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I like
i have been using this for close to a year now in Australia. it is a good app but the initial release crashed a lot on IPAD 1. yearly subscription in Australia is about AUD 89 ~ USD 92.
iPhone 5S- yes i will wait for iPhone 5S!  
how reliable are these rankings? anyone?????  
Online Apple store is closed. May be new models of Macbooks? more part time jobs will be created at my local American town?
I agree with you. I like parts of my life private!
very well put.
I agree with the over hyped bit. I was expecting a lot more from the "new iPad". I have all three version of he iPad and don't think th third one much more than the second!
Next we will see knighthood for the person who designed fancy patterned toilet paper. This show the relevancy of he British empire.
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