at the office, and that is the primary monitor.  The ironic part is that he's used the retina display only twice and the rest of the time he's using the 27" monitor - at a lower resolution.  It's still an awesome setup...
Don't waste brainpower wondering. They're just a bunch of selfish, bratty litte kids whining that they can't copy the smart kid in class and get away with it. Bunch of punks supporting the belief that taking a free ride off of someone else's work is the way to go.Today was an excellent day for the consumer, and even better to see fandroids get b!tch-slapped like the pathetic whiners they are.
I'm certainly guilt of using those puns. I personally like "Scamscum" but I think it's more representitive of a company many people now truly hate. I certainly do. When I see any product nowadays with a Samsung logo on it, I just kind of smirk and shake my head in disappointment.As far as I'm concerned, using those puns will hopefully result in Google results on "Samsung" returns these puns. One can only hope!Samsung is the one that started it, hence the results.
Somewhere deep in the annals of Samsung, the engineer warning Samsung executives that their phone "looks too much like an iPhone" is screaming "TOLD YOU SO!!!"
If I were Apple, I'd want Scamscum to write me that $1.05B check right now.  If they don't, interest charges start on day one.  Want to appeal? Sure, go right ahead but that money is due NOW. When you lose the appeal (and Samescum will lose) then we can tack on attorney's fees too. This is a happy day, and regardless of the whining, kicking-and-screaming that Samsung is doing right now, it is a good day for the consumer.  Finally, a message is sent to the world...
New Posts  All Forums: