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If you think about this, it would be pointless. Almost everyone has a cellphone and almost everyone has a camera on that. Music players don't need these features, especially if they are inferior quality. That being said, this doesn't look like a camera. It shaped very oddly. It could just be a mount point for a new clip design.
The article makes it sound like Toyota felt pressured to pull it. It's like telling a friend to buy you something or you wont be friends with them anymore. Does Apple really need to police everyone?
I feel like Apple is being a bit of a bully here.
It's just the software. Other phones don't report the signal the same way the iPhone does. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that squeezing your hand around the antenna is going to degrade its signal. Your body absorbs the signal.
Not sure if this affects other people, but do you guys get no prompt when buying apps? I had a friend tell me he accidentally purchased an $80 app. Seems like a bit of a problem to me.
The Facebook Connect API is free to use by anybody. Apple was simply exercising this right. What is sleazy is that Facebook demanded extra requirements from Apple to use this API it gives freely out to other people.
Hi Warner Bros, As the consumer, I'm not interesting in paying more than $0.99 cents for a TV show. Watching a whole season of your show simply gets too expensive. It's not viable. I could spend my money on a lot of other things that would make more sense (like Netflix). I'm sure Pepsi would prefer to charge $5.00 for a 2-liter, but the market demands cheaper products. Either figure out how to hit the $0.99 cent price point or don't expect many people to be buying your...
He probably ran out of money, thus he needs more. Here we are today.
The point I was making is this: If you have to make a presentation in an hour, will you pick up your iPad or your Macbook Pro to do it? The computer is still far more powerful and the keyboard and mouse still beat multitouch. The majority of people who are serious about getting something done aren't going to do it on an iPad or a tablet. Also...They did. It's called iOS.
*sigh* When will people get it. Tablets aren't designed for productivity. They are designed for leisurely use. Anybody who is serious about getting work done will pick up a laptop. Not a netbook, or a smartphone, or a tablet--a full featured and powerful laptop.
New Posts  All Forums: