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Get off your high-horse.  You'd just love to spin some kind of iHating propaganda to suit your iHating agenda. I'm glad Apple jettisoned Google off the iPhone.  Apple just removed millions of dollars and tracked-users from Google's bottom line.  I'm using the new Maps feature, have you??  Sure it's not polished as Google's offerings but let's re-address this discussion a few months from now see how much crow you'll be eating. The reality is that most people will happy...
Please clarify.  I'm running iOS6 and it's been smooth trailing the entire time.
I totally support green energy, however I do NOT support this land-hogging method though.  If every large company decided to do this, we'd have no more forests sucking up carbon.  This is wasteful. I still believe if the federal government mandated that all structures (both commercial and residential) have solar panels installed on their roof, and pump excess back into the grid it would be a far better way to conserve precious land.  I hate government getting on my...
Shhh.... Apple is not giving the whiners from the previous thread a chance to catch their breath. This is the problem with freetards from the prior thread.  They shoot first, ask questions later.  Zero patience to see the big picture, or wait for something better to come out of it. No, they want it "now", better-options be damned!
Damn... there's a lot of hatred going on here.  While I miss Google's version, I also do not like them selling my info.  While Apple's version is a step back, it will get there in time.  Quit the whining. Google will most likely come out with an App version.  To be up in arms about something you weren't even paying for doesn't reflect well on you.  In google's case, they were selling you. I'll gladly wait for Apple to work the kinks out.  They've shown more-so to...
Way to go Scamsung.  Try getting new customers by insulting them.  How's it working for you?
  The whiners from the '90's are calling.  They want their 3.5" floppies, PS/2 ports, Serial ports, parallel ports, and now... the 30-pin connectors back.  :) Really.  At what point does it get old? Case in point:  Here's what our favorite Samsung copyists did with their connectors in the last 10 years:   Let's see how the Fandroid/Samsung lapdogs spin this little tidbit of...
I tried out Samesung's Galaxy Tab again (at yet another empty, no-traffic display) and I just kept shaking my head in disappointment.  It hurt.  I really, really hurt to use that crap of an Android OS.  It was just like using a Windows XP OS, and not in a good way. I'll take that "stale" iOS anyday over an OS that is reserved for folks with extreme ADHD.  I'm so over that.  Shame that the fandroids have that low of standards to accept such mediocrity.  It's really sad.
Thanks for providing Scamscum the packaging design schematics. Expect this when their GS4 comes out. /s
I'm doing the same for mine.  I'm keeping it not only as a backup phone, but also to use as a local test device. I'm just waiting to see the iP5 in person before I make my purchase.  Still not certain which color to pick.
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