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Charging for compatibility upgrades? Quicken is embarrassing on the Mac anyways. They really don't understand simplicity and elegance. There are much better alternatives already in the App Store.
It has to cause significant harm to the recipient and you have to prove it in court using hard evidence that directly links these two things. It's a long shot.
I hope you realize Americans have the freedom of speech. This would severely hurt our rights. Do you even know what illegal stock manipulation constitutes?
Most people didn't just find out about it. They felt like it was a problem they couldn't solve. Finally a bunch of people started making a huge fuss and it caused more and more people to join in. This is how movements start. It's awfully stupid they are targeting the company putting in the most effort in to fixing it. People are more or less saying that they are paying attention to this now and that companies should be on watch and not screw up.
Factories like this will rotate them around and find something their good at. It's unlikely they care if their employees are bored since they are easily replaceable.
Really? The KKK? I have said Apple is doing better than other companies. This is confirming that and it's great to hear. Continued improvement will keep Foxconn on the right track. There is still a lot to do.
It's still your opinion based on an arrogant view of protesters. The only clearly arrogant people are the petition creators.
I wanted to discuss it more but you wanted to keep all this "inside information" to yourself. What is the point? You didn't really care about discussing the issue. I proposed some pretty radical ideas but they were hypothetical situations because people were saying Apple has no leverage. Everyone thinks they're so smart for pointing that out. Not really. Plus Apple clearly has leverage and isn't afraid to use it.No. I never said I wanted a solution overnight. Apple is...
You're the one making up these claims. Now you're saying I have to prove something you made up is wrong? That's ridiculous. Do you just think your opinion is automatically right unless proven otherwise?What that statement really meant was that you are trying to instigate an argument without contributing anything useful. You have no solutions to contribute. You just like telling other people they're wrong. You scrutinize every word and sentence just to find some obscure...
Not even close to most of. What kind of recognition did people receive? None. Only the group itself did. If you're going to make this claim where is all your information backing it up? It sounds like this is just some theory you made up to chastise the movement.
New Posts  All Forums: