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This is not how Apple does things.   They would opt for the most direct and simplest screw possible--to maintain a zen about the product.
Given the scale of these operations, I think accidents are inevitable even with rigerous safety standards. Suggesting Apple could have prevented this is like suggesting the government can eliminate car accidents.
Chrome for iOS has many features Safari does not.   - Unified search and navigation bar - Much easier private browsing - Voice search - Request desktop version - Flicking between open tabs   It's notably missing "Reader" mode. They both support syncing with the desktop version.   This is not just a UIWebView. Chrome has a decent market share on the Mac and using it for iOS makes more sense for these people. Especially for the syncing.
  There are apps that can run Yahoo messenger.     These are very dangerous to use as they have cheap dangerous components that could destroy your device or start a fire.
I'm not an expert on stocks but it seems like grey area to use inside information about Apple's new products to buy Sharp shares.
Way to trash your brand.
So if you assemble me a computer that I made $300 profit on and compensated you $0.25, could I call you a complainer and use this excuse to justify it?
There is an extremely simple and obvious solution: Pay them more. It's embarrassing that the only reason they can make enough is by working tons of overtime. It would decrease Apple's profits slightly and the Foxconn CEO said it's entirely possible to do and he would love to give them pay increases.
What more do these people want? Apple has already gone above and beyond.
New Posts  All Forums: