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Why not use laminated glass like used in automotive windshields? It may not stop a car going through it but it will certainly stop rocks and clumsy thieves from getting in. Am I missing something?
I'm sick and tired of this back and forth bickering just like everyone else.  However, I truly believe that Samsung was doing this since day one knowing they can just drag it out in court, make a mockery of the process, and make the bucks off of Apple's hard work. I truly want Samsung to get the hammer dropped on them.  Bunch of slimy bottomfeeders they are.  Not just in electronics, but pretty much everything else too.  Just ask the German appliance makers how...
No it's not, so go f**k yourself you greedy little pr!ck. Guy's a full-blown short-seller, got burned for making bad calls on those "investments", now is trying cut his losses by squeezing more from Apple. As an AAPL owner, I would tell the guy if he doesn't like the way Apple is running shop, sell your shares and go away.  
It's not that the MBP was heavy, it was just that once you've used the MBA and experienced just how light and pleasant it is to use, everything else seems like dead weight.A great price for sure, but I'll stick with my MBA for the foreseeable future.
By how?  Trying to take a (possible) money-making store and cutting customer service and ruining employee morale?  Is that how?  If so, I give him 12-18 months.
Now, now... If you want to go the the corner bookstore to do a reading on Winston Churchill, go right ahead. Other individuals would prefer to engage in lively debate and not be concerned with someone's ability to throw yet another quote out there and expect it to actually mean something. Start at 2:21 quote boy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymsHLkB8u3s
Samsung doesn't have the chops to make it in the software ecosystem.  The only thing they are good at is churning out cheap junk, hope they last just long enough so consumers can get bored and buy the next 5-minute fad from them. Software services requires constant commitment, a long-term plan, and a good experience to keep people in it.  Samsung has failed miserably in all these areas.  Sure, perhaps one day they will come out with their own app store, but (like...
Simply music to my ears. Love anything that will get those whiny fandroids tight-whities in a wedgie. The stability, security, and ease-of-use of iOS, coupled by the quality of its hardware is a combo that no Android trash can match.
I will easily listen to an XBox founder about his opinion on the direction of video games.  He's got the experience in the industry to know. You on the other hand represent a prefect example of what happens when a nobody tries coming across as a somebody and hope is taken seriously.
Galbi... wean yourself off of whatever you're smoking. I don't recall anyone ever saying the iOS doesn't need a multi-core CPU's because of iOS' speed and efficiency.  Nice try at spewing nonsense. What I do remember CLEARLY back in the earlier days were the single-core iPhones and dual-core iPads slapping-around the dual-core Android phones and quad-core Android tablets.   Why?? Because iOS was much more efficient in taking advantage of all available resources.   What's...
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