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I never suggested that it be done overnight. Apple's auditing isn't working. Care to find a report about how Foxconn operates at Apple's standards and that other news reports are misleading? Surely there is a reputable source out there.
Care to show me where I've said this? I've actually given Apple a lot of credit but they can do a lot better.What direct knowledge do you have of Foxconn? Unless you work there or are in the supply chain then you know little. Are you basing your information on second-hand information too? China is a country that controls and censors everything. Don't tell me you have some inside unbiased information because you've been there. Nearly everything you know is based on...
Right here:This thread is going to go nowhere so I'll leave you with this:There are people who want to change the world and then there are people who say it can't be done.Meanwhile, really think about what this means:"Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to me." - Steve JobsThis is what Apple and Steve Jobs stands for.
So you're denying the abuses and you're calling me stupid? Here are two stories you should read:http://www.smh.com.au/technology/tec...116-1q1wt.htmlhttp://edition.cnn.com/2012/02/06/wo...ker/index.html And you call me uneducated. Way to really embarrass yourself.
Wrong. First of all, I have a job. I've had it for four years. I'm a loyal Apple fan. Your stereotypical behavior shows your character. You don't see me throwing out personal attacks every chance I get. Grow up. You guys are contradicting yourself. First you say that this problem is too big to fix and now you're attacking me for not doing anything. You say my ideas are too bold and crazy and then criticize me for not being bold and crazy. Do you actually have an opinion on...
I talked about cutting Foxconn out of the picture. You're the one who jumped to the conclusion that I meant the entire supply chain. These parts are delivered to Foxconn from Samsung, Qualcomm, Skyworks, Toshiba, OmniVision and others. Foxconn does not produce these parts. Placing the factory somewhere else just means they need a different address. They're placing millions of dollars in parts on each plane. It's not that expensive.Your best argument now is that I'm an...
It's lower because most of China is living in extreme poverty. This shouldn't be a reason to justify working conditions at Foxconn.
1. Anywhere they want.2. They have contracts with Foxconn so they would be fine for quite a while. You act like Foxconn is the only assembly facility in the world. Getting supplies to the new facility would be the tricky part but even that isn't overwhelmingly complicated. There are plenty of companies who would kill to have an Apple contract and be willing to do anything to please them.3. Quite a bit of those billions they have. This wouldn't be cheap but it would be...
Pretty bad and it's a shame nobody is doing anything about it.
Apple has enough money to hold true to this threat. You act as though Apple has never cornered an industry and got their way. Foxconn would not be happy if Apple quit business relations. Give me one real reason Apple can't do this and I'll take the title of clueless. Just one reason.
New Posts  All Forums: