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I really fail to see how this detects theft. Can you really detect that with motion?
  As another web developer, I strongly disagree.   HTML5 simply makes HTML better. The audio and video tags are far simpler than using flash. The canvas tag lets you render complex bitmap images on the fly. Offline storage, client-side databases, and web sockets (advanced networking) create a level playing field.   ECMAScript ('JavaScript' to everyone else) is incredibly powerful. It really gives ActionScript a run for it's money. Sure, it's not 'user friendly', but...
  It's being held in a Microsoft store and recorded on a smart phone. He sounds awful in the video. It's a huge conclusion to jump to that his music is shit, based on that video.
  Correlation = causation? You're suggesting that listening to hip-hop music means you're at the bottom of society?   I just think you should be more open minded. People are different. Some people like guitars, others like orchestras, and others like beats and melodic lyrics.
  What?   You've discredited his work as noise, even though he has millions of fans, has received recognition for his work, and is signed by a music label. Purely because you dislike him due to your prejudice.   Flatulence is not music. Music has rhythm. It's a well understood concept to most people and has a definition in an encyclopedia (we can cover what that is another time).
  An elevated stage without computers on it would have been a good start.
  Should we kill everyone who produces music you don't like?   They've hit the top 100 and are signed by Interscope Records. That takes a lot of dedication that you don't find in someone you'd call "trash".
  Apple runs a customer support department for a reason. There is no reason to bother the CEO unless there is a serious problem. Your request is most likely just being transfered to the correct department.
This ad is full of cheap stabs, blatant misdirection, and deception.
  I agree. They're nearly identical images.
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