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These groups are making ridiculous and embarrassing claims but it doesn't mean that every single protester thinks the same way. Mass labeling them isn't wise. I'm not even sure where you got this claim from.
This is respectable though. The media should be targeting companies who are non-responsive about it.
Samsung produces supplier responsibility reports and they are working to improve things too. It's nieve to think Apple is the only one doing this just because it's not in the press. None of these companies have significantly improved conditions and there is a lot of work to be done. Apple is being targeted because it is one of the most profitable of them all. The press has been pointing fingers at these other companies too. Apple is the only company making claims that they...
When they respond to the jobs aren't great by saying they are the best in China, they're insinuating it. This is called cognitive dissonance.You talk about these people like they are worthless slaves. There is a sweatshop down the street from where I live and they can still pay their workers minimum wage. Apple is sitting on an enormous amount of cash and continues to make huge profits. This is why Apple is being targeted. Other companies can argue that paying overseas...
Best jobs in China doesn't mean they are great jobs. It doesn't help that China is misleading them about pay rate and benefits.You need to quit riding peoples a**es. You don't have to be an expert on a topic to talk about or support it. You really have nothing important to contribute besides "taming the trolls". I don't think you understand what troll means and your blatant misuse of the term is embarrassing. See, I can do it too. It's annoying isn't it?
I could have swore someone told me Apple had very little leverage with their overseas suppliers. Hmm.
That's because they are pointless questions only intended to attack me. I'm smart enough to see past that. Even when I tell you I'm interested in your opinion you continue to be arrogant. Arguing with you is pointless because everything will come back to further this 'prove me wrong' mentality. Had you taken a difference stance I would have had a much more productive conversation with you instead of you backing me in to a corner and then ripping apart everything I said....
Exactly. This is why this is going nowhere. I actually care about your opinion and you'd rather just prove me wrong than try to say anything useful.
Why didn't you mention this earlier? This would make you much more qualified on this than me.Do you care to describe your experiences there?I do not think 50 years is an acceptable timeframe. I would like to see major improvements in 10 years or less. Call me unrealistic all you want. Things change rapidly when people get up in arms about it. Ex-military personal should understand this concept intuitively.You argue like a 6-year old. Try showing respect if you want it back.
I'm pretty sure I only suggested cutting Foxconn out if they didn't comply. I never said Foxconn does worst than other suppliers. You're fabricating that. You keep taking shutting down Foxconn completely out of context and inflating it to make it seem like that was my entire argument.I never said other companies and China don't do this. This is not a solution to solve the world. It's a solution to solve Foxconn because Apple has the power and money to do it.No. It's based...
New Posts  All Forums: