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All you've done is personally attack me. You've offered no solutions except to keep doing what we're doing (which recent investigations show isn't working). I guess you're the smart one here. I couldn't care less and I'm tired of arguing with you. Think whatever you want. Most of the world disagrees with you so I've already won."Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to...
Does it really matter how poor they were? This is just another excuse to avoid the actual problem. You are pretending their lives are so great now even though tons of evidence suggests otherwise.I don't claim to know the solution to the problem. You don't know the solution either. This issue is far too complicated. I'd rather try something than nothing. There is extreme pessimism here.
Put it somewhere else then. You guys are trying so hard not to think.
It's not like I see your point anyways.
What do you suggest I do? Signing a petition with a quarter of a million other people is a good start.
Not me.
I can't solve this problem. I do not have the resources or influence. I've never claimed I could.
I'm just not listening to your opinion. We're not trying to reform an entire country's labor system. Just one company. You're making this out to be a lot more complicated than it is. If we push hard enough this will get solved very quickly at Foxconn. I guess you're happy with letting the problem resolve itself, even if it takes 50 years. That kind of solution doesn't satisfy me or a quarter of a million other people. We can fix this. There is no need to be so pessimistic.
I'm not talking about overnight. It doesn't take 5 years to solve this problem. So what is your solution again? Keep doing what were doing now? That seems to be working out great.
1. Apple calls Foxconn and demands they pay their workers more, give them more breaks, and work them less hours or they will stop doing business with them. They also start auditing them much more aggressively. 2. If Foxconn doesn't respond, Apple builds it's own assembly factory in China. See, that wasn't very hard. It just requires firm action. So what's your solution?
New Posts  All Forums: