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I hope you do realize that stock prices are mostly affected by value and growth. Decreasing profit margins by a few dollars wont do anything to the stock and would mean a lot to these people. Everyone is this thread is pretending the problem doesn't exist. There have been independent investigations and everyone is coming to the same conclusion. They are overworked and treated like slaves. People here are arguing that because other companies do it that Apple should be able...
Nobody is claiming these other companies aren't also at fault. This is just a start. Apple does a better job than all these other companies but it doesn't mean they can't do better. Especially with all this cash laying around. This misconception that the price of Apple products will go up is wrong. It will just make Apple slightly less profitable.
Who does Foxconn work for?So this is good enough reason not to further improve conditions when Apple is making a huge profit? We can do better than this and Apple is the company to start a movement. This notion that things aren't super bad so lets do nothing is turning a blind eye to the problem.
These posts are ridiculous. I can't believe people are saying "well everyone does it so lets just ignore the problem". Apple is sitting on a pile of cash. Stock prices are affected mostly by revenue and growth. There is no reason they can't give all their overseas workers a raise. It would significantly improve their lives and cost Apple almost nothing. This protest is simply saying Apple can do better and it should think different and show other companies how to do...
This is a no-brainer. The OS needs to store the decryption key in memory or it wouldn't work. You should set a password that locks the keychain when you lock or sleep the Mac. What good is encryption if you're logged in and have full access to the drive anyways?
That will have to be proven in a trial before it's incriminating.
You have to plead not guilty or no contest to have a trial. The court doesn't have to offer leeway if you're honest. A crime has the same punishments if you admit to it or if you're found guilty of it. There is nothing broken about this.
Chances are good that it's fake.
Apple should counter-sue for the use of "i" in front of the company name. That is definitely theirs.
I think Apple is planning on Lion being the first cloud OS done right. Here are my predictions: 1. Apps sync across all devices. Special mobile+mac bundle apps will be introduced. They will share data in the cloud. For instance, a financial app would share data across the desktop and mobile version. 2. Your home folder will be synced up to the cloud. All of your media and documents will be synced across all devices. Potentially an overhaul of how we manage our files....
New Posts  All Forums: